Boiling Point 2 Results

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Dean Radford def. Jason Cage
  2. IWC Tag Team Champions The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe) def. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino), Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol), & Team Catfish (Jason Gory & Shiima Xion) in a four-way elimination scramble
  3. HENTAI def. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords in the opening round of the IWC World Title Tournament
  4. “Fabulous” John McChesney wrestled Alter Boy Luke to a time-limit draw in the opening round of the IWC World Title Tournament
  5. Ricky Reyes def. Sterling James Keenan in the opening round of the IWC World Title Tournament
  6. Raymond Rowe def. Shirley Doe by reverse decision in the opening round of the IWC World Title Tournament
  7. Vendetta def. “DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco
  8. Low Ki def. HENTAI in the semi-finals of the IWC World Title Tournament. Low Ki recieved a bye to the semi-finals as a result of the time-limit draw
  9. Ricky Reyes def. Raymond Rowe in the semi-finals of the IWC World Title Tournament
  10. Sebastian Dark def. CJ Sensation
  11. Ricky Reyes def. Low Ki in the finals to win the vacant IWC World Heavyweight Title

The IWC Heavyweight Title controversy reached its boiling point on September 16 at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa as the top 8 contenders were assembled for the first one night IWC heavyweight title tournament in over 4 years. However, with the unfortunate injury to Glenn Spectre in the weeks leading up to the event, and the flight of Senshi/Low Ki delayed and discombobulated, there were two mystery factors that would become known in time. To add to the spontaneity, no one knew their tournament first round opponent until they were in the ring for the match. It was a night that would test your endurance, but also your ability to adapt to any and all situations that may be put in front of you.

Quarterfinal Round:

Unholy Alliance member HENTAI was first to the ring, soon joined by his opponent “Balls Hot” Troy Lords, the man who once credited HENTAI as inspiring him to become a wrestler, but also the man HENTAI screwed out of the Super Indy Title last April. Lords finally got his hands on HENTAI without worrying about the nagging knee injury HENTAI had caused so long ago, but HENTAI’s ace up his sleeve in round number one was crooked biased referee Steven Colter who blatantly physically assisted HENTAI in obtaining a pinfall and ignoring any and all illegal tactics from the Unholy Alliance member. HENTAI advances.

“Fabulous” John McChesney set aside his Super Indy Title aspirations for one night to focus on the company’s ultimate prize, but McChesney was the first victim of one of the tournament’s many surprising twists. The 2-time former Super Indy Champion’s opponent was Altar Boy Luke, a 7 year pro originally from New Orleans, who’s had major success from Philadelphia to Georgia to California and almost everywhere in between thanks to appearances over the years for TNA, ROH, XPW, NWA Wildside, among many others. McChesney was caught off guard by the curve-ball and no doubt had to adjust his plan of attack in mid-stream. This match was an indication of how not being able to have a set strategy in advance may effect you, as neither man was able to score a fall in the allotted 20 minute time limit, meaning both were eliminated and worst of all, it seemed HENTAI was to receive a bye to the finals.

Ricky Reyes, the Rottweiler, the Havana Pitbull, stepped into the ring against what some called the favorite to walk away with it all, SJK: Sterling James Keenan. Sterling was able to injure Reyes with an elevated back-cracker that saw Reyes land on Sterling’s knees at an excruciatingly painful angle. However, Reyes struck lightning-fast and caught Sterling off guard with a quick cradle to persevere into the second round.

Shirley Doe also had to step into the ring with a surprise entrant, and promoter Norm Connors was more than happy to help introduce one-half of the IWC Tag Team Champions in arguably the most indestructible man to come down the pike in a long, long time, The Cleveland Mafia’s Ray Rowe. Rowe proved to be one of the few men to meet the former 2-time IWC Champion punch for punch, and also level the Unholy Alliance leader with a series of vicious suplexes. However, as Rowe locked a crossface in on Doe, who may have been moments away from tapping out for the first time in his life, HENTAI emerged, handing Colter a rag doused with some type of substance, that knocked the Suplex Machine out cold. HENTAI moved Doe’s body to Rowe’s as Colter dropped Rowe’s hands three times, orchestrating a so-called submission win.

However, Norm Connors was not going to accept such chicanery in a match as important as this. Connors first act was to strip Steven Colter of his Commission-granted power as “Senior Referee” and name Bryce Remsburg the new Senior Referee in IWC. Remsburg’s first decision as head of the referees was to reverse the decision of the prior match, meaning Ray Rowe advances to the second round. Remsburg was watching Colter intently for the rest of the night to make sure no further dubious actions would take place.

Semi-final round:

HENTAI made his way to the ring to publicly accept his bye into Round 2, yet Norm Connors wasn’t yet done putting a wrench into the Alliance’s plans. HENTAI, based on the way he won his quarterfinal round match, was not getting a bye into the quarterfinals, in fact someone received a bye into the semi-finals instead…that man was Low Ki. HENTAI, who thought he was done wrestling for another hour or so, was thrust into battle with one of the most vicious, dangerous men in wrestling, after having already wrestled earlier in the night. Low-ki absolutely exploded with offense, and although HENTAI showed his toughness by match Low Ki chop-for-chop, Low Ki’s Ki Krusher took the current TNA X Division champion to the final round.

Perhaps the two best strikers and submission style wrestlers in the tournament, Ray Rowe and Ricky Reyes locked horns for a serious gut-check. Reyes was noticeably still favoring his back from the backcracker in round 1, while Rowe was still fighting to regain his strength and equilibrium after being put under in his quarterfinal match. Rowe’s suplexes and Reyes’ strikes certainly only made things worse for their individual opponent, but it came down to Reyes having more cobwebs cleared than Rowe. Reyes was able to lock in that vicious dragon sleeper, than can end matches in literally milliseconds, to sap what strength was remaining in Rowe’s body.

Final Round:

Low Ki and Ricky Reyes have been frequent tag partners and running buddies for years now, however past allegiances and friendships mean nothing compared to the prestige of being a heavyweight champion. Low Ki had the advantage, being the fresher man, and having a noticeable weak-spot to focus on, as Reyes’ back problems had only worsened in the prior contest. Despite being at-odds, Reyes proved again why his dragon sleeper is so lethal. He was able to apply the sleeper, follow through with the bodyscissors, and even the indestructible Low Ki began to fade away. As Ki’s arm began to fall, so did his aspirations of once again wearing gold in IWC. With his last bit of energy before blacking out, Low Ki realized on this night Reyes was the better man… and Low Ki tapped out. Amidst adulation and respect from the IWC fans, as well as the disciplined Low Ki, Reyes celebrated what may very well have been the biggest singles victory in his 8 year career. But will Reyes be able to do the impossible a second time, when he faces Low Ki in a rematch October 14?

In non-tournament action:

CJ Sensation, while banned from refereeing for the time being thanks to Steven Colter, finally had his chance to return to an IWC ring for the first time in over 4 years and legally get his hands on the man who’s been provoking and threatening him for months, Unholy Alliance member Sebastian Dark. Sensation exploded with a flurry of offense but Dark & ref Colter’s comeback and attempted collusion backfired, as two handful’s of powder brought into the ring by Dark, ended up in Dark’s eyes after a miscue. A blind Dark nailed Colter with the DNR, thinking it was Sensation, but CJ was waiting with the Kidnapper. Bryce Remsburg emerged to finish the match, however Dark escaped, hit Sensation with a low blow and a DNR for a cheap victory.

The out-of-control tag team scene was on display when defending champions Ray Rowe & J-Rocc, The Cleveland Mafia, defended against Mickey & Marshall Gambino, Team Catfish (Jason Gory & Shiima Xion with Chris Maverick), and Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) in a four-way elimination scramble match, making it one of the most chaotic title defenses in IWC history. Chris Maverick was again a factor in the action, as an alleged accident by Maverick led to Jason Gory losing his balance on the top rope, leading to Gory & Xion being the first eliminated. However, as Xion tended to Gory, Maverick seemed more interested in watching the action continue, namely the elimination of Idol & Xtasy moments following the Gory incident. Both eliminated teams brawled to the back as Maverick looked on helpless, his intentions and allegiances still seemingly very much in doubt.

Chaos continued to reign as, with the defending champions and The Gambinos remaining, the Gambino cousin Jimmy DeMarco came to ringside once again with his steel chair. Much to everyone’s surprise, Marshall took DeMarco up on his advice and used the weapon, however the infighting and arguing of the Gambino clan over which path to take, allowed the Mafia to recover and and retain the title following the distraction. Following the match, Marshall publicly proclaimed he had “seen the light” and the Gambinos should start following their cousin’s advice, yet Mickey didn’t seem too eager to follow suit. Dissention among the Gambinos continues.

Unholy Alliance member Dean Radford, no doubt upset over not being included in the IWC Title Tournament, vented his frustrations on “Hot Property” Jason Cage. Cage surprised the former IWC Champion in the early going, but Radford out-powered Cage and drilled him with a Radicator for the win.

Jimmy DeMarco reprised his rivalry with Vendetta from earlier this year, however the result was much different than in prior months. DeMarco took the opportunity to at one point leave the ring, grab a microphone and state he didn’t want to fight Vendetta, he wanted to be his friend. DeMarco instructed Vendetta to pin him (and with only one foot) for the 3 count. Vendetta left befuddled as DeMarco tried to talk to him, yet Vendetta seemed to not want any part of the troublemaking Gambino cousin.