Newville Knockout 2 Results

AUGUST 16th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Dean Radford def. Jason Gory
  2. Shiima Xion def. Chris Sabin
  3. The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Jimmy DeMarco & Marshall Gambino) def. Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol)
  4. IWC Super Indy Champion Delirious def. John McChesney
  5. Troy Lords def. HENTAI
  6. Jason Gory, Jimmy Snuka & Troy Lords def. The Unholy Alliance (Dean Radford, HENTAI & Shirley Doe)
  7. AJ Styles def. Christopher Daniels

The International Wrestling Cartel made its third annual stop in Newville, Pa for what was without a doubt the most successful and memorable stop in Newville to date. It was unpredictable, and most importantly of all, it was for the kids, as proceeds benefited the Children’s Miracle Network.

The main event was, for the first time in Newville, a match and rivalry that has carried on for years with absolutely no signs of ceasing. “Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, despite being current NWA World Tag Team Championship partners, still had that inner competitive desire they’ve shared for years. They still had the urge to find out which of the two was the absolute best. And while this match likely didn’t decisively prove anything one way or the other, both were able to test each other one more time, much to the delight of all in attendance. Despite both being battered and bruised as a result of a nationally televised assault earlier in the week, they delivered in classic fashion, with Styles scoring the narrow win on this night. Certainly their score may never be settled, but the Newville faithful loved to see them try.

The Unholy Alliance attempted to regain control in the battle for the balance of power with the IWC locker room, however to mixed results. Not only were an eyeless Shirley Doe, as well as HENTAI frequently forcing themselves into the commentary position throughout the broadcast, there presence was certainly felt in the ring as well. Dean Radford was able to defeat Jason Gory, out powering Gory’s aerial attacks. Radford utilized a Super-Radicator for an emphatic victory. Meanwhile, Troy Lords was able to withstand a vicious powerslam from the apron to the floor, and subsequent apparent neck or back injury, to upset HENTAI, which sent Radford and Doe storming to the ring for revenge. Gory re-emerged to help even the odds, and soon someone else would make their way to ringside to attempt to teach the Alliance a lesson as well.

The original Phenom, the WWE Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka emerged from the back to help even the odds, which led to promoter Norm Connors sanctioning a six man tag team match. The Alliance smartly attempted to isolate Gory and Lords who were no doubt weakened from their earlier battles, but once Snuka became legally involved it was clear the Alliance was thrown off their game by the innovative high-flier. Snuka dazed the Alliance with a series of martial arts style shots before ascending the ropes and delivering the timeless Superfly Splash to give a win for Team IWC.

John McChesney continued his quest to become the first ever 3-time IWC Super Indy Champion against reigning titleholder Delirious, of course accompanied by his personal translator Daizee Haze. McChesney once again had overwhelming crowd support and momentum, however much like two weeks prior at No Excuses 2, Haze become involved in the action. Haze’s influence seems to be rubbing off on Delirious, who scored his second straight dubious victory over the Fabulous one, with a blatant handful of tights.

The new chapter of Sexual Harassment, original member Eric Xtasy alongside newfound partner Justin Idol battled the reluctant team of Marshall Gambino & Jimmy DeMarco. Mickey Gambino suffered an injury 2 weeks ago at the hands of Harassment’s new signature move “The Rose Creeper” and as a result, Marshall had to team with the cousin he’s been arguing and fighting with for months, or be in violation if his contract. In a true shocker, Xtasy brought out the original bodyguard of Sexual Harassment form years gone by, “Mean” Mark Mest, however Mest was quick to chastise Xtasy for not calling him after all these years. Mest found a new client to protect…Jimmy DeMarco?! Marshall Gambino was just as surprised as the rest of us as the match began. Mest was certainly a psychological disadvantage toward Sexual Harassment, and as if that wasn’t enough aid, DeMarco brought into the ring the very same steel chair he’s carried everywhere with him, to score a tainted pinfall win on Idol. DeMarco and Mest were ecstatic, but Marshall Gambino seemed quite a bit less happy with how DeMarco chose to win this match.

On the subject, of dissention in the ranks, it’s clear Shiima Xion is determined to win matches cleanly and honestly, despite the constant disagreements from his manager Chris Maverick. Maverick’s frustration over Xion’s new change of attitude and newfound team with Jason Gory led to Maverick costing his team the tag titles two weeks ago. Tonight, Maverick was instrumental in the decision again, as Xion met TNA star Chris Sabin. Sabin and Xion were in the midst of a fantastic athletic contest when Maverick used his can of hairspray to temporarily blind Sabin. Xion scored the victory following the exchange, but had no idea what Maverick did. Xion did not find out until that match was over, and at that point the “Future of Fashion” was not happy with things at all, and was quick to help his fallen foe to the back, much to Maverick’s continued chagrin.