IWC Super Indy Title History

1Super HentaiChristopher Daniels03/22/2002Monroeville, PA**Wins the Super Indy Tournament
2AJ StylesSuper Hentai03/14/2003Penn Hills, PA
3Colt CabanaMatt Stryker05/10/2003White Oak, PA**Wins the Super Indy II Tournament
4AJ StylesColt Cabana03/20/2004West Mifflin, PA
5Chris SabinAlex Shelley05/08/2004West Mifflin, PA**Wins the Super Indy III Tournament
**Forced to vacate the title due to injury
6Sterling James KeenanPetey Williams12/11/2004Wilmerding, PA**Wins a four-way match also involving Josh Prohibition and John McChesney to win the vacant title
7John McChesneyLow Ki04/29/2005McKeesport, PA**Wins the Super Indy IV Tournament
8Sterling James KeenanJohn McChesney08/20/2005Morristown, NJ**Change occurred during ROH's Do Or Die V event
9John McChesneySterling James Keenan08/26/2005McKeesport, PA
10Low KiJohn McChesney03/18/2006Elizabeth, PA
11DeliriousTroy Lords04/15/2006Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy V Tournament
12John McChesneyDelirious11/11/2006Elizabeth, PA
13Troy LordsJohn McChesney01/19/2007Elizabeth, PA
14Jason GoryTroy Lords05/11/2007McKeesport, PA**Wins a four-way match also involving John McChesney and Eric Young
15Larry SweeneyShiima Xion05/11/2007McKeesport, PA**Wins the Super Indy VI Tournament
16John McChesneyLarry Sweeney07/07/2007Elizabeth, PA
17Larry SweeneyJohn McChesney01/19/2008Elizabeth, PA
18Jerry LynnLarry Sweeney05/17/2008Elizabeth, PA**Lynn wins the Super Indy VII Tournament in April, but refuses the title until he can pin then-champ Sweeney. This match was to prove the undisputed champion.
19Johnny GarganoJerry Lynn10/11/2008Elizabeth, PA**Forced to vacate the title due to injury
20DeliriousJason Gory10/26/2008Cheswick, PA**Wins a four-way match also including Super Hentai and Larry Sweeney to win the vacant title

21Super HentaiJustin Idol05/16/2009Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy VIII Tournament
22Shiima XionJohnny Gargano05/08/2010Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy IX Tournament
**Was a three-way elimination match also including Azrieal
23Super HentaiShiima Xion01/29/2011Elizabeth, PA
24Matthew JusticeSuper Hentai03/19/2011Elizabeth, PA**Was a three-way match also including Shiima Xion
25Super HentaiMatthew Justice04/16/2011Franklin, PA
26Egotistico FantasticoEl Generico06/18/2011Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy X Tournament
**Was a three-way elimination match also including Super Hentai
27FacadeLogan Shulo, Hallowicked, M-Dogg Matt Cross12/10/2011Elizabeth, PA**Four-Way ladder match for vacated title
28Sami CallihanFacade06/23/2012Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy XI Tournament
29FacadeSami Callihan10/20/2012Elizabeth, PA**Was a one-fall three-way match also involving Rich Swann
30Logan ShuloSami Callihan12/15/2012Elizabeth, PA**Facade was forced to surrender the title due to injury. This was a match to determine both IWC World Heavyweight Champion and IWC Super Indy Champion.
31Anthony NeseLogan Shulo01/26/2013Elizabeth, PA
32FacadeAnthony Nese06/15/2013Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy XII Tournament
**Was a three-way eliminiation match also including Gory
33Shiima XionFacade10/19/2013Elizabeth, PA
34RJ CityShiima Xion12/14/2013Elizabeth, PA
35Andrew PalaceRJ City10/18/2014Elizabeth, PA
36Dylan BosticAlex Daniels06/13/2015Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy XIV Tournament
**Was a three-way eliminiation match also including Raymond Rowe
37Andrew PalaceDylan Bostic12/12/2015Elizabeth, PA
38Josh AlexanderJonathan Gresham06/11/2016Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy 15 Tournament
**Vacated the title due to inability to defend it
39Chis LeRussoFacade10/15/2016Elizabeth, PA**Match for the vacant title
40John McChesneyChris LeRusso04/08/2017Meadville, PA
41Chris LeRussoJohn McChesney05/13/2017Elizabeth, PA
42Adam ColeJonathan Gresham06/10/2017Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy 16 Tournament
43John McChesneyAdam Cole07/22/2017Elizabeth, PA**McChesney was forced to vacate the title due to a shoulder injury
44GoryAnthony Henry, Suge D, Joey Janela08/19/2017Elizabeth, PA*Was a single-fall four-way to determine a new champion
45Jonathan GreshamDavid Starr06/08/2018Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy 17 Tournament
46John McChesneyJonathan Gresham01/19/2019Elizabeth, PA
47WardlowJohn McChesney03/16/2019Elizabeth, PA**Was a Champion Vs. Champion Match
48Josh AlexanderWardlow8/10/2019Elizabeth, PA
49Johnny PatchJosh Alexander10/5/2019Elizabeth, PA
50Brian Pillman, JrLee Moriarty9/12/2020Washington, PA**Wins the Super Indy 19 Tournament.
51Bill CollierBrian Pillman, Jr2/20/2021Elizabeth, PA
52Matthew JusticeBill Collier7/17/2021Elizabeth, PA
53Bill CollierMatthew Justice8/14/2021Elizabeth, PA
54Cole KarterAnthony Greene10/16/2021Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy 20 Tournament
55Derek DillingerAnthony Young1/22/2022Elizabeth, PA**Cole Karter was signed by WWE and was forced to vacate the title which was then competed for in a fatal 4 way by Derek Dillinger, Anthony Young, Jaxon Argos, and Andrew Palace
56Cole KarterDerek Dillinger10/8/2022Elizabeth, PA**Wins the Super Indy 21 Tournament
57Jock SamsonCole Karter6/3/2023Elizabeth, PA
58VacantJock Samson7/9/2023Elizabeth, PA**Jock relinquished the Super Indy title, trading it for a match against Justin Plummer.
59Duke DavisVacant10/7/2023Elizabeth, PA** Wins the Super Indy 22 Tournament
60Ganon Jones JrDuke Davis11/4/2023Elizabeth, PA
61Anthony CatenaGanon Jones Jr11/4/2023Elizabeth, PA**Following Ganon and Dukes match, Justin Plummer calls an impromptu title match for Anthony Catena.
62Ganon Jones JrAnthony Catena12/2/2023Elizabeth, PA**Defeated Anthony Catena in a Lumberjack Match