IWC High Stakes Title History

1Shirley DoeMad Mike03/17/2001McKees Rocks, PA**Wins a falls-count-anywhere battle royal also involving JT Rogers, Eric Xtasy, Kid Cupid, White Trash Hero, J-Ru, Dale Price, Scottie Gash, Amnesiac, and Jake Garrett
2Kid SensationShirley Doe11/10/2001Monroeville, PA
3Shirley DoeKid Sensation01/19/2002Uniontown, PA
4Boomer PayneShirley Doe03/02/2002West Mifflin, PA**The title is retired after Boomer Payne leaves IWC and the Pittsburgh area following this event
5Jimmy Vega$Marshall Gambino, Bulk Nasty, Nathan Aulridge, Jami Jameson10/27/2017Wheeling, WV*Title is reinstated in 2017. Match was for the vacant title.
6Bulk NastyJimmy Vega$11/04/2017Clearfield, PA*Was a four-way also involving Colby Redd and Shane InYaFace
7GillbergBulk Nasty02/17/2017Elizabeth, PA
8James EllsworthGillberg03/17/2017Elizabeth, PA
9VACANTJames Ellsworth03/17/2017Elizabeth, PA
10Chest FlexorVACANT08/11/2018Elizabeth, PA
11RC DupreeChest Flexor02/16/2019Elizabeth, PA*Was a six-way also involving Jami Jameson, Philip Archer, Stevie Lebell, and Jason Tyler
12Hardcore HoovenRC Dupree10/5/2019Elizabeth, PA
13Mambo ItalianoHardcore Hooven2/22/2020Elizabeth, PA*Shane Douglas as guest referee requested a stipulation be added to make this an extreme rules match
14RC DupreeMambo Italiano3/14/2020Elizabeth, PA
15Tito OricRC Dupree12/5/2020Elizabeth, PA*IWC's 1st ever Casket Match
16Lebanon Don Joey Moses**12/5/2020Elizabeth, PA**After Tito Oric defeated RC Dupree, Lebanon Don purchased the High Stakes Title from him for $100,000
17Alexander ApolloLebanon Don Joey Moses8/14/2021Elizabeth, PA
18Spencer SladeAlexander Apollo12/4/2022Elizabeth, PA
19Sam HandemanSpencer Slade12/2/2023Elizabeth, PA**Eliminated Spencer Slade from the Pittsburgh Classic Battle Royal where Spencer put the title on the line.