IWC Tag Team Title History

1Scottie Gash & J-RuSexual Harassment02/16/2002Uniontown, PA**Wins match for the vacant title
2Sexual Harassment
(JT Rodgers & Eric Xtasy)
Scottie Gash03/23/2002Uniontown, PA**J-Ru was injured. This was a handicap match.
3Scottie Gash & Jim DugganSexual Harassment05/10/2002White Oak, PA
4Sexual Harassment
(JT Rodgers & Eric Xtasy)
Scottie Gash & Jim Duggan06/06/2002Penn Hills, PA
5The Devil's Advocates
(Devil Bhudakahn, Glenn Spectre, & Jake Garrett)
Sexual Harassment12/27/2002West Mifflin, PA**Because Jake Garrett scored the pinfall in this handicap match, all three men were allowed to defend the titles.
6Sexual Harassment
(JT Rodgers & Eric Xtasy)
The Devil's Advocates02/22/2003Butler, PA**Was a six-man tag, with Sabu on Sexual Harassment's team
7The Devil's Advocates
(Devil Bhudakahn & Glenn Spectre)
Troy Lords & JT Rodgers04/12/2003Munhall, PA**Lords substituted for the injured Eric Xtasy
8Sexual Harassment
(JT Rodgers & Troy Lords)
The Devil's Advocates05/10/2003White Oak, PA
9The Devil's AdvocatesSexual Harassment06/28/2003Prospect, PA
(Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg Matt Cross)
The Devil's Advocates11/01/2003West MIfflin, PA
11Southern ComfortYouthanazia05/08/2004West Mifflin, PA
12The Midnight Express
(Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton)
Southern Comfort12/11/2004Wilmerding, PA
13The Unholy Alliance
(HENTAI & Sebastian Dark)
The Midnight Express04/30/2005Uniontown, PA
14Southern Comfort
(Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick)
The Unholy Alliance08/26/2005McKeesport, PA
15The Gambino Brothers (Marshall Gambino & Mickey Gambino)Chris Hamrick & Jason Cage11/27/2005McKeesport, PA**Cage substituted for the injured Tracy Smothers
16The Burning River Brigade
(Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg Matt Cross)
VACANT05/13/2006Elizabeth, PA
17The Cleveland Mafia
(J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe)
The Burning River Brigade06/06/2006Elizabeth, PA**Wins a three-way match also including The Gambino Brothers
18The Gambino Brothers (Marshall Gambino & Mickey Gambino)The Cleveland Mafia10/14/2006Elizabeth, PA
19BabyFace Fire
(Shiima XIon & Jason Gory)
VACANT12/09/2006)Elizabeth, PA**Wins a four-way match also including The Cleveland Mafia and Sexual Harassment
20The Gambino Brothers (Marshall Gambino & Mickey Gambino)BabyFace Fire03/23/2007Elizabeth, PA
21Michael Facade & Johnny GarganoThe Cleveland Mafia05/11/2007McKeesport, PA**Wins a gauntlet match also including Sexual Harassment, The Heartbreakers, and the Hollywood Balds
22The Gambino Brothers (Marshall Gambino & Mickey Gambino)Michael Facade & Johnny Gargano07/07/2007Elizabeth, PA
23BabyFace FIre
(Shiima Xion & Jason Gory)
VACANT12/08/2007Elizabeth, PA
24Sexual Harassment
(Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy)
BabyFace Fire06/07/2008Elizabeth, PA
25The Gambino Brothers (Marshall Gambino & Mickey Gambino)Sexual Harassment10/26/2008Cheswick, PA**Wins a four-way match also including the New Cleveland Mafia and The Best Around
26Sexual Harassment
(Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy)
VACANT12/20/2008Elizabeth, PA**Wins a three-way match also including Irish Airborne
27Irish Airborne
(Jake Crist & Dave Crist)
Sexual Harassment01/24/2009Elizabeth, PA
28Flippin' Ain't Easy
(Facade & Gory)
Irish Airborne05/08/2010Elizabeth, PA
29The Founding Fathers
(Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$)
Flippin' Ain't Easy05/27/2011Elizabeth, PA
30The One Nighters
(Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino)
The Founding Fathers, The Gambino Brothers, Aeroform12/10/2011Elizabeth, PA**Was a four-way scramble match for the vacant titles
31The Founding Fathers
(Dennis Gregory, Jimmy Vega$, & Super Hentai)
The One Nighters08/25/2012Elizabeth, PA
32Colin Delaney & Keith HaughtThe Founding Fathers05/09/2013Elizabeth, PA
33Team Big League
(Jimmy Nutts & Joseph Brooks)
Colin Delaney & Keith Haught08/25/2013Elizabeth, PA**Was a three-way match also involving W.A.R.
34The Sexy Talented Dudes
(Chest Flexor & Brian McDowell)
Team Big League12/14/2013Elizabeth, PA**Was a four-way elimination match also involving Marshall Gambino & Bronco McBride, and Colin Delaney & Keith Haught
35The Hollywood Balds
(Jimmy DeMarco & Vendetta)
Chest Flexor & Bronco McBride10/18/2014Elizabeth, PA**Bronco McBride was substituting for a missing Brian McDowell
36VIP Joe Rosa & Jimmy Vega$Darin Dinero & Joseph Brooks01/24/2015Elizabeth, PA**The Hollywood Balds vacated the titles after Jimmy DeMarco & Chuck Roberts sold the company
**Both teams were chosen by the "Reset Button"
37Bearded For Your Pleasure
(Jock Samson & Bryan Castle)
Team VIP, The Founding Fathers05/09/2015Elizabeth, PA**Rosa & Vega$ refused to defend the titles together, so a three-way dance was made with both men's teams included
38The Fraternity
(Channing Decker & Trent Gibson)
Bearded For Your Pleasure12/12/2015Elizabeth, PA**Was a four-way scramble also involving the Gambino Brothers and the Founding Fathers
39Remy Lavey & Keith HaughtThe Fraternity04/09/2016Meadville, PA
40The Fraternity
(Channing Decker & Trent Gibson)
Remy Lavey & Keith Haught04/23/2016Clearfield, PA
41Locked & Loaded
(Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.)
The Fraternity08/19/2017Elizabeth, PA
42The Fraternity
(Channing Decker & Trent Gibson)
Locked & Loaded12/09/2017Elizabeth, PA
43Team LaBar
(Chris LeRusso & Dennis Jackson)
06/09/2018Elizabeth, PA**LeRusso & Jackson were awarded the titles by Justin Labar following inactivity by The Fraternity
44Team Storm
(Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree)
Chris LeRusso & Bulk Nasty08/11/2018Elizabeth, PA**Was a one-fall three-way also involving The Mane Event
**Bulk Nasty was substituting for Dennis Jackson
45The Mane Event
(Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.)
Team Storm12/08/2018Elizabeth, PA
46The Regulators
(Jock Samson & Chris Lerusso)
The Mane Event07/13/2019Elizabeth, PA
47The Mane Event (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.)The Regulators09/13/2019Wheeling, WV
48The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander)The Mane Event 11/02/2019Elizabeth, PA**This was a Winner Takes All match where the Impact Tag Team Championships were also on the line
49The Regulators (Chris Lerusso & Jock Samson)The North12/07/2019Elizabeth, PA
50Steak and Eggs (Bulk Nasty and Zander Gabriel aka Bulk Nasty and Bulk Nasty)The Regulators (Chris Lerusso & Jock Samson)01/18/2020Elizabeth, PA
51Money Shot (Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom)Steak'n'Eggs (Bulk Nasty & Zander Gabriel)9/19/2020Brownsville, PA
52TME (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.)Money Shot (Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom)12/4/2021Elizabeth, PA**This was a TLC Triple Threat with Hardcore Hammer Time.
53The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)TME (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones, Jr.)4/30/2022Rostraver, PA
54Lebanon Don Joey Moses & Tito Oric (Disputed)The Hardy Boyz6/18/2022Elizabeth, PA*The Lebanon Don claims to have purchased the titles from the Hardys.
55TME (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr.)Jaxon Argos and Preston Everest7/31/2022Rostraver, PA*Fatal 4 way match for the IWC Tag Team Championships The Culmination and Good Budz were also in the match.
56Brotherly Love (Ricky Dawkins and Kliff Klepto)Lebanon Don and Tito Oric12/4/2022Elizabeth, PA**3 Way Tag Match, Also in the match was TME (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr.)
57TME (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr.)The Culmination3/25/2023Elizabeth, PA**3 Way Tag Match, Also in the match was Brotherly Love (Ricky Dawkins and Kliff Klepto)
58Lebanon Don and Tito OricChase Gold and Mambo Italiano4/29/2023Rostraver, PA**4 Way Tag Match, Also in the match was Brotherly Love (Ricky Dawkins and Kliff Klepto), Anthony Young and Alexander Apollo. Titles were surrendered by Ganon Jones Jr due to TME temporarily disbanding.