Super Indy V Results

APRIL 15th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Vendetta def. Jimmy DeMarco by DQ
  2. The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe) def. Dirk Ciglar & Jason Cage
  3. Shiima Xion def. Jason Gory
  4. Delirious def. “Wonderman” Glenn Spectre in the opening round of the Super Indy tournament
  5. Matt Sydal def. Petey Williams in the opening round of the Super Indy tournament
  6. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords def. Claudio Castagnoli in the opening round of the Super Indy tournament
  7. Ricky Reyes def. Alex Shelley in the opening round of the Super Indy tournament
  8. The Unholy Alliance (Shirley Doe, Sebastian Dark, & Jimmy Vega$) def. Team IWC (Dennis Gregory, Jon Bolen, & Dean Radford)
  9. Abyss def. Low Ki in their first-time-ever match
  10. Delirious def. Matt Sydal in the semi-finals of the Super Indy tournament
  11. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords def. Ricky Reyes in the semi-finals of the Super Indy tournament
  12. The Burning River Brigade (M-Dogg20 & Josh Prohibition) def. IWC Tag Team Champions The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) by DQ
  13. “Fabulous” John McChesney def. HENTAI, Colt Cabana, & Chris Sabin to win the Super Indy High Challenge
  14. Delirious def. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords in the finals to become the new IWC Super Indy Champion

Saturday night, April 15 at the Court Time Sports Center was the setting for the fifth-annual Super Indy Title Tournament, the most-watched event in the IWC calendar year. This year’s extravaganza more than lived up to the reputations of tournaments prior, with displays of athleticism and fortitude second to none.

Super Indy Tournament Quarterfinals

It was a battle of mind games, as the man from the Edge of Sanity, the undefeated-in-IWC DELIRIOUS was able to defeat “Wonderman” GLENN SPECTRE. Both men got a taste of how their opponents usually feel, after being at a psychological disadvantage due to their very unique opponent, before Delirious was able to finish the match with a very unique cross body known as the Shadows Over Hell.

The battle of two former winners of other prestigious tournaments, 2005 TPI Tournament winner MATT SYDAL faced former ECWA Super 8 victor PETEY WILLIAMS, ended in a Matt Sydal victory after numerous counters of Williams’ feared Canadian Destroyer piledriver.

“Balls Hot” TROY LORDS continued his red-hot streak in 2006, by scoring what some may consider an upset over the much larger “Double C” CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI, somehow overcoming the size disadvantage to continue his major wave of momentum.

He’s known as a Rottweiler, and as a Havana Pitbull, but at Super Indy V, RICKY REYES was known as the man who defeated one of the world’s all-around best tacticians, ALEX SHELLEY. Reyes was able to apply a lethal Dragon Sleeper with a body scissors, completely trapping Shelley, forcing him to tap out immediately, much to the chagrin of the man behind the “Paparazzi Cam”.

Super Indy Tournament Semifinals

Delirious and Matt Sydal renewed their ages-long rivalry in round number 2, a rivalry that helped both men achieve increased success and notoriety in the wrestling world, including here in IWC where the two met last July. Sydal’s best efforts to counter-act Delirious’ mind games with aerial risks only had temporary success, as Delirious moved to the finals thanks to the Chemical Imbalance.

Troy Lords continued to silence his critics with another immensely important win, defeating Ricky Reyes. Lords somehow found the endurance and pain threshold to meet the ever-dangerous Reyes blow for blow and withstand several brutal kicks to come out on the winning end.

Super Indy Tournament Finals

The final match of Super Indy V, started in a very premature and disgusting fashion when UNHOLY ALLIANCE member HENTAI attacked Lords from behind and rammed him knee-first into the steel ring post. Promoter NORM CONNORS attempted to cancel the Final Round match-up of Lords vs. Delirious, but Lords refused to let 5 years of hard work and sacrifice end in being forced to quit before the most important match of his life began. Despite not having the ability to stand, Troy Lords demanded the match be started, and not surprisingly, Delirious did what any competitor would do, targeting Lords’ knee. Connors again attempted to stop the match, this time by throwing in a towel, but Lords threw it back out before the referee could see it. Delirious continued to relentlessly work on the knee as Lords fought through the pain as best he could. Then Delirious slapped on a single-leg Boston crab, and the match finally had to be stopped. To win Super Indy V, you had to push your body beyond its normal limitations in order to show your had what it takes to be champion. Lords did just thought, he pushed himself, he fought like a champion, but his body passed out from the pain. If not for the disgusting attack by HENTAI, Lords may very well be champion right now, however it was Delirious, another deserving athlete in his own right, who was presented with the Super Indy Title by previous champion Low Ki. Delirious is champion, but Troy Lords never gave up.

Non-tournament matches:

With HENTAI focusing on the Super Indy High Challenge, The Unholy Alliance of IWC Champion SHIRLEY DOE and SEBASTIAN DARK needed a partner, and they found one of the best…former 2 time IWC Champion JIMMY VEGA$. Citing his years-long rivalry with DENNIS GREGORY as his reason for aligning himself with Doe & Dark, the three took the fight to Gregory, DEAN RADFORD, and BOLEN in a wild no-disqualification elimination match. Once again, outside involvement from HENTAI becomes a factor, as after four men had been eliminated, a top rope splash to the back of Radford, led to a Shirley Doe pinfall, as the champion wins the war for his team and is named sole survivor. Radford was taken from the ring with caution by doctors & officials, leading promoter Norm Connors to announce a bombshell for this upcoming June…As the Unholy Alliance will be forced to enter “War Games”.

The 6’8” 350 lb. “Monster” ABYSS, for the first time ever, squared off one-on-one with the ever-dangerous LOW KI. The cliché “Irrisistable Force vs. Immovable Object” was certainly very appropriate in these circumstances, as both men pelted each other with vicious offense. However, IWC Champion Shirley Doe, along with Sebastian Dark and Jimmy Vega$, interjected themselves in order to aid their personal Weapon of Mass Destruction Abyss. Low Ki was able to fight off Vega$ & Dark, however Doe’s distraction enabled Abyss to hit the Black Hole Slam to score the win.

The Super Indy High Challenge featured previous winners from every Super Indy Tournament to date. Super Indy 1 Tournament winner HENTAI, Super Indy 2 winner “Classic” COLT CABANA, Super Indy 3 winner “The Future” CHRIS SABIN, and Super Indy 4 winner “Fabulous” JOHN McCHESNEY all met in an elimination match. Cabana and Sabin eliminated one another on a controversial double team, leaving HENTAI representing the Unholy Alliance, and John McChesney representing IWC. It was John McChesney scoring the win for IWC, leaving HENTAI irate. Certainly this situation was instrumental in HENTAI’s decision to ruin the night of another IWC locker room leader, Troy Lords. Following the match, McChesney issued a challenge to Low-ki for the rubber match in their series, to truly find out if McChesney is on Low Ki’s level. McChesney’s choice of match…Caged Fury.

Tag team champions “Nice Guy” MICKEY & MARSHALL “The Bull” GAMBINO defended their titles once again against former champions “M-Dogg 20” MATT CROSS & JOSH PROHIBITION in a rematch from the prior month. While the Gambinos and their newfound-intensity were successful last month in their defense against M-Dogg & Josh, it seemed the duo known as the “Burning River Brigade” were on their way to victory. Josh’s “Drunken Driver” followed by Matt’s shooting star press looked to lead to a title victory, but “DeeeLicious” JIMMY DEMARCO, cousin of the Gambinos, blatantly interfered, costing M-Dogg & Josh the tag titles. The Burning River Brigade left angry over being screwed, as Mickey & Marshall berated their cousin for helping them when they didn’t need it. No one left happy, and as a result, a no-disqualification rematch was signed for next month.

In Super Indy V Press Conference happenings…

SHIIMA XION, with CHRIS MAVERICK at ringside as always, battled Jason Gory in a renewal of their rivalry. Xion drilled Gory’s already-damaged neck with the Filipino Destroyer to score a win and finally avenge his loss to Gory that cost him Newcomer of the Year honors. After the match, a rare showing of respect by Xion, as the two shook hands in a surprising show of respect.

J-ROCC & RAY ROWE, the CLEVELAND MAFIA avenged their loss from the prior month to DIRK CIGLAR and “Hot Property” JASON CAGE with a victory in tag team action.

VENDETTA, in only his second professional match, battled Jimmy DeMarco, whom vendetta had beaten one month ago thanks to brass knuckles. However, DeMarco found the knucks (hidden under a curtain Vendetta brought with him to illustrate anger over being what he calls a “curtain jerker“) before Vendetta could get to them. DeMarco attempted to point out the object, but was caught by the official and disqualified.