Accept No Limitations Results

NOVEMBER 13th, 2004
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Bubba the Bulldog & Dennis Gregory def. Jimmy Vegas & Dirk Ciglar
  2. Sebastian Dark def. Jimmy Jacobs
  3. “Spyder” Nate Webb def. Sterling James Keenan
  4. Nigel McGuiness def. Claudio Castagnoli
  5. IWC Super Indy Champion Chris Sabin def. Fabulous John McChesney
  6. Shiima Xion & The Wildcards (Blackjack Marciano & Eddie Kingston) def. Jason Gory & the Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
  7. Dean Radford def. Glenn Spectre
  8. Balls Mahoney def. IWC Heavyweight Champion Shirley Doe to win the title
  9. ROH World Champion Samoa Joe def. Chris Hero

Two Monumental Title Matches
For the first time ever, the IWC and ROH Heavyweight championships were defended back-to-back on the same show.

It was arguably the most shocking moment in perhaps all of IWC’s history and the circumstances surrounding it couldn’t be, and certainly weren’t predicted by anybody. IWC Champion Shirley Doe was about to begin his title defense against a man he’s had so many wars with, but a man he holds so much respect for and vice-versa, “The Hardcore Chair Swingin’ Freak” Balls Mahoney, when Commission representative Chris Wood made his way to ringside and attempted to replace Bruce Gray as referee of the contest. Mahoney, who was almost banned from the state of Pennsylvania by the Commission a year ago, had nothing but threats for Wood, and threatened to knock Wood out with a chairshot if he didn’t leave the ring.

After Wood scurried to safety the match was on, but it was a far cry from their past memorable wars. This match was very technically sound, an area of expertise both men are exceptional at but rarely get the credit they deserve for. Mahoney hit a vicious spin-kick to Doe and began to target the ribs. However, after seeing tape on Doe’s ribs and realizing Doe’s pain was from a previous injury (suffered in his title defense against Chris Hero) and not from this match, Mahoney wanted to stop the match. Doe pushed and even went as far as to slap Mahoney to convince him to continue, which he did. Mahoney was relentless from here on out, but Shirley Doe refused to die. As the war escalated, both men reached for the weapon they find comfort in using: the steel chair. Chris Wood reappeared, grabbing the chair from Doe’s hand. As Doe turned to react, Mahoney struck Doe with his chair and hit the Nutcracker Suite for the 3 count making Balls Mahoney the NEW IWC Heavyweight Champion. The shocker of the night came with Wood and Mahoney hugged in the middle of the ring, cementing a new alliance.

This was never about IWC being too violent. This was and is about Wood’s old grudge with promoter Norm Connors dating back to their days in the old Steel City Wrestling promotion. Wood is still upset about his dismissal from that company and is now using his power with the Commission to try to run Norm Connors promotion out of business. Wood has a better chance of that than ever, as Wood is now aligned with the IWC Heavyweight Champion. And with the gold, comes power. Power that will be very very dangerous and potentially lethal when put into Wood’s hands.

As a result, a rematch has already been signed, for IWC’s return to Wilmerding on Saturday night December 11 at “A Call to Arms 2”. There Doe, challenges IWC Champion Mahoney in a streetfight!

Our second blockbuster heavyweight title match of the evening was for the prestigious Ring of Honor Heavyweight Championship. IWC & ROH employee Jeff Gorman served as special ring announcer for Samoa Joe’s 30th ROH title defense in his 20 month reign and his first defense in an IWC ring, as he took on one of wrestling’s most underrated tacticians, Chris Hero. Streamers poured into the ring during introductions as anticipation for this 45-minute time limit match continued to grow. As referee Bryce Remsburg sounded for the opening bell, both men started on the mat, as dueling chants echoed throughout the building. Technical wrestling soon gave way to physicality, Hero’s European style forearms & uppercuts, and Joe’s vicious chops and kicks. The battle even raged on outside the ring and amongst the fans. Hero’s game plan seemed to focus on Joe’s neck area, sneaking in an occasional eye poke or pull of the tights for good measure. However, Joe battled through it all and kept fighting back time and time again. The match maintained its brutal pace as we approached the final 10 minutes remaining in the time limit. With approximately 5 minutes remaining, Hero attempted to mount the ropes, but was cut off by an amazing enziguri kick followed by a muscle buster to finish off Hero at around the 40 minute mark. A tremendous contest to mark ROH’s first title match held inside an IWC ring. Hero, as he always does these days, grabbed a microphone after the match and still assured us that he has ‘never lost a match in his career.’ He even went as far as to claim himself 9,000-0 in his career. Nevertheless, Samoa Joe continues the most impressive title reign in recent memory with another hard-fought win.

Super Indy champion Chris Sabin defended the gold against “Fabulous” John McChesney, who had spent months working his way up to a title match. McChesney and Sabin began with a lightning-fast pace and back-and-forth action. Much like their past meetings on both IWC and TNA television, it was a dead even match with both men getting in their share of offense and near-falls. McChesney survived a Bum Rush and a Liger Bomb, still kicking out much to Sabin’s surprise. Perhaps Sabin didn’t realize just how far McChesney had come since their most recent meeting a year ago. McChesney had Sabin closer to defeat than Sabin has come in his 1 year-plus in IWC. So much so, that Sabin used the tights to score the pinfall victory, and a short cut is something Sabin isn’t accustomed to using. An irate McChesney pleaded his case after the match, and rumors of an upcoming rematch are already swirling. With McChesney clearly on Sabin’s level now, that match would be a definite toss-up.

Dean Radford’s scheduled return match was against Eric Xtasy but it isn’t surprising that Xtasy found a way to somehow avoid participating in the match. Before the match, Xtasy stated the only way Radford would get to wrestle him is if he defeated every other member of his “Velvet Mafia” first. Tonight was step 1 of that plan and his opponent was “Wonder Man” Glenn Spectre. A frightened Xtasy ran to the back with his co-horts when Radford appeared, leaving Spectre to fend for himself. For someone who had no idea he’d be stepping into the ring with 260 pounds of anger, Spectre did very well for himself, but after a tremendous effort by Spectre, the Wonder Man felt Radication and was defeated.

After Radford left, Xtasy, J-Rocc, and “Balls Hot” Troy Lords came back to ridicule Spectre. Xtasy stated that his flamboyant attitude is just a mind game, just used to give himself a psychological advantage, and he wasn’t really gay, meanwhile Spectre actually lived his alterial lifestyle. Xtasy, Rocc, and Lords all attacked Spectre, excommunicating him from The Velvet Mafia because, apparently, he was too gay for the group. Surprisingly, Radford came back with a chair and ran off the Velvet Mafia with a chair. Glenn Spectre finds himself ostracized because of his apparent lifestyle, however Dean Radford may have finally found an ally in his war with Xtasy & friends. Step one to Xtasy is down for Dean Radford, but there’s still two to go.

The explosion of the Self-Proclaimed Triple Threat continued when Bubba the Bulldog & Dennis Gregory took on Jimmy Vega$ & Dirk Ciglar. Bubba has been irate ever since Jimmy Vega$ made the claim that he was his own man and is no longer aligned with Bubba & Denny Gregory. As far as Bubba’s concerned, they don’t choose when to leave him, he chooses when to leave them. And Bubba came prepared to make a statement and came prepared to take the team out one-by-one. Referee CJ Sensation was taken out by a brutal shot, landing right on the back of his surgically repaired neck. In the ensuing chaos, Bubba & Gregory drilled Ciglar with a spike piledriver to the floor, rendering him unable to continue. As Ciglar lay motionless while referees come out to assist him, Vega$ was left to fend for himself against his two former teammates. However, as is typical in Bubba matches, the numbers advantage played a part, and despite kicking out of Bubba’s Bulldog Drop, Vega$ was eventually pinned. Although the damage hasn’t been assessed yet, it looks like Ciglar may be out of action for a period of time thanks to the injuries suffered from the spike piledriver. Therefore the question remains, with the odds against him, what’s Vega$ going to do now?

After being high in demand by fans for weeks, Spyder Nate Webb made a much-anticipated debut in one of the most memorable entrances of all time. However, his opponent was the “Super Indy Killer” Sterling James Keenan, a man who has been building a reputation of obliterating any Super Indy he comes across during his mission to get to a Super Indy Title Shot. After a tremendous battle, Sterling’s newest win streak came to a shocking end. Keenan had a very strong showing in this match, but he didn’t have enough to escape “Soylent Green Is People”, Spyder’s powerbomb into a spinning DDT, and it was that very move that enabled the newest member to the IWC referee staff Steven Colter to count to three making Nate Webb’s debut a successful one. After the match, Webb invited several fans into the ring for a dance session, ensuring his popularity will only grow from here.

Sebastian Dark entered the ring for his scheduled match, being as politically incorrect and insensitive as ever, to take on “Barbaric Berzerker” Jimmy Jacobs. As Jacobs made his way to the ring, he immediately had the metal spike given to him by Kevin Sullivan in his hand in case Dark tried anything suspicious. After the spike was confiscated, Sebastian took control, and despite Jacobs’ incredible pain threshold and ability to huss up, it wasn’t a match for Sebastian. The sadistic Dark placed Super Hentai’s stolen mask on Jacobs’ head and proceeded to give him Hentai’s finisher, the Full Moon Plex, for the win. Dark scores a big win, perhaps his biggest to date. However, despite the win, Sebastian Dark’s future in this promotion is still uncertain as of this writing.

Two international stars made their debut as England’s Nigel McGuinness took on Switzerland’s “Double C” Claudio Castagnoli. Nigel has earned a reputation throughout the world competing for Ring of Honor among other groups, and Claudio is just beginning his rise among independent promotions. Due to his well-known reputation, Nigel was the immediate crowd favorite, even more so when he showed an incredible amount of balance, as he hung upside down above the top turnbuckle for upwards of 1-2 minutes as Claudio looked on dumbfounded. Castagnoli hit one of his signature moves, a Shake, Rattle & Roll variation, but Nigel kicked out. It was Nigel’s Tower of London, a Stunner variation with the opponent’s feet draped across the top rope, that ended the match, ensuring Nigel McGuinness’ IWC debut would be a successful one.

Fast-paced six man tag action showcased the future of IWC, as wrestling’s first Filipino supermodel Shiima Xion teamed with the hated Wild Cards to take on “The New Face” Jason Gory & The Gambinos. Not only did this match feature fast intense and competitive in-ring action, it also had a memorable sequence of action on the outside. With the opposition outside the ring regrouping, Jason Gory launched himself in the air to deliver another breathtaking tope con hilo. Not to be outdone, Xion went upstairs to deliver an unbelievable corkscrew plancha, with several rotations before he hit the ground. “King of Diamonds” Eddie Kingston wanted to showcase his high-flying skills as well, but was stopped by referee Bryce Remsburg. Bryce then showed Kingston how it’s done, performing a flip-dive of his own. Action made it’s way back into the ring, as rivals Gory & Xion hooked up again. Unlike last week, Xion gained the upper-hand, with help from Maverick’s “Sweet Ghetto Music”, and drilled Gory head first into the mat with a snapmare driver he calls “From Lust To Dust” and that was more than enough for Xion to earn a three count for his team.

One man that seems to have taken all he can handle is Jake Garrett. After the dissolving of the Devil’s Advocates, Jake suffered a back injury that required surgery, but has since been relegated to heading up the ring crew. While some of the IWC Coalition of Competition trainees were cleaning up the ring, Jake lost his temper and took his frustrations out on trainees Mike Dreads and Jimmy DeeeLicious (all right!). After the attack, he called out Norm Connors, yelling about how he was underappreciated and that a former IWC Tag Team Champion deserves more than heading up the ring crew.