Summer Sizzler 3 Results

JUNE 9th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Jon Bolen def. Sebastian Dark
  2. Glenn Spectre def. Vendetta
  3. HENTAI def. Dean Radford
  4. Jason Cage def. Jimmy DeMarco
  5. “Fabulous” John McChesney def. Shiima Xion
  6. IWC Super Indy Champion Delirious def. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords
  7. The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe) def. The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) and the IWC Tag Team Champions The Burning River Brigade (Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg20) to win the titles
  8. Jason Gory def. Larry Sweeney in an Eye of the Hurricane Match
  9. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) def. Ricky Reyes & “Fabulous” John McChesney
  10. Dennis Gregory def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Shirley Doe with Norm Connors as the special referee to win the title

IWC has crowned it’s first ever 3-time IWC World Heavyweight Champion. Shirley Doe’s 18-month, record-breaking title reign finally came to an end this past Friday night on June 9th at the Court Time Sports Center. After defenses against the likes of Steve Corino, The Sandman, Chris Hero, Eddie Kingston, Tracy Smothers, and more, his title reign ended at the hands of the now three-time IWC Champion, Dennis Gregory.

The night started with IWC Promoter Norm Connors and IWC referee Steven Colter in the ring. Colter explained that, as reported on, Connors was called to a meeting with the Commission earlier in the week. The result of that meeting was a $5,000 fine to Connors for supposedly creating an unsafe work environment for Colter, a $750 fine to IWC referee CJ Sensation for attacking wrestlers, Colter being named the new IWC Senior Official, and if anybody laid their hands on Colter, they’d have to deal with the Commission themselves. Then, as his first ruling as Senior Official, he made Sensation referee the opening contest of Jon Bolen taking on Sebastian Dark. This move was especially heinous as Dark made several death threats to Sensation following CJ’s attack on Dark the month before. But, CJ called the match right down the middle and Bolen was able to pick up the win over Dark with the Meltdown.

Colter was obviously biased as the night went on. During the scheduled Dean Radford vs. HENTAI match, HENTAI rolled up Radford. The Unholy Alliance member had his feet on the ropes and a handful of Radford’s shorts, while Radford was holding onto the ropes. Despite all this, Colter still counted the three in favor of HENTAI and ran to the back before any retribution could be given to him.

The aforementioned title match was to be called down the middle as Connors announced after the last live event that he would referee the match since he knew Colter wouldn’t give Dennis Gregory a fair chance. The hellacious match saw both men tear at each other and brawl through the crowd. Gregory missed a spectacular dive to the floor and landed in two rows of chairs. Then, as Doe insulted the fans, Gregory took advantage and delivered a suplex onto a set of bleachers. Later in the match, Doe once again let his hatred of the fans distract him, and he fell prey to an insanely sick piledriver from Gregory onto another set of bleachers. When both men got back in the ring, Colter ran to ringside and had Connors distracted while Doe nailed Gregory with a chair. Connors counted two, then flipped off Doe. As Sebastian Dark tried to enter the ring, Sensation grabbed him and delivered a shot that rang through the Court Time Sports Center, and both men brawled to the back. Colter entered the ring and tried to make the three count, but Connors stopped his hand from coming down on 3. The two had a battle of words until Connors threw Colter to the floor. Doe had the IWC Title in hand, ready to attack Connors, when Gregory grabbed him from behind and dropped him face-first. Just like Gregory did in February, he climbed the turnbuckles and screamed “IWC!” before dropping a leg on Doe and scoring the win! After the pinfall, Colter tried to interject himself yet again, but ate a Stunner from Connors for his troubles! What kind of heat from the Commission will Connors face for attacking Colter? That was an afterthought, as Gregory celebrated with the title after the match. The Unholy Alliance may have the one-man advantage in the war games cage match at Caged Fury 3 on July 7th, but on this night, IWC got a leg-up on the group trying to bring IWC down.

The IWC Title wasn’t the only one which changed hands. Fresh off a match that night on WWE SmackDown, Raymond Rowe joined his Cleveland Mafia partner J-Rocc to challenge IWC Tag Team Champions Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg20, the Burning River Brigade. Former champions Mickey & Marshall, their rematch clause in their contract. However, their cousin “DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco ran in with a chair, but miscommunication led to him hitting Mickey. As Marshall yelled at DeMarco for his mistake, DeMarco shrugged it off and floored Marshall with the chair as well, leading to the Gambinos elimination to an M-Dogg20 shooting star press. This left the Brigade and the Mafia battling it out for the titles. Both teams battled back and forth until the monster Rowe dropped M-Dogg with a superplex, giving the Cleveland Mafia the win, and the belts.

The Super Indy Title match for the evening had history going back to Super Indy V. Before the finals, “Balls Hot” Troy Lords was attacked by HENTAI. HENTAI rammed Lords’ knee into the post, and Delirious took advantage of it during the match, getting the win with a single leg crab. Many thought that Lords didn’t get a fair chance at the title that night. Tonight, Delirious had a translator with him: the returning Daizee Haze. Before the match, Haze explained to the challenger Lords and the crowd that Delirious’ gibberish on the mic translated to the champion wanting a fair contest that night. However, as the match went on, Delirious began attacking Lords’ previously injured knee. As Lords went for his signature top rope brainbuster, Delirious stopped him and applied another single leg crab, further wearing down the knee. The knee injury, doubled with a distraction from Haze at ringside, was too much for Lords as Delirious capitalized and got the win with a leglock.

Following a huge reception from the IWC crowd, Shiima Xion, accompanied as always by Chris Maverick, took on “Fabulous” John McChesney. As Maverick tried to interject himself into the match, the “Fabulous” one took matters into his own hands and dove over the top to the floor onto Maverick. McChesney was able to steal Shiima’s trademark hairspray can from Maverick, and sprayed the “Prophet of Profit” with it. After a hard-fought back and forth contest, McChesney got Xion on his shoulders and drove him into the mat, defeating him the same way he defeated Jason Gory at Hell Hath No Fury 2. Following the match, Gory rushed the ring and attended to Xion, much to the dismay of Chris Maverick.

Summer Sizzler 3 also featured the final meeting between Gory and “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney in an Eye of the Hurricane match. IWC needed weapons for the match, so there was a weapons drive held at the front door for fans to bring weapons. And, the IWC fans did not disappoint! Some fans contributed a car door, a bowling ball, a frozen fish, a plastic sled, a toy title belt made up to look like Sweeney’s recently re-captured ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Title, and a mannequin head with a frightening likeness to Gory. After months of hatred between the two, this was their final match in IWC. Sweeney took the advantage and smashed a keyboard across Gory’s head, sending keys flying into the crowd. As Gory was taking the advantage, the Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli, ran to the ring and attacked him. But, Shiima Xion ran to Gory’s rescue, chasing both men away with a chair. Gory was finally able to pick up the win with his inverted tombstone known as Trepidation, finally getting his payback against Sweeney.

But, Sweeney, Gory, the Kings of Wrestling, and McChesney weren’t finished for the night. The Kings of Wrestling were scheduled to take on the Rottweilers of Low Ki & Ricky Reyes for the first time ever. But, Ki missed his flight and was unable to make it to the event, leaving Reyes without a partner. Filling in for Ki was “Fabulous” John McChesney, claiming Ki missed his flight because he was scared of his Caged Fury 3 opponent, McChesney. McChesney explained to Reyes that he was out to prove something to Ki, and on this night would have something to prove to Reyes as well. In their first IWC appearance as a tag team, Chikara’s Campeones de Parejas (Tag Team Champions) Hero & Casatagnoli proved their experience as a team as they were able to isolate McChesney in the ring. They executed several incredible tandem maneuvers, such as a monkey flip/spear in the corner combination that must be seen to be believed. But, once McChesney tagged in Reyes and the Kings were in trouble, “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney ran to the ring and caused a distraction long enough for Reyes to get rolled up and pinned. Afterwards, the Kings and Sweeney took McChesney back to the ring for a three-on-one attack. But, IWC’s newest team of Jason Gory & Shiima Xion hit the ring for the save. With McChesney unable to help, however, Gory & Xion were still at a one man disadvantage. Reyes hit the ring with a steel chair and cleared the ring. These 6 men obviously have issues that need settled. So, at Caged Fury 3, the Kings of Wrestling will face Gory & Xion, while Reyes gets a shot at Sweeney one-on-one!

“Hot Property” Jason Cage had a score to settle with “DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco, and got his chance at Summer Sizzler 3. The Gambino cousin tried to use nefarious tactics in picking up the win, however, and brought a steel chair into the ring. Mickey Gambino came to ringside to try and stop DeMarco from using the chair. As the referee’s back was turned, Cage was able to kick the chair back into DeMarco’s face, and that was enough for him to pick up the pinfall victory. Was Mickey Gambino’s appearance at ringside a catalyst for DeMarco’s actions later in the evening in the IWC Tag Team Title match?

Following Hell Hath No Fury 2, IWC Coalition of Competition graduate Vendetta swore to make Glenn Spectre tap out. In May, Vendetta went back to his old tricks of imitating WWE superstars, but came up short and tapped out to Spectre’s Final Justice. At Summer Sizzler 3, Vendetta went back to the well, this time using WCW “gimmicks” such as Jeff Jarrett, Goldberg, and Sting. But, it still wasn’t enough to defeat Spectre, who was painted blue in the spirit of Beast from X-Men. Spectre was able to lock in Final Justice on Vendetta once more, and that was enough for the win. After the match, Spectre told Vendetta that they did WWE and they did WCW, and there was only one more left to try. What was the eccentric IWC star talking about? What kind of match will they have at Caged Fury 3?