Ticket FAQ

Q: How can I buy or reserve my tickets to the IWC live event?
A: I’m glad you asked! You can reserve them on IWCwrestling.com via PayPal. If that’s not your thing, tickets will also be available to purchase at the door of the venues. However, to ensure a seat closest to the action, buying tickets in advance is strongly suggested. Ringside seats may sell out prior to the event date!

Q: I bought my tickets on IWCwrestling.com via PayPal. How do I get them?
A: IWC’s PayPal ticket system is basically will call. If you order your tickets online, your tickets will be at the front door of our venue. A few IWC employees will be there to assist you. Be sure to bring your PayPal receipt, just in case you might need it. All you’ll need to do is pick up your tickets, and you’re set to enjoy the night of IWC action!

Q: I didn’t buy my tickets on IWCwrestling.com, but I reserved them by e-mail or another means of reserving tickets. How do I get them?
A: Same deal as above. Almost. IWC’s employees will have your tickets at the front door too, but you have to pay for them before you enjoy your night of IWC action.

Q: I didn’t reserve my tickets or buy them online. WHAT DO I DO?!
A: First off, relax. There will be tickets available at the door. There might not be front row or even second row available, due to people ordering in advance. But there are usually plenty of good seats available.

Q: Oh, cool! I’ll just bring my check book…
A: Sorry, we don’t accept checks at the door for tickets.

Q: Well, that’s okay. I always have my credit card!
A: Again, sorry. We do not accept credit cards at the door for tickets… YET… as we do not have the equipment to process them.

If you have any question not answered here, please e-mail justin@iwcwrestling.com or jen@iwcwrestling.com!