The Road to Super Indy V Results

MARCH 18th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Dirk Ciglar & Jason Cage def. J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe
  2. HENTAI def. KUDO
  3. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords def. Shiima Xion to retain his spot in Super Indy V
  4. Dean Radford def. Sebastian Dark in a No DQ Match
  5. Larry Sweeney & Bubba the Bulldog def. Jason Gory & “Wonderman” Glenn Spectre
  6. Abyss def. Dennis Gregory
  7. Vendetta def. Jimmy DeMarco
  8. IWC Tag Team Champions The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. Youthanasia (“M-Dogg20” Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition)
  9. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Shirley Doe def. Sterling James Keenan
  10. Low Ki def. IWC Super Indy Champion “Fabulous” John McChesney to win the title

March 18, 2006 at the Court Time Sports Center was IWC’s final stop before Super Indy V on April 15. “Fabulous” JOHN McCHESNEY, just one show away from ending his championship reign with his head held high and his shoulders unpinned, chose to take himself to the limit, and revisit his toughest test to date, the man he defeated in the finals of Super Indy IV, the ever-dangerous LOW KI. McChesney, with much more confidence than the prior year, was quick to match Ki shot for shot and chop for chop. However, it was Low Ki who learned from his one and only mistake the prior year, kept his focus in tact, and defeated McChesney via the Tree of Woe Ghetto Stomp, making Low Ki the NEW IWC Super Indy Champion.

Although, the belt will be relinquished for Super Indy V, Ki has solidified himself as a top-tier title contender, and also stood his ground in a stare down with the Unholy Alliance, leading to a monumental match being signed for Super Indy V in non-tournament action, Low Ki faces “The Monster” ABYSS! Meanwhile, McChesney will join the three other previous Super Indy Tournament winners, HENTAI, COLT CABANA, and CHRIS SABIN to determine the absolute best of the best!

IWC Champion SHIRLEY DOE continued his record-breaking title reign defending against the man clamoring for a return match ever since being screwed out of the title last fall, STERLING JAMES KEENAN. A chaotic match centered around Doe exploiting a neck injury Sterling had suffered two weeks ago overseas, was made even more uncontrollable with the emergence of DEAN RADFORD, whose hatred of The UNHOLY ALLIANCE and recent miscommunications with Sterling left him with little regard for the match outcome. Dean flattened Doe with a steel chair, leading to an automatic disqualification. Promoter NORM CONNORS, in a move extremely rarely done, overruled the decision of referee STEVEN COLTER, ordering the match to restart. Sterling immediately applied the Anaconda Vice on Doe, causing Doe to tap out. However, Colter continued arguing with Connors and missed the entire scenario. When a frustrated Colter finally refocused his attention to the ring, Doe had leveraged his way onto Sterling scoring a very questionable pinfall victory. The miscommunication of IWC officials inadvertently saved Doe’s title. Following the match, Keenan laid Colter out with an MK Ultra.

The Unholy Alliance’s plan to dominate IWC continued throughout the night. DENNIS GREGORY, fresh off of a pinfall victory over IWC Champion Doe the month beforehand bravely stepped into battle with the 6’8” 350+ pound Weapon of Mass Destruction “The Monster” Abyss. Gregory was holding his own with the Monster until Shirley Doe appeared to avenge his loss from the month beforehand. Doe’s interference lead to the Black Hole Slam, which led to the 1-2-3.

Meanwhile, HENTAI was left without an opponent, as JON BOLEN was unable to appear due to circumstances that HENTAI and SEBASTIAN DARK claimed responsibility for. As a result, HENTAI issued an open challenge which was accepted by the one and only KUDO. KUDO for the first time showed he was willing to step up for Team IWC as well, but HENTAI was victorious after a Northern Lights Suplex into a pump handle back suplex. HENTAI also announced his intentions to ruin the Super Indy Tournament April 15th, however after a stare down with TROY LORDS following HENTAI’s match, it remains to be seen how easily that plan will be carried out.

Sebastian Dark stepped into the ring, one-on-one, with Dean Radford for the first time since Dark & HENTAI attacked Radford, shoved him into the trunk of a car, and kidnapped him last summer. HENTAI’s attempted interference was thwarted by KUDO, who not only ran off HENTAI, but also took it upon himself to count the fall after Sebastian Dark experienced the Radicator. Following the match, KUDO received a standing ovation, as he once again returns home to Japan following this event.

Tag team champions Mickey & Marshall Gambino continued their dominance over IWC’s tag team scene, defeating one of the most decorated teams in IWC’s history “M-Dogg 20” MATT CROSS & JOSH PROHIBITION, former tag champions in their own right. The determination on both Gambinos was very apparent as they continue their goal of becoming perhaps the greatest IWC tag champions of all time.

“Balls Hot” Troy Lords used an extremely dangerous top-rope brainbuster to defeat SHIIMA XION to officially earn his way into Super Indy V. Xion had spent weeks questioning why Lords had been entered into the tournament, and more importantly why Shiima hadn’t been. Lords scores a major momentum boost headed into the most important night of his career April 15.

The issue between JASON GORY and “Sweet & Sour” LARRY SWEENEY continued in this very unique tag contest, Sweeney and his partner, Pittsburgh legend BUBBA THE BULLDOG were set for a two-on-one attack on Gory until “Wonderman” GLENN SPECTRE stepped up to the plate and offered to join forces with Gory. With Bubba and Spectre brawling on the outside, Sweeney again dropped Gory on his neck, the same body part of Gory’s Sweeney had seriously injured four weeks ago. Once again the piledriver was enough to keep Gory down temporarily, but he’ll no doubt be itching for another opportunity at the Tex-Arkana TV champ in the near future.

You can call them the “Cleveland Mafia” “The New Ohio Players” or any other term you want, but J-ROCC & RAY ROWE showed dominance in the majority of their match with DIRK CIGLAR and “Hot Property” JASON CAG, however IWC’s two brightest blue-chippers found their niche within IWC and pulled off the win thanks to Ciglar’s Swanton.

VENDETTA made his debut a memorable one, defeating “DeeeLicious” JIMMY DEMARCO with a devastating sit-out face plant from a tombstone position, which proved to be the Means to the End in this instance. Of course, the brass knuckles he had hidden in his bag of popcorn (used as a form of protest for being in the “popcorn match” of the evening) certainly helped his cause as the former JESSE TITAN MARK’s vendetta against IWC continues.