A Call To Arms 2 Results

DECEMBER 11th, 2004
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Sterling James Keenan def. Brad Thomas
  2. Jason Gory def. Shiima Xion
  3. Jimmy Vegas def. Dennis Gregory
  4. Glenn Spectre & Dean Radford def. The Velvet Mafia (Eric Xtasy, J-Rocc, & Troy Lords)
  5. AJ Styles def. CM Punk
  6. Sterling James Keenan def. Petey Williams, Fabulous John McChesney, and Josh Prohibition in a four-way elimination match to win the vacant IWC Super Indy Title
  7. The Midnight Express (“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton & “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey) def. IWC Tag Team Champions Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick) to win the titles
  8. Shirley Doe def. IWC Heavyweight Champion Balls Mahoney to win the title

Three new champions & 2 emotional departures bring a memorable end to the IWC calendar year

It was a tumultuous night in Wilmerding, PA as a jam-packed building witnessed one of the most historically significant IWC live events of all time. The events surrounding “A Call to Arms 2” will have a longlasting effect on IWC for years to come.

The most important prize at stake, as always, was the IWC Heavyweight Championship, as champion Balls Mahoney met the man he betrayed & defeated for that championship, Shirley Doe, only this time it was in a streetfight. The match was downright ugly, both men traded flashiness and innovation for straight out brutality and fisticuffs. Chairs played a major hand into the battle as well. Doe took everything Balls Mahoney could dish out with the chair, and then managed to return the favor. Even a leg drop through a wooden table and a Nutcracker Suite couldn’t keep Doe down. With the fear of having the power of possession of the IWC Title fall from his hands, Chris Wood involved himself in the match as well, however almost every attempt Wood made at helping Mahoney ended up backfiring. Balls Mahoney may have needed to sell his soul to Wood to win the championship, but Wood also became the reason why Mahoney lost it. After being blinded by an errant throw of powder from Wood, Shirley Doe hit a tornado DDT on a metal portion of a previously broken table to become only the third man in IWC history to be a 2 time IWC Heavyweight Champion. As Doe celebrated, an enraged Wood actually slapped Mahoney in the face, only to run for his life just as it looked like Mahoney would turn on him. After a brief setback, Shirley Doe is back on top as the best in the International Wrestling Cartel.

It was Southern style tag team wrestling at it’s finest as “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey returned to the Pittsburgh area as a tag team for the first time since 1986, as they took on IWC Tag Team Champions Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick. Eaton & Condrey didn’t seem to have lost any more than a half a step or so since their unforgettable wars with The Rock & Roll Express some two decades ago. It took every bit of intelligence and strategy that Southern Comfort could come up with to keep up with the Midnights, including Hamrick feigning a sickening looking knee injury, only to pop back up and super kick Bobby Eaton. That gave Smothers & Hamrick the psychological advantage, which is what they were clearly looking. Moments later, Southern Comfort attempted a rocket launcher, a move adopted by Southern Comfort, but first perfected by The Midnight Express, however on this night there was clearly no substitute for the originals. It was another Midnight Express trademark move, the flapjack, that led to the Midnight Express scoring a pinfall and, 18 years after their run as NWA World Tag champs, have won one last major title: the IWC Tag Team Titles! Promoter Norm Connors was quick to mention that not only would The Midnight Express be returning to defend the IWC Tag Team Titles, but their first challengers would be the men they just defeated, former champions Southern Comfort!

The Super Indy title picture was in utter turmoil thanks to IWC Super Indy Champion Chris Sabin’s unfortunate back injury suffered at the NWA TNA Turning Point PPV this past Sunday. Sadly, IWC officials had no choice but to strip Sabin of the championship due to his inability to compete. An interesting thing to mention, is that while Sabin is now a former Super Indy champion, as well as a former 2 time NWA TNA X-Division champion, he was never actually pinned or made to submit to lose any of those 3 championships. Unfortunately for Sabin, he would have to watch from the back as 4 of the most deserving men in the country battle it out for Super Indy gold.

Originally scheduled to be a 3-Way Dance between current TNA X champion Petey Williams, current #1 contender to the Super Indy Title “Fabulous” John McChesney, and the man who won the online polling to wrestle Petey Williams, the returning Josh Prohibition, the dynamic to this match quickly changed when the “Super Indy Killer” Sterling James Keenan announced he had “pulled a few strings in the back” and was now inserting himself into this title match, making it a 4-Way Dance for the gold. The majority of this match belonged to Petey Williams, who is still riding a wave of momentum now that his X Division title reign has surpassed the 4-month mark, and he had a perfect chance to become a dual champion. Josh Prohibition was the first man to be eliminated, thanks to Petey’s “Canadian Destroyer” flip-piledriver. McChesney, who had taken more punishment in this match than perhaps anybody, received a Canadian Destroyer as well to eliminated him. And you have to feel sympathy for McChesney, a man who for one month now thought he would be receiving a one-on-one shot at Super Indy gold, only to have to enter a match against 3 men he hadn’t prepared for. With the match now down to Petey & Sterling, Petey tried a third Canadian Destroyer, but Sterling was able to counter and hit a quick jackknife pin and steal the Super Indy Title with his hand grasping the rope for added leverage. The Super Indy Killer now possesses the Super Indy Title, and no longer does he have to hunt down Super Indies, because now they’ll all be coming after him.

Two emotional departures also made this a night to remember as lead play-by-play analyst Jeff Gorman decided to step away from the microphone in order to devote more attention to his wife & young daughter back in Akron, Ohio. Jeff has been gainfully employed by Norm Connors, both in Steel City Wrestling and the International Wrestling Cartel, for over a decade, longer than perhaps anyone else ever has. Jeff has been the definitive voice for independent wrestling in Western Pennsylvania ever since his television debut in mid-1997. In addition to his duties in the IWC, Jeff has also provided commentary for numerous CHIKARA shows in the state, as well as in Ring of Honor, most notably as a color commentator in late 2002. All of us here in IWC thank Jeff Gorman for his hard work and for all the contributions he brought to IWC and wish him the very best of luck in the future.

In addition, Dennis Gregory made his final IWC appearance for the foreseeable future before leaving for Iraq next month. Fittingly, Gregory’s last match was against arguably his toughest rival throughout his IWC career, Jimmy Vega$. From there wars over the IWC Title to their days as the Self-Proclaimed Triple Threat with Bubba the Bulldog, not many people know Denny Gregory better than Jimmy Vega$. And despite all of their intense battles of the past, perhaps none of them was as competitive and emotional as this was. Gregory tried to counter-act Vega$’ power-edge with both speed and a solid ground attack. Not only did Gregory fittingly use a Cobra Clutch to wear down the larger Vega$, Gregory even pulled off a suicide dive over the top rope onto Vega$ on the outside. Gregory’s willingness to put it all on the line on this night was as evident as his refusal to give up. Despite a One-Armed Bandit and a Cha-Ching Slam, Gregory was still kicking out and fighting back. It took a second One-Arm Bandit and a second Cha-Ching Slam to put Gregory away in arguably the toughest singles match of Vega$’ career since his encounters with The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer. Post-match, Vega$ & Gregory put aside their professional differences as Vega$ made it known how respected Gregory is by all of us, and Gregory addressed the crowd on his reasons for heading to Iraq, not because he has to, but because he ought to. Gregory was even joined by his long-time former manager “Hot $hot” Drew Lazario (right here) who made a special appearance to say goodbye to Dennis Gregory as well.

Both Jeff Gorman & Dennis Gregory were able to leave IWC that night with their heads held high, knowing they made the right decision for them personally. All of us here in IWC thank Jeff Gorman & Dennis Gregory for their hard work and for all the contributions they brought to IWC throughout the years and wish them the very best of luck in the future.

With the Super Indy division already in turmoil, the competitiveness of the AJ Styles vs. CM Punk match only added to the clustered bunch of very deserving contenders near the top of the Super Indy mountain. It was AJ’s first appearance since August, Punk’s first since October, and both were arguably in the best shape of their lives. It seemed that not a minute would go by without a switch in momentum from one side to the other. However, it was AJ’s ability to think on the fly that led to the victory, as a series of counters led to a pinfall. A Punk shining wizard into an AJ catch into an attempted Punk hurancanrana into a Styles rollup for a 3 count, AJ was able to roll through with Punk’s momentum until he ended up on top to get the 3-count in arguably the most exciting encounter of the night.

The heated feelings between Eric Xtasy & The Velvet Mafia and Dean Radford & Glenn Spectre actually boiled over during intermission. While Radford & Spectre took the time to meet fans & sign autographs during the break, Xtasy, “Balls Hot” Troy Lords, and “The Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc attacked both men from behind. A referee was quickly rushed out to the ring as promoter Norm Connors ordered the match started immediately. However, the match was 3-on-2 from the beginning, allowing Xtasy even more chance to avoid facing Radford face-to-face for the first time since screwing him out of the IWC Title. However, the confrontation was inevitable. Lords had his hands full with Spectre, as their rivalry was re-ignited. And one man, even if that man is J-Rocc, is not enough to stop a man as determined and focused as Dean Radford. Radford finally got the retribution he was after, as he was able to spine buster & Radicate Eric Xtasy to score the pinfall win. After the match, tension in the Velvet Mafia seemed to only increase, as Lords & J-Rocc left the ringside area as Glenn Spectre delivered his own version of revenge, in the form of 10 spankings and a sickening kiss.

The series between two of the most impressive newcomers in recent memory continued as Chris Maverick led his charge, The First Filipino Male Supermodel in Professional Wrestling, Shiima Xion, against wrestling’s new face Jason Gory. It was another example of a match a lot better than it should’ve been when you factor in both men’s age and experience level. It was another example of the bright future that lies ahead for IWC if both athletes stay on this pace. It was another example of two young stars giving absolutely everything they have to impress IWC fans & officials. And it was another example of the never-ending arrogance of Shiima Xion. Oftentimes, seeming more focused on a good photo opportunity than finishing off Gory. It was also an example of interference backfiring, as Gory was able to sidestep a Chris Maverick super kick, leaving Maverick’s foot colliding directly into Xion’s jaw. Shortly thereafter, it was Gory Masochistic Healing for the 1-2-3, as Jason Gory pulls slightly ahead in a competitive impressive series that is likely far from over.

However, Gory’s moment of accomplishment was ruined by “The Son of 1,000 Bastard Corpses” himself, Sebastian Dark. Dark emerged from out of nowhere and not only hit Gory with the DNR: Do Not Recuscitate, but Xion & Maverick received a DNR as well. Dark grabbed a microphone and vented his frustrations over not receiving any title matches, and even distasteful carried out that Super Hentai mask that he stole months ago. Sebastian Dark contines to gloat about the heinous tragedy that occurred last month, and as long as that goes on he’ll always be in hot water with not only IWC management but with everyone backstage as well.

Our opening contest was set to be Brad Thomas, a San Andreas native now living on the East Coast whose perhaps most famous for a feud with Bobby Eaton, taking on “DeeeeLicious” (all right) Jimmy DeMarco, the cousin of Mickey & Marshall Gambino. Unfortunately the match never got started as an increasingly frustrated “Mastermind” Jake Garrett came out of nowhere to attack DeMarco and lay him out with a Nodawa-breaker. Mickey & Marshall came out with chairs to protect their cousin, but Jake Garrett refused to run and a stand-off ensued. It was two Italians with questionable business practices against a former pit fighter and one of the most legitimately dangerous men in wrestling. Eventually both sides dispersed, but Sterling James Keenan made it known very early in the show that this would be a banner night for him, as he took it upon himself to wrestle Brad Thomas himself. Thomas showed a lot of heart, and even attempted his trademark moonsault, but Sterling James Keenan was just too focused. He pinned Thomas in what was only a small sign of things to come, as by the end of the night Sterling had fulfilled a nine-month long mission to become an IWC titleholder once again.