Accept No Limitations 2 Results

FEBRUARY 18th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Sterling James Keenan def. Raymond Rowe
  2. Milano Collection AT def. KUDO to qualify for the Super Indy V Tournament
  3. IWC Tag Team Champions The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. The Superfriends (“Wonderman” Glenn Spectre & Shark Boy)
  4. J-Rocc def. Dirk Ciglar
  5. Jason Gory def. ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Champion Larry Sweeney to win the title
  6. IWC Super Indy Champion “Fabulous” John McChesney def. Larry Sweeney
  7. Claudio Castagnoli over Jason Gory to qualify for the Super Indy V Tournament
  8. Shiima Xion def. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords
  9. Dennis Gregory, Jon Bolen, & Dean Radford def. Shirley Doe, Sebastian Dark, & HENTAI in an elimination match

It was a major momentum boost for Team IWC in the main event of Accept No Limitations 2. In a six-man single elimination war, DENNIS GREGORY joined forces with DEAN RADFORD & BOLEN to do battle with The Unholy Alliance of SEBASTIAN DARK, HENTAI, and IWC Champion SHIRLEY DOE. Gregory rose to the occasion and ended the night, not only as sole survivor, but also pinning the champion’s shoulders to the mat to be victorious, proving he is more than capable of capturing the title for a third time in a one-on-one situation.

However, Doe has an even greater imminent threat than Gregory…as he must defend the title against the man he screwed out of the belt when he showed his true colors last fall, Sterling James Keenan!

Super Indy Champion “Fabulous” JOHN McCHESNEY was able to thwart the hopes and dreams of “Sweet & Sour” LARRY SWEENEY by retaining the championship via frog splash. Sweeney was no doubt thrown off his game before the match even began, as a masked official, dubbed “The Unknown Referee” rolled Sweeney up prior to the match, to win Sweeney’s prized possession, the dubious ICWICWA Texarkana Television Title, via the 24/7 rule. The “referee” unmasked to reveal himself as JASON GORY who quickly escaped the area with title in tact. Following the match, McChesney amazingly issued a challenge to the ever-dangerous LOW KI for McChesney’s title defense. The Fabulous One demanded the match-up while forcefully slapping himself in the chest as a reminder of the lethal chops he had endured from the Rottweiler one year prior. McChesney’s final test to make it to Super Indy V as champion is unquestionably his toughest opponent of all time: Low Ki. Can McChesney overcome the highest of hurdles to end his amazing title reign on a high note?

Tag team champions “Nice Guy” MICKEY & MARSHALL “The Bull” GAMBINO continued their dominance over IWC’s tag team scene with a successful defense against “The Superfriends”: the red-hot “Wonderman” Glenn Spectre and the dweller from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Shark Boy. Perhaps more memorable than Mickey & Marshall polishing off their foes with the Curse of the Gambino, was the post-match dance party featuring a four-way Norman Smiley inspired Big Wiggle.

Two Super Indy V Qualifying matches took place to fill the final 2 vacant seeds in one of indy wrestling’s most prized tournaments. “Double C” CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI was able to out power the lightning fast speed of Jason Gory in order to qualify, but just as important was the aftermath. Larry Sweeney, no doubt enraged over being one-upped once again by Gory, took this game of can-you-top-this to an uncalled for level. With Gory still down, Sweeney attacked from behind, PILEDROVE Gory on the floor and pinned him to reclaim his “title”. Gory was taken to a hospital shortly thereafter, and all of us wish Gory nothing but the best during his diagnosis.

In our qualifying match of international proportions, MILANO COLLECTION AT got the best of DDT star KUDO, which certainly makes him the x-factor of sorts in the tournament when you look at the field. The list of eight for April 15 at Super Indy V now includes: “Prince of Punk” SHANNON MOORE, “Canadian Destroyer” PETEY WILLIAMS”, “Balls Hot” TROY LORDS (possibly), “Wonderman” Glenn Spectre, Claudio Castagnoli, RICKY REYES, Milano Collection AT and MATT SYDAL. Only one man will join the elite list of Super Indy Tournament winners on April 15.

“Balls Hot” Troy Lords and “Future of Fashion” SHIIMA XION had a continuation of their ongoing rivalry. This chapter saw victory for Xion who, after having several From Lust 2 Dust attempts thwarted by Lords, re-introduced The Filipino Destroyer, to defeat Troy Lords. After the match, a cocky Xion challenged Lords to put his Super Indy V seed on the line against Xion in a rematch. Lords responded with fisticuffs, and both men needed to be separated. Lords is desperate to end this saga to focus on winning Super Indy V and it seems like the only way he’ll be able to do it is if he risks it all March 18.

STERLING JAMES KEENAN continued to cement his status as one of IWC’s elite, defeating the returning RAYMOND ROWE in route to NORM CONNORS’ announcement of SJK receiving a title shot at Doe next month at “Road to Super Indy V”. However, it was far from the last we saw of Rowe that night, as he became heavily involved in fellow Cleveland native J-ROCC’s match with DIRK CIGLAR. Rowe figured in prominently to helping the Big Daddy of Destruction emerge victorious. Could we be seeing the latest incarnation of the OHIO PLAYERS?

We also saw Norm Connors attempt to acknowledge some of IWC’s lesser recognized contributors, members of our training school/security staff such as CHEST FLEXOR, CHICOWITZ MANN, JESSE TITAN MARK, and JIMMY DEMARCO. Titan Mark however, was less than pleased with IWC, and his months of pent up frustration finally came pouring out. Jesse was fed up with being treated like a joke, and confronted both Norm and Demarco about it. He made it clear next month we’d see the real Jesse and see the beginning of Jesse’s Vendetta.