IWC Women’s Title History

1Britt BakerApril Sera12/10/2016Elizabeth, PA**Wins a four-way elimination match also involving Marti Belle and Sonya Strong to win the title
2LuFistoBritt Baker07/22/2017Elizabeth, PA
3Britt BakerLuFisto10/14/2017Elizabeth, PA**Wins a single-fall three-way also involving Ray Lyn
4Katie ArquetteBritt Baker11/10/2018Elizabeth, PA
5Madison RayneKatie Arquette02/16/2019Elizabeth, PA
6Katie ArquetteMadison Rayne03/16/2019Elizabeth, PA
7Ray LynKatie Arquette8/10/2019Elizabeth, PA
8Katie ArquetteRay Lyn11/08/2020Elizabeth, PA
9Ella ShaeKatie Arquette12/4/2021Elizabeth, PA
10Ashley D'AmboiseElla Shae1/22/2022Elizabeth, PA
11Ray LynAshley D'Amboise12/4/2022Elizabeth, PA
12HolideadRay Lyn6/3/2023Elizabeth, PA
13Katie ArquetteHolidead12/2/2023Elizabeth, PA