Hell Hath No Fury 2 Results

MAY 13th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. “Wonderman” Glenn Spectre def. Vendetta
  2. The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe) def. Jason Cage & Jimmy DeMarco
  3. HENTAI def. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords in a Grudge Match
  4. “Fabulous” John McChesney def. Jason Gory
  5. The Burning River Brigade (Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg20) def. IWC Tag Team Champions
  6. The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) to win the titles
  7. Jon Bolen def. Sebastian Dark in the IWC vs Unholy Alliance Best of 3 Series
  8. AJ Styles def. Shiima Xion
  9. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Shirley Doe def. Dennis Gregory in the IWC vs Unholy Alliance Best of 3 Series
  10. Abyss def. Dean Radford in the IWC vs Unholy Alliance Best of 3 Series

May 13th at Court Time Sports Center saw stakes raise and tempers flare as the International Wrestling Cartel heads into a very heated summer season, including events such as Summer Sizzler 3 on June 9th, as well as the much-anticipated Caged Fury 3 on July 7.

The focal point of this night however, certainly had big-time implications for the future, specifically on our Caged Fury 3 main event, to be contested under “War Games” rules on July 7 back at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth. Both teams were officially announced in full this past weekend. The match pits The Unholy Alliance of SEBASTIAN DARK, HENTAI, ABYSS, and IWC Champion SHIRLEY DOE against four of the best from IWC’s roster: the unstoppable BOLEN, the vengeful DEAN RADFORD, the veteran DENNIS GREGORY, and long-time IWC roster member “The Fallen Angel” CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! This past weekend, three singles matches took place to determine who will begin Caged Fury’s feature bout with a one-man advantage.

In the first bout in this series, the power of Team IWC, Bolen, squared off with one of the most intelligent, yet evil, minds anywhere in the world, “Bastard Son of 1,000 Corpses” Sebastian Dark. Prior to the match, Alliance member Shirley Doe demanded that the scheduled matches of Abyss vs. Bolen and Dark vs. Dean Radford, be revered, but this mysterious plot proved to come back to haunt him. Bolen was able to defeat the devious Sebastian Dark with his signature move, The Meltdown, giving Team IWC an early 1-0 advantage in the series. However, controversy in the IWC Championship match would give things an entirely new dynamic.

Shirley Doe, still in the midst of his record-setting title reign, defending against a man who has defeated Doe in tag matches in the recent past, Dennis Gregory. Following a wild and crazy battle, a mid-ring collision with referee Steven Colter left the match without an official until senior referee CJ Sensation emerged moments later. Doe & Gregory each connected with simultaneous chairshots, each landing on the other’s body. Sensation counted Doe’s shoulders down, however a revived Colter counted Gregory’s shoulders. Both referees has a physical altercation based on their dispute, and Sensation even fended off an incoming Sebastian Dark with a stunning dropkick and pescado, shades of his in-ring days as Kid Sensation. However, in the commotion, Doe rolled up Gregory as referee Colter administered what appeared to be a questionable 3 count. As Colter argued with promoter Norm Connors, Doe celebrated evening the series 1-1.

The final battle, Dean Radford vs. Abyss was equally as chaotic. Referee Colter again was knocked senseless, this time by an errant chairshot. Shirley Doe capitalized by hitting the ring with powder in hand, however Radford ducked causing Doe to momentarily blind Abyss. Without sight, Abyss accidentally leveled both Doe as well as Colter. However, the Alliance recovered and using their strength in numbers, Abyss not only pinned Radford with the Black Hole Slam, but also assisted Doe, Dark, and HENTAI in a post-match attack as well. However, the IWC locker room rallied, filling the ring and finally outnumbering the Unholy Alliance. The Alliance has the advantage in Caged Fury, and it’s very apparent a cage is absolutely necessary to contain the personal feelings between these men, that finally come to a head July 7.

New tag team champions were crowned as “M-Dogg 20” MATT CROSS & JOSH PROHIBITION ended their series with “Nice Guy” MICKEY & MARSHALL “The Bull” GAMBINO in a raucous streetfight. Both teams were certainly in a very comfortable environment for what resulted in one of the wildest and most exciting tag matches of the year. It was a Drunken Driver by Josh, followed by a moonsault with a chair by M-Dogg, which led to the Burning River Brigade ending one of the longest reigning and impressive tag champions in IWC history, and starting their second reign with the gold. However, given the Gambinos’ track record and successes, one can bet they’ll be right back in the title hunt, more focused, determined, and dangerous than ever.

SHIIMA XION, along with advisor CHRIS MAVERICK was prepared for one of the most important nights of his still relatively short career, as he stepped into the ring with “The Phenomenal” AJ STYLES. Xion certainly proved he could rise to the occasion, hanging with Styles move-for-move and controlling several key moments of the match-up. Perhaps an even more intriguing story was the interaction between Xion and Maverick, as Xion seemed upset over his manager’s involvement, stating he could do this on his own. That diversion of attention may be what caused Xion to fall victim to a fatal Styles Clash, but the effort certainly earned the respect of many, including Xion’s long-time rival JASON GORY, who came out to shake Shiima’s hand. Where will this Gory/Xion situation develop from here?

“Balls Hot” TROY LORDS was on the verge of having the best night of his career, possibly winning Super Indy V and fulfilling a five-year long destiny. That dream was shattered by the inaugural winner of Super Indy, Unholy Alliance member HENTAI, who accomplished the one thing the Unholy Alliance had yet to do, that being infiltrate and control the Super Indy Division as they saw fit. Possibly in spite of good judgment, Lords agreed to face HENTAI one-on-one to avenge Super Indy V. However, in the course of the match, HENTAI already had his bulls-eye to target, the heavily bandaged knee of Lords. Lords tried to block out the pain, tried to put enough weight on the knee to stay mobile, and just like Super Indy V, he refused to quit, but the relentless offense and focus of HENTAI helped the Unholy Alliance member to defeat Lords and get the upper-hand on “The Hotness” two straight shows in a row.

Two men with very high stakes to prepare for this summer locked horns, as Super Indy High Challenge winner “Fabulous” JOHN McCHESNEY squared off with Jason Gory. Gory will have a weapons-filled ring at his disposal when he meets “Sweet & Sour” LARRY SWEENEY in an “Eye of the Hurricane” match, while Fabulous will face two of the most dangerous things in this industry head-on… a steel cage and LOW-KI. This match, however, was a perfect way of preparation for both men, who had a very physical fast-paced encounter. Victory came down to innovation, as McChesney debuted a brand new move, perching Gory on his shoulders, before driving him down to the mat on Gory’s already damaged neck, to score the pin. Despite the physicality, both men shook hands following the bout, and Shiima Xion even emerged momentarily to show his respect to Jason Gory as well.

New number one contenders were established as J-ROCC & RAY ROWE, the CLEVELAND MAFIA met the team of “Hot Property” JASON CAGE and “DeeeLicious” JIMMY DeMARCO. Perhaps the most puzzling story in IWC is DeMarco, who after interfering in their cousin Mickey & Marshall Gambinos’ tag title match last month, spent the majority of this match avoiding the tag of Jason Cage, before finally bringing a chair into the ring, assaulting his own partner, Cage! DeMarco turned his attention to the double-tough Rowe, however a hard chair shot barely phased him. Rowe disposed of DeMarco in impressive fashion, before celebrating his newfound #1 Contender status with J-Rocc. With The Mafia in the title hunt, The Gambinos as certain top contenders as well, not to mention the odd actions of Jimmy DeMarco and the upcoming IWC tag team debuts of THE BRISCOES and THE ROTTWEILERS, the IWC tag title scene should see some very intriguing developments in the near future.

“Wonderman” GLENN SPECTRE brought his always eccentric and entertaining personality into the ring to face VENDETTA, who continues to be bitter over not being taken seriously throughout his stint as “Jesse Titan Mark”. The “JTM” persona seemed to both help and hinder Vendetta, as each man hit a variety of WWE-influenced maneuvers on one another, certainly an attempt at one of Glenn’s many unique mind games. However, Vendetta showed tremendous composure and focus for someone so inexperienced, and looked very impressive against a worldwide-established athlete like Spectre. However, there is no substitute for experience, and Spectre’s leglock variation, “Final Justice” led to a victory, but a very well-earned one at that.