No Excuses 2 Results

AUGUST 5th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Jason Cage def. Jimmy DeMarco
  2. Vendetta def. Glenn Spectre
  3. Ricky Reyes def. Larry Sweeney
  4. Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) def. The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
  5. IWC Super Indy Champion Delirious def. “Fabulous” John McChesney
  6. IWC Tag Team Champions The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe) def. Jason Gory & Shiima Xion
  7. Christian Cage def. AJ Styles
  8. Team IWC (Dennis Gregory, Troy Lords, Sterling James Keenan, Chris Hamrick, & CJ Sensation) def. The Unholy Alliance (Shirley Doe, Sebastian Dark, Dean Radford, HENTAI, & Abyss) in a double cage WarGames match

It was the single most important night in the past 18 months, if not the entire history, of the International Wrestling Cartel. A year and a half of pent-up rage, frustration, animosity, and locker room turmoil escalated to one of the most dangerous environments possible. With two steel cages erected, and barbed wire hanging ominously between the rings, nine men risked their careers to fight for what they believe in. The rebellious Unholy Alliance, Shirley Doe, HENTAI, Sebastian Dark, Abyss, and newest locker room traitor Dean Radford fought for the respect, power, and control they felt they rightfully deserved. Team IWC, Dennis Gregory, Sterling James Keenan, Troy Lords and surprise entrant Chris Hamrick fought for the company and promoter that helped launch them to the status they hold today, and the locker room full of future stars depending on their leadership. And not only that…the IWC Title WAS at stake in this contest.

WarGames rules: Two men start the match for a five minute period, and every two minutes thereafter a new man joins the war. The Unholy Alliance won the right for a member of their team to enter first in lieu of their “Best of Three” victory last May at “Hell Hath No Fury 2”. By the time all men had entered, the ill-will was very apparent. The area resembled the aftermath of a car crash, with bodies strewn throughout both rings, and both Dennis Gregory and Sebastian Dark bleeding heavily, and Hamrick risking his life to deliver a leg drop to Dark from the top of the cage. Weapons from baseball bats, to Sterling’s walking cane, to of course the cage itself were in heavy use and as the war escalated, the emotion inside both rings and the entire building continued to escalate with it.

The Unholy Alliance, in part thanks to their 5-on-4 advantage, were able to gain control, and utilize several pairs of handcuffs, locking several members of Gregory’s Coalition to the ring ropes, leaving them helpless and vulnerable. It was clear a disgusting deed was moments away, and one heroic onlooker couldn’t stand it any longer. Referee CJ Sensation had flashbacks to his prior life in IWC as wrestler Kid Sensation, and not only neutralized shady referee Steven Colter but lept from the top of the cage with a breathtaking cross body before unleashing his one-time signature move the Kidnapper. Sensation unshackled his fellow IWC counterparts, who in turn trapped the Unholy Alliance members in the handcuffs. However, Gregory’s attempts at making Doe quit were unsuccessful – until Sterling handed him SJK’s trusty cane…which had a sword hidden inside. Gregory violently drove the sword into Doe’s eye socket until he had no choice but to quit. The five IWC loyalists celebrated a huge win and weight off of the back of their home promotion, as a severely wounded Doe continued to threaten and berate promoter Norm Connors. At long last after 18 months, it was IWC standing tall with a decisive victory, and Dennis Gregory still standing as champion.

It was the dream match fans have been clamoring to see for nine months and at No Excuses 2 it finally took place, as 2 former NWA World Heavyweight Champions battled: “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. A match that started lighthearted and friendly quickly turned into a fierce competitive war. Much like Styles vs. Matt Hardy in the prior year, the match was dead-even and had fans divided passionately on both side. It was Christian who was able to hit the Unprettier to defeat the current NWA Tag Champion in front of all his Pittsburgh-area peeps. Fans showered Cage with appreciation as Christian made it be known that it may not be the last time we see Captain Charisma in an IWC ring.

Super Indy champion Delirious, accompanied by translator Daizee Haze, had perhaps his most important title defense to date: against the man who had already proved superiority over the Super Indy tournament winners 1-3, and was now targeting #5 and his title. With a very vocal crowd watching intently, Haze once again interjected herself into the proceedings. McChesney neutralized her involvement with a surprising baseball slide, but that momentary lapse in concentration and distraction, allowed Delirious to roll up McChesney for 3, using an obvious aid of the tights. A frustrated McChesney certainly must still have Super Indy gold in his sights.

Tag champions The Cleveland Mafia, J-Rocc & Ray Rowe, stepped into battle against a team that impressed IWC officials to no end after just one showing. The effort, the cohesion, and the sportsmanship that Jason Gory, and especially Shiima Xion showcased, in spite of efforts of his manager Chris Maverick to do otherwise, were certainly noticed by the right people. Gory & Xion continued their streak of tag team excellence, however, Chris Maverick, who has been against the formation of the team from day one, could not hide his resentment for Jason Gory anymore, as he sprayed hairspray into Gory’s eyes to allow the Mafia to pick up the victory. Maverick’s assault was done behind the back of both the official and Shiima, and Maverick was quick to deny all charges when questioned after the match.

Ricky Reyes has his opportunity at revenge against the Nick Hogan-look-alike, “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney. Sweeney was victorious four weeks ago thanks to shady officiating and the aid of the ring ropes, but Reyes did not let history repeat itself. Sweeney attempted to weaken the knee of Reyes, but once the Rottweiler trapped Sweeney in his lethal dragon sleeper, Sweeney had no choice but to tap out.

Eric Xtasy made his long-awaited IWC return to start a new chapter in the dynasty of IWC’s most decorated team of all time, Sexual Harassment. Xtasy introduced his new partner, long-time Pittsburgh area stand-out Justin Idol, and although Idol showcased the same amazing talent as always inside the ring, he seemed less than enthused about the lifestyle choice Eric was trying to instill on him. Despite the disagreement, Harassment was on their game as they battled the best tag team champions of this era, Mickey & Marshall Gambino. Infighting in the Gambino clan continued, as cousin Jimmy DeMarco appeared to once again cause a distraction to his family members. If that wasn’t enough, “The Prophet of Profit” Chris Maverick was ringside, perhaps scouting talent, perhaps spectating. In addition, the new Sexual Harassment unveiled a new signature move: “The Rose Creeper”. Controversial as it may be, it was very effective in leading to a successful return for Sexual Harassment.

Glenn Spectre seemed to have a new lease on life following a severe shoulder injury that’s kept him inactive for the past several weeks. The often-called Wonderman stated he had try to be many things in his career, but now he was going to be himself, the real Glenn Spectre. Spectre also stated he was setting his sights on the upper echelon of IWC namely the IWC Title picture as well as the Unholy Alliance. However, Spectre could not look past Vendetta, who despite a losing streak, has seen his stock continue to rise. And thanks to the involvement of the Unholy Alliance, who no doubt took offense to Spectre’s earlier comments, Vendetta was able to score a bargain basement victory, before Shirley Doe and company attempted to re-injure the shoulder of Spectre.

Jason Cage looked more determined than ever before as he battled Jimmy DeMarco. DeMarco continued his streak of reaching for a steel chair, however, Marshall Gambino was quick to emerge to try to talk his cousin out of it. As DeMarco & Marshall argued, Mickey Gambino took the opportunity to level DeMarco with a chair shot of his own, a receipt for the several times DeMarco has forcefully involved himself in Gambino tag matches. The chairshot was enough to lead to a Jason Cage victory and a measure of revenge for the man they call “Hot Property”. Will the Gambino Brother infighting continue or will the family be able to function on the same page once again?