IWC World Heavyweight Title History

1Powerhouse HughesOrion03/17/2001McKees Rocks, PA**Wins a six-way elimination match to win the vacant title
**Forced to vacate the title due to injury
2OrionJimmy Vega$09/29/2001McKees Rocks, PA**Wins a tournament final for the vacant title
3Jimmy Vega$Orion03/02/2002West Mifflin, PA
4CM PunkJimmy Vega$04/13/2002Monroeville, PA**Forced to vacate the title due to injury
5Colt CabanaShirley Doe07/20/2002Canonsburg, PA**Wins a tournament final for the vacant title
6Dennis GregoryColt Cabana12/06/2002West Mifflin, PA
7Jimmy Vega$Dennis Gregory12/06/2002West Mifflin, PA
8Dennis GregoryJimmy Vega$06/28/2003Prospect, PA
9Sterling James KeenanDennis Gregory11/01/2003West Mifflin, PA
10Dean RadfordSterling James Keenan03/20/2004West Mifflin, PA
11Eric XtasyDean Radford05/08/2004West Mifflin, PA
12Shirley DoeEric Xtasy09/25/2004Monroeville, PA
13Balls MahoneyShirley Doe11/13/2004Wilmerding, PA
14Shirley DoeBalls Mahoney12/11/2004Wilmerding, PA
15Dennis GregoryShirley Doe06/06/2006Elizabeth, PA**Forced to vacate the title due to use of a sword in a WarGames match
16Ricky ReyesLow Ki09/16/2006Elizabeth, PA**Wins a tournament final for the vacated title
17Dennis GregoryRicky Reyes05/11/2007McKeesport, PA**Wins the title in a three-way match also including Brent Albright
18The SandmanDennis Gregory12/08/2007Elizabeth, PA
19Dennis GregoryThe Sandman04/25/2008Elizabeth, PA**Forced to vacate the title due to assaulting IWC officials and personnel
20Shiima XionJimmy DeMarco10/26/2008Cheswick, PA**Wins a tournament final for the vacant title
21Raymond RoweShiima Xion01/24/2009Elizabeth, PA
22Shiima XionRaymond Rowe03/07/2009Elizabeth, PA
23Jimmy DeMarcoShiima Xion12/12/2009Elizabeth, PA
24John McChesneyJimmy DeMarco11/20/2010Elizabeth, PA
25Jimmy DeMarcoJohn McChesney12/10/2011Elizabeth, PA**Was a single-fall three-way also involving Shiima Xion
26Logan ShuloJimmy DeMarco03/10/2012Elizabeth, PA
27John McChesneyLogan Shulo12/15/2012Elizabeth, PA
28Dalton CastleJohn McChesney12/14/2013Elizabeth, PA
29RJ CityDalton Castle01/24/2015Elizabeth, PA
30Tommy DreamerRJ City01/24/2015Elizabeth, PA
31RhinoTommy Dreamer08/22/2015Elizabeth, PA
32John McChesneyRhino, Jimmy Nutts10/17/2015Elizabeth, PA
33Jimmy NuttsJohn McChesney12/12/2015Elizabeth, PA
34DJZJimmy Nutts03/12/2016Elizabeth, PA*Was forced to vacate the title due to injury
35WardlowRJ City12/10/2016Elizabeth, PA
36Andrew PalaceWardlow12/09/2017Elizabeth, PA
37WardlowAndrew Palace03/17/2018Elizabeth, PA
38Jack PollockWardlow08/11/2018Elizabeth, PA
39WardlowJack Pollock12/08/2018Elizabeth, PA
40Jason ArgosWardlow06/15/2019Elizabeth, PA*Activated the Reset Button following the Super Indy Tournament
41Jack PollockJaxon Argos12/07/2019Elizabeth, PA
42Jimmy Vega$Jack Pollock3/14/2020Elizabeth, PA
43Jock SamsonJack Pollock and Jimmy Vega$9/12/2020Washington, PA*Originally a singles match between Vega$ and Pollock, Jock entered the match to make it a triple threat elimination match
44Andrew PalaceJock Samson12/5/2020Elizabeth, PA**Was a single-fall three-way also involving Bill Collier
45Bulk NastyAndrew Palace9/5/2021Elizabeth, PA**Bulk Nasty hit the reset button on a match of Andrew Palace vs Spencer Slade to make this a Triple Threat match, Bulk pinned Spencer Slade.
46Bill CollierBulk Nasty6/18/2022Elizabeth, PA
47Elijah DeanBill Collier6/18/2022Elizabeth, PA**Elijah Dean hit the reset button moments after Bill Collier defeated Bulk Nasty.
48BIll CollierElijah Dean12/4/2022Elizabeth, PA