Revengeance Results

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2003
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Carlton Kaz def. Supreme Lee Great
  2. Jimmy Jacobs def. Alex Shelly
  3. Dean Radford def. BJ Whitmer to earn a shot at the IWC Super Indy Title
  4. Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) def. IWC Tag Team Champions Devil’s Advocates (Devil Bhudakahn & Glenn Spectre) by DQ
  5. Sterling James Keenan def. Al B. Damm to earn shot at the IWC Heavyweight Title
  6. IWC Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory def. T. Rantula
  7. Dustin Ardine def. Fabulous
  8. Matt Stryker def. Super Hentai
  9. Jimmy Vegas def. Eric Angle
  10. Eric Xtasy def. JT Rodgers by DQ
  11. Eric Xtasy def. Troy Lords in a baseball bat match


IWC’s most recent live television taping event will be remembered as a night of redemption. It will be remembered as a night of retalliation. It will be remembered as a night of “Revengeance.”

The main event of the evening pitted Eric Xtasy against his former best friend of 12 years, JT Rodgers. Ever since Rodgers brutally attacked Eric a few weeks ago, and punching out IWC promoter Norm Connors in the process, several emotions had been running through his mind, everything from sorrow to hatred. Regardless of any and all mixed feelings he may have had, Xtasy went to battle with his ex-best friend and tag team partner. Although hesitant at first, Xtasy ended up holding nothing back in his onslaught against Rodgers. Unfortunately, Rodgers’ partner-in-crime, “Balls Hot” Troy Lords, interjected himself with baseball bat in hand before any serious damage could be done, thus giving Xtasy a tainted disqualification victory.

But Norm Connors had had enough. Frustrations reached a boiling point as Connors stormed to the ring, suspended Rodgers indefinitely, and mandated a Lords vs. Xtasy match where use of a baseball bat was legal. An angered Rodgers again took a cheap shot to Connors, but this time the boss retaliated, pounding Rodgers with right hands until JT retreated to the back. Meanwhile, in the ring, Lords had the upper hand for quite a while, showing no remorse as he pounded away on Xtasy’s surgically repaired leg. With help of the fans and a lot of adrenaline, Eric was able to block out the pain and battle back, defeated Lords when he gave him an STD — The Sexually Transmitted Driver, that is.

However, as Xtasy celebrated, JT Rodgers reappeared despite being ordered to leave. But Norm Connors reappeared as well, bashing JT over the head with a steel chair. Norm has made it crystal clear that IWC officials have had enough with these games and are taking things into their own hands to stop this. Xtasy got a measure of revenge in all this, but you know he still has his sights set on getting even with JT Rodgers.

Jimmy Vega$ made his official return to the ring battling IWC’s most impressive pure athlete, Eric Angle. You’d expect an athletic contest between two gifted, evenly-matched competitors to ensue, but what followed can only be described as bizarre. Vega$, his usual cocky self, took time out to berate and shove referee Bruce Gray. Taking advantage of the distracted ref, Sterling James Keenan, of all people, showed up and threw powder into the eyes of Angle. Vega$ capitalized on Angle’s blindness, but Gray took offense to Vega$’ previous actions and flipped Vega$ the “double bird” as opposed to counting when Vega$ went for a pinfall attempt. Vega$ was enraged, so much so that he ripped the shirt clear off of Gray’s body and then CHOKED HIM OUT with his bare hands until Angle recovered and managed to get an extended cover on Vega$. Referee Christopher Kalikapela rushed to the ring and managed to get a two-count before Vega$ kicked out. Unfortunately, with Keenan holding onto Angle’s legs from outside of the ring, the numbers caught up to Angle, and Jimmy Vega$ scored quite possibly the most tainted victory in IWC history. But the major question here is, are Sterling and Vega$ united? And if so, what does this mean for the rest of IWC?

Shirley Doe made an appearance, on crutches, but it wasn’t the same evil sadistic Doe we’re used to. It was a beaten, humbled man. Doe, in a rare showing of class, offered to shake hands with Super Hentai in a showing of respect, and Hentai agreed. Now that their ten-month rivalry of hate had finally been put behind them, Doe announced he was leaving wrestling forever. Doe attempted to exit the ring, but before he made it through the ropes, he was viciously attacked by a mystery man that turned out to be Doe’s former partner, SEBASTIAN DARK! Dark laid into Doe with several vicious chairshots to Doe’s skull and already-injured knee. Three members of IWC Security tried to restrain Dark, but the beating continued until more security arrived. Dark has made a statement and attacked his former partner, but why?

The two most successful individuals in the history of this area collided in a match for the IWC Heavyweight Title as Dennis Gregory defended against T Rantula. Gregory was not happy with the way this title shot was “earned” by T, attacking him from behind after his victory over Dustin Ardine three weeks ago, but went out to defend the title like the fighting champion he is. T used his power and Denny used his quickness to try to gain the upper hand. When T attemped a roll-up with a pull of the tights, referee Christopher Kalikapela refused to count due to the infraction of the rules. T immediately complained about the decision while harshly shoving Kalikapela into the ropes, giving Gregory the opportunity to roll up T, also using the tights, and the angered referee counted to three on this occasion. An infuriated T Rantula just narrowly missed caving in Kalikapela’s head with his trademark street sign.

Matt Stryker made his triumphant return to IWC following his impressive performance in making it to the finals of Super Indy 2 tournament this past May. This time, he was battling the man who won Super Indy 1, Super Hentai. Hentai was obviously far from 100% as he isn’t anywhere near recovered from the vicious Texas Death Match in which he was recently involved with Shirley Doe. Stryker, being the tactician he is, was able to capitalize perfectly on the target that was Hentai’s taped ribs. Despite the intense pain and assured breathing problems, Hentai pressed on, giving one of the gutsiest performances of his life, but it wasn’t enough to counteract Matt Stryker and his Stryker Driver finisher. Stryker wins the match, and you have to believe he’ll be in line for a Super Indy Title shot soon.

One person that does have a Super Indy Title shot in his future is Dean Radford. In his most important match to date, Radford defeated BJ Whitmer, evening the series between the two, and ensuring himself a shot at Super Indy Champion “Classic” Colt Cabana in the very near future. After the match, was there a handshake? Of course not. This is Dean Radford we’re talking about. Despite getting the victory, Radford put his own brand of icing on the cake, delivering “The Radicator” to an already defeated Whitmer.

Speaking of title shots, Norm Connors granted a #1 Contenders’ Match for the IWC Title to Sterling James Keenan, regardless of who he’s currently affiliated with. However, to get to that shot, he’d have to go through one of the fastest rising stars on the roster, Al B. Damm. Damm put on yet another stellar performance, but just as he was set to deliver his visually breathtaking “Hot Damm” coast-to-coast dropkick, one of Keenan’s minions, JT Rodgers, interjected himself on the match, allowing Sterling to recover and hit the MK Ultra for the victory. Sterling has really assumed a leadership position in recent weeks when it comes to this evil contingent, and it seems this faction only gets more and more dangerous and threatening by the week, especially now that Sterling is granted an IWC Title shot. Do IWC officials know what they have done?

The situation involving the tag team title scene keeps getting stranger. On this night, Devil Bhudakahn and Glenn Spectre were opposed by yet another top-notch team: Dunn and Marcos, better known as “The Ring Crew Express” from the Ring of Honor promotion. The Devil’s Advocates’ bickering and arguing continued despite repeated attemps from Jake Garrett to keep his men on the same page. Is this just competitive spirit like Garrett has claimed on this very website, or is there actual dissention? It would seem to be the second choice as Bhudakahn got his team foolishly disqualified, despite Spectre having a member of the opposing team pinned at the time. After the match, the arguing continued as an enraged Spectre demanded answers from Devil Bhudakahn, who paraded around with both titles on his arms.

“Barbaric Berzerker” Jimmy Jacobs and Alex Shelley continued their storied rivalry as they met for the 25th time this year overall, and their second meeting in an IWC ring. Both men delivered a solid performance, gaining second, third, and fourth winds when it looked like they were out of commission. However, Jacobs’ fans were cheering him on strongly, and the “Huss” chants from the crowd helped will Jacobs to another victory, leading Shelley 2-0 in the IWC branch of their rivalry. Jacobs’ popularity and potential continues to increase and Shelley, although in a losing effort, continues to impress.

Supreme Lee Great delivered another very strong performance in his match with Carlton Kaz. It seemed as though Great was on his way to being 2-0 in the IWC ring, but then he made one of the most unexpected moves of the night: he lied on his back, draped an unconsious Kaz’s arm across him, and let the referee count to three. Great just essentially pinned himself, but why? Great told Kaz he sees talent in him and, with his help and guidance, he can be even better. Kaz and Great seem to have a friendship formed by a common interest: they both love themselves. Will we see another formitable tag team on the horizon, or will their egos cause this partnership to end before it begins?

Also on the card, the “Dreamachine” Dustin Ardine rebounded from his Heavyweight Title match loss very nicely, as he delivered probably his most spirited performance to date, convincingly defeated a very talented newcomer, Fabulous.