IWC Ignition TV Taping Results

MARCH 14th, 2003
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. CM Punk def. Carlton Kaz
  2. Al B. Damm def. Dean Radford
  3. Bubba the Bulldog def. Shirley Doe
  4. Spider Mask wrestled Dustin Ardine to a no-contest
  5. AJ Styles def. IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai to win the Indy title
  6. Raven def. CM Punk
  7. IWC Tag Team Champions Sexual Harassment (JT Rodgers & Troy Lords, permanently replacing injured Eric Xtasy) def. Devil’s Advocates (Devil Bhudakahn & Glenn Spectre)
  8. Disco Inferno def. Dustin Ardine by DQ
  9. Seth James def. T. Rantula
  10. Dennis Gregory def. Disco Inferno
  11. Doe & Mysterious X def. Super Hentai & Sterling James Keenan

Doe’s Disciples Grow in Numbers; Hentai Goes Through Hell

IWC’s official television taping turned out to be one of the most eventful and chaotic shows ever! Competition, brutality, betrayal, surprises and vengeance were all contributing factors in making this night an unforgettable occasion.

The final bout of the evening pitted SHIRLEY DOE and THE MYSTERIOUS X against the team of SUPER HENTAI and STERLING JAMES KEENAN. Even though it was obvious this match would degenerate into an all-out brawl, no one could have predicted the events that would unfold during the match’s conclusion. However, just as chaotic as the match itself, was the events leading up to this match-up:

Earlier in the show, Doe went one-on-one with BUBBA THE BULLDOG. Doe focused on Bubba’s injured hand, but Bubba kept battling back. Finally, Bubba’s perseverance paid off, as a SUPER HENTAI chairshot cost Doe the match, giving Bubba the victory.

Later that show, Hentai was set to defend his Super Indy Title against AJ STYLES, in a visually spectacular contest. Both men’s similar styles and high-risk mentality caused the match to turn into a high-flying game of “Can You Top This?” that had fans in awe until the very end. However, things didn’t stay one-on-one entirely, as Doe reappeared to try to seek revenge on Hentai, only to be cut off by Bubba. The Mysterious X ran in as well, but AJ took care of him. Finally, with everyone else distracted, the one and only RAVEN appeared and gave Hentai the Evenflow DDT, allowing AJ to hit The Styles Clash and pin Hentai for the 1-2-3 to become the NEW IWC SUPER INDY CHAMPION!

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder the tag match pitting Doe and X versus Hentai and Keenan was such bedlam. All four men brawled all over the building, hitting each other with anything they could find. After Keenan and X had been laid out, Doe and Hentai locked eyes on each other, and fans witnessed the confrontation over three months in the making. However, the confrontation ended with a sickening display of backstabbing, as Keenan grabbed a chair and clobbered Hentai with it, allowing Doe to pin Hentai for the victory. After the match, Doe, X and Keenan embraced, attacking Hentai all the while. Finally, in a showing of respect, AJ Styles stormed the ring and cleaned house of Doe and his minions.

Now that Sterling James Keenan, and apparently Raven as well, have made it official that they are part of Doe’s evil army, Doe has become more powerful than ever. It could be only a matter of time before the fate of IWC lies in his hateful hands.

Also on hand was DISCO INFERNO. Disco interrupted a match-up between DUSTIN ARDINE and SPIDER MASK, claiming he was tired of waiting to give the fans what they want, which of course is to see Disco Inferno DANCE! Before Disco could begin to boogie, the returning DENNIS GREGORY arrived on the scene, and physically drove Disco from the ring. Later on, Ardine attempted a measure of revenge against Disco, but came up short. Ardine was being pummeled to a point where Disco was dancing and bragging to anyone who would pay attention to him, rather than focus on his match. That all ended when Gregory appeared again, attacking Disco once more. Disco won by DQ, but the real story was his vendetta with Gregory.

That vendetta came to a head later that night, when the two met in the ring. Disco was his usual cocky self, dancing and showing off all the way through the match, but with good reason, as he had been targeting Gregory’s surgically repaired knee. However, Disco’s arrogance came back to haunt him when, while attempting to hit his finisher “The Chartbuster,” Gregory surprised him with a backslide, and was able to hold Disco down for 3.

In other action…

After a heart-felt speech from the injured ERIC XTASY, the replacement partner for JT RODGERS was announced as none other than “BALLS HOT” TROY LORDS. The Rodgers/Lords reunification proved to be a successful one, as the duo retained the IWC Tag Team Championship Titles against THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATES in the most emotionally moving moment of the night.

RAVEN started his match with CM PUNK in the locker room, and it eventually spilled out into the ring, and the bell was sounded even though the match had been scheduled for later on. Both men went through a very physical battle, until it took not one, but two Evenflow DDTs to keep Punk down for the 3 count.

Although Punk came up just short of defeating Raven, he was able to earn a submission victory against the up-and-coming CARLTON KAZ.

AL B. DAMM scored what many call an upset victory over DEAN RADFORD. Damm was trapped in a power match, which was to his disadvantage. However, when Radford made one mistake, in this case going for an overly-cocky pin, Damm was able to reverse it into a pinfall of his own and get the win.

SETH JAMES took on T. RANTULA, but Seth insisted no weapons be used. T played along for a while, but he eventually decided to retrieve a street sign, which referee CHRISTOPHER KALIKAPELA stopped him from using. As T protested by gripping the throat of Kalikapela for an intended chokeslam, James used the street sign himself, which played a big part in his victory.