West Homestead VFD Fundraiser Results

OCTOBER 4th, 2003
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Al B. Damm def. Troy Lords
  2. Jimmy Jacobs def. Alex Shelley
  3. Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg 20 def. Carlton Kaz & Supreme Lee Great
  4. Sterling James Keenan def. BJ Whitmer
  5. Matt Stryker def. Super Hentai
  6. IWC Tag Team Champions Devil’s Advocates (Devil Bhudakahn & Glenn Spectre) def. Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)
  7. IWC Super Indy Champion Colt Cabana def. Dean Radford
  8. IWC Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory def. T. Rantula
  9. JT Rodgers def. Eric Xtasy in a baseball bat match
  10. Jimmy Vegas & Bubba the Bulldog wrestled Eric Angle & Dustin Ardine to a no-contest


The question on everyone’s minds going into our TV taping on Saturday night, October 4 was what are the goals Shane Douglas hopes to accomplish here in IWC. Douglas made his intentions known in a shocking fashion.

Our advertised main event was a tag team grudge match pitting Jimmy Vega$ and Bubba the Bulldog, an alliance forged on trust, against Eric Angle and Dustin Ardine, an alliance forged on necessity. Just about everyone in the match was going in less than 100%, particularly Bubba, who is just a month and a half removed from having his ankle nearly broken in two by Angle. With that in mind, it was no surprise that Bubba and Vega$ had backup waiting to pounce on their foes. Sterling James Keenan, along with JT Rodgers and “Balls Hot” Troy Lords, again interjected themselves in a place they had no business being, assisting the Vega$/Bubba cause two shows in a row, thus causing a disqualification. This cheap decision infuriated promoter Norm Connors who stormed the ring, claiming he wouldn’t stand for this in his promotion. Bubba then uttered the words, “It’s not your promotion,” and proceeded to knock Connors down with a right hand. Just when the power struggle between all-powerful boss and frustrated bitter employee seemed to reach its fever pich, “The Franchise” made his long-awaited appearance, but he wasn’t alone. Eric Xtasy, M-Dogg 20, Josh Prohibition, and Jimmy Jacobs joined the Franchise in clearing the ring of the seemingly united faction of Bubba, Vega$, Sterling, JT, and Lords. The Franchise proclaimed his intentions of making a new and improved IWC, an EXTREME IWC — and you’re either with him or against him. With an ever-growing ego like Bubba the Bulldog, and a notorious ego like Shane Douglas’ in the same place at the same time, this ultimate power struggle keeps getting more and more dangerous. Bubba seems to think IWC is rightfully his, and is set to prove to anyone that if he can’t have it, he’ll take it by force. The collection of stars in the ring seemed to show solidarity and appeared to be behind The Franchise’s actions toward Bubba and company, but that wasn’t the last we’d see of The Franchise that night.

IWC Champion Dennis Gregory battled T. Rantula in a rematch due to the dubious circumstances surrounding their last meeting. However, this match would turn out to have far more controversy than their prior match ever did. With T. Rantula on the top rope set to deliver his trademark crossbody, Gregory sidestepped the flying giant, allowing T to collide into referee Bruce Gray. With the referee down, T took the opportunity to use his street sign, but the official was still down when he went for a cover. Jimmy Vega$ attempted to interfere but was run off by Eric Angle. Sterling tried to get involved as well, but BJ Whitmer came out to attack him. After that, we saw the one and only Franchise reappear and attack and lay out both men. What were Douglas’ motives here? Does T and Denny not fit into Shane’s plans of an extreme IWC? And what does the rest of the locker room think about that? Regardless of those questions, Gregory was either smart or lucky enough to land on an unconscious T. Rantula in time to get a three count and retain his title.

Another rematch fans have been clamoring to see is Eric Xtasy vs. JT Rodgers, especially after JT cowardly avoided the match a few weeks beforehand. The match was one of the most brutal in recent memory, with several sickening bat-on-flesh thuds. Of course, the match wasn’t without interference from Sterling James Keenan, who continues to condition his minions to use gang warfare at all costs. Even Sterling’s presence couldn’t keep Eric down however. Both former best friends battled back and forth, both able to sustain the other’s signature moves without being pinned for a three count. Finally, JT’s frustration became too much for him and his dark evil side started showing much more as he viciously, mercilessly clobbered a prone Xtasy with the bat at least a dozen times throughout his body, until finally pinning him for three. Rodgers continues to use sadistic tactics to stay one step ahead of Eric Xtasy.

Yet another personal rival that’s been intensifying is the impending war between Sebastian Dark and Shirley Doe. Dark made two unscheduled appearances throughout the night, attacking not only IWC newcomer Fabulous, but also IWC Coalition of Competition graduate Roman Law, who was scheduled to make his debut that night. Dark made it clear that he didn’t care how many innocent victims had to suffer for him to get to Doe. Doe wouldn’t keep Dark waiting any longer though, as he emerged from the back to fight. Doe exercised more guts than brains however, as Dark was quickly able to subdue the still-injured Doe then power slam him off the second rope onto two unforgiving chairs in a heinous act of violence. Security hesitantly confronted Dark to escort him away but the damage had been done. Dark continues his mission to destroy Doe.

Matt Stryker met Super Hentai in another rematch. Hentai was not 100% in his prior meeting with Stryker due to a rib injury, and the match was again uneven this time for completely different reasons. Of all people, Alex Shelley made his way to ringside to lure away Hentai’s attention. Shelley’s tactics worked as that helped Stryker pick up another victory and go 2-0 against Hentai. Not only was Hentai defeated, he also felt Shelley’s “Shellshock” signature move.

Later that night, Shelley met his arch-rival, “Barbaric Berzerker” Jimmy Jacobs, in their third meeting in the IWC branch of their famous series of battles. The frustration and desperation in Shelley was clear, as he didn’t want to go 0-3 against Jacobs in IWC, especially considering their rivalry is usually so evenly matched. But Shelley didn’t have much of a choice tonight, as Super Hentai exacted his revenge, costing Shelley another match to Jacobs. Like a man possessed, Hentai chased Shelley all the way to the back, continuing to attack him.

Super Indy Champion Colt Cabana faced his biggest and baddest test to date when he took on #1 contender Dean Radford. After a hard-fought, evenly-matched physical contest, Cabana edged out a victory. Dean put on one of the best performances of his career, but came up just short on this night. After the match, Dean shook Cabana’s hand but let him know, next time the result will be different.

Jake Garrett must have been a busy man on this night. When The Devil’s Advocates defended their IWC Tag Team Championships against Dunn and Marcos, collectively known as The Ring Crew Express, in a no disqualification match, they seemed more cohesive and united than they have been in months. Glenn Spectre seemed to take out his frustration, and Devil Bhudakan his arrogance, on the opposition instead of directing it at each other. From their signature double teams to the lack of bickering, it looked like we were seeing the Devil’s Advocates of old. In fact, it was a double-team move that did the RCE’s in: a spin kick into a German suplex allowing Spectre to get the pinfall victory. However, as soon as the match ended, the bickering resumed and an upset Spectre left without his half of the tag team championships.

The Advocates’ future title contenders were determined as the more experienced team of M-Dogg 20 and Josh Prohibition battled Supreme Lee Great and Carlton Kaz. Considering the egos of SLG and Kaz, they worked surprisingly well together. However it didn’t last, as Matt and Josh recovered and took control. Josh hit his trademark T-Bone Prohibition Plex and Drunken Driver moves, while M-Dogg finished off SLG with what could best be described as a Shooting Star Kneedrop, knocking the wind completely out of Great. M-Dogg and Josh are your new number one contenders. They’ve had a total of four shots at the IWC Tag Team Championship, all of them memorable wars, but they’ve always come just short of capturing the big prize. Will they be successful this time?

Sterling James Keenan met BJ Whitmer in a rematch from Super Indy 2. Sterling’s usual tactics of outnumbering his opponents came back to haunt him, as champion Dennis Gregory came out to observe his future challenger. When Sterling couldn’t handle the pressure, he confronted Gregory and a slugfest ensued, causing a disqualification. This angered Whitmer as well, who was disqualified despite not doing anything himself wrong. All three men returned to the back separately, arguring the whole time. Tensions are flaring already for Sterling’s upcoming title match.

Sterling’s tactics of outnumbering didn’t work in Troy Lords’ match either as he battled Al B. Damm. Lords, wrestling despite a neck injury, gave it his all, but his injury caused him to be just a step off. Damm saw his opening and capitalized, surprising Lords for a win.

So many personal issues brewing throughout IWC: What will become of the Doe/Dark war? Why has Alex Shelley interjected himself into Super Hentai’s business? What exactly is Bubba, Vega$, Sterling, JT, and Lords plotting, and will the rest of the locker room be able to fight them off? And what are Shane Douglas’ plans for an “Extreme IWC”? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to be in Springdale on Saturday, October 18 for our next huge live television taping. The tension just keeps getting stronger!