November Pain 2 Results

NOVEMBER 11th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Jason Cage & Michael “The Bomber” Facade def. The Hollywood Balds (Vendetta & Jimmy DeMarco) by DQ
  2. Sterling James Keenan def. “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney on SJK’s Road to the Title
  3. Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) def. The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe)
  4. “The Shooter” Brent Albright def. THE Austin Starr
  5. CJ Sensation vs. Dean Radford went to a no-contest
  6. The Unholy Alliance (Shirley Doe & Sebastian Dark) def. The Rottweilers (Low Ki & Ricky Reyes)
  7. Bubba the Bulldog def. Jay Phoenix
  8. IWC Tag Team Champions The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. BabyFace Fire (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory)
  9. “Fabulous” John McChesney def. IWC Super Indy Champion Delirious to win the title
  10. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords def. HENTAI in a Last Man Standing Match

The International Wrestling Cartel returned to action on Saturday night, November 11 at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa.

The feature match of the evening was a battle years in the making. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords had his opportunity to realize his destiny, to rise up, overcome the tyrannical ego of his one-time mentor and solidify his status as a leader. HENTAI had his opportunity to prove himself correct about Troy Lords, that Lords was weak, incapable of standing without a proverbial “crutch” and would never be on the level or be able to handle the pressure that HENTAI endured en route to becoming the greatest Super Indy Champion of all time. A friendship once forged by respect had been torn apart by the rampant ego and selfish attitude of HENTAI and his Unholy Alliance teammates, and it culminated here in a “Last Man Standing” match.

It will go down as one of the most barbaric matches in IWC’s history. The physicality and intensity was unrelenting from bell to bell. From the opening moments of the match, both men pounced and never let up. Vicious right hands and chops led the action to spill outside of the ring, as HENTAI viciously power slammed Lords from the apron to the floor. Action spilled around the arena, as HENTAI regained control, tombstoning Lords onto the metal bleachers. Somehow, both athletes were continually able to answer the referee’s ten count and continue the carnage. Action spilled back inside the ring, as both competitors began to raise the stakes in order to attempt to destroy one another. Numerous chairs became fair game in the action, as well as a 12 foot ladder. HENTAI risked life and limb to deliver the “Aces High” splash from the top of the ladder, but even that could not keep HENTAI’s one time apprentice down. Lords was driven like never before. A frustrated HENTAI powerbombed referee Bobby Williams. Steven Colter, who earlier in the night had “apologized” for his past biased behavior and pleaded for a second chance, showed his true colors and blatantly assisted HENTAI to his feet. Lords retaliated by obliterating Colter, leaving promoter Norm Connors as the only authority figure remaining, and the official referee for the contest. A table was placed into play as both men precariously battled for leverage on the top rope. Lords gained the advantage, and sent HENTAI plummeting through the table with a top rope brainbuster.

As Connors administered the ten count, both men struggled to their feet. Leaning on the other, both men desperately attempted to channel the energy to return to their feet in time. In a case of poetic irony, once both men backed away from the other, it was Troy Lords standing on his own two feet on his own power, while HENTAI collapsed and was deemed unable to answer the ten count. Troy Lords had vanquished his doubter, defended his company, and proven once and for all he does not need a crutch, be it proverbial or literal, and can stand up and be noticed and respected as part of a new generation of IWC locker room leaders. Troy Lords was the Last Man Standing.

The Unholy Alliance had a very busy night on their hands, as in other action Dean Radford stepped into the ring for a rematch with CJ Sensation. Sensation, although still with his sights set on Sebastian Dark, took it to Radford, dazing him with his signature Kidnapper. However, just like the month prior, the strength in numbers of the Alliance kept Sensation from gaining his revenge. Interference from Dark & current #1 Heavyweight Title contender Shirley Doe was thwarted by the involvement of IWC Champion Ricky Reyes & Low-ki. The referee had no choice but to rule the Sensation/Radford bout a no-contest in the ensuing melee, and the Alliance vs. Rottweiler tag match abruptly began. Control was regained, but it did not stop the match from ending in a great deal of controversy. Doe was able to pin the champion Reyes following a clothesline, however Doe had suspiciously adjusted his elbow pad prior to the move. Did Doe have a loaded weapon in the ring right under the nose of everyone involved? Regardless of the shady circumstances, Doe has a major confidence boost leading in to an upcoming title challenge against Reyes, an important confrontation in the continuing battle for power between The Unholy Alliance and the IWC.

There is a NEW IWC Super Indy Champion and he’s the only 3-time champion in the title’s storied history. “Fabulous” John McChesney regained the title he’d lost 8 months prior, overcoming the unpredictable Delirious. As a result of her continued involvement in the three prior Delirious defenses against McChesney, Delirious’ “interpreter” Daizee Haze was announced as barred from ringside. However, as the Fabulous one began to match Delirious’ psychological games, as well as come closer and closer to victory, Haze, disguised as a fan at ringside, found a way to interject herself into the action one more time. McChesney was ready for her however, and countered her involvement. Haze found herself in the tree of woe, as the Fabulous one powerbombed Delirious into his interpreter, leading to a John McChesney victory. However, moments into the celebration, the man who defeated McChesney for that title last March, Low-ki, came to confront McChesney. With a series tied at 1-1-1, Low-ki issued the challenge to finally have the rubber match and find out once and for all who the better man is and whether or not McChesney is truly on the level of Low-ki. The resilient McChesney was quick to accept, and the match was signed officially for IWC’s “A Call to Arms 3” on December 9.

The tag team situation keeps getting more heated as time passes, particularly the issues between the current champions and their top three contenders. Sexual Harassment, Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol, defeated former champions The Cleveland Mafia, J-Rocc & Ray Rowe, to officially become #1 Contenders but it was a very controversial situation. Chris Maverick, manager of Shiima Xion & Jason Gory, became involved in the match after scouting for several minutes. “The Prophet of Profit” foiled J-Rocc’s attempts at winning the match by spraying the Big Daddy of Destruction in the eyes with hairspray. Idol & Xtasy won but the mystery remains as to what truly is going on in Maverick’s head.

Shiima Xion & Jason Gory, collectively known as Babyface Fire, quickly ejected Maverick from ringside before their tag title match with Mickey & Marshall Gambino. Maverick had been repeatedly involved in several “accidents” that had cost Xion & Gory several important tag matches. However, it was another outside-nuisance that aided in the defeat of Babyface Fire, as the Gambinos’ cousin Jimmy DeMarco and his trusty steel chair made sure the tag titles stayed in the family. With all of the chaos, unrest, and controversy existing in the tag ranks, promoter Norm Connors had no choice but to name a Fatal 4 Way rematch for the IWC Tag Team Titles December 9 at “A Call to Arms 3”. With the tag competition at an all-time high, the mystery of Maverick, and the target the Gambinos currently have as champions, it promises to be even more uncontrollable than their prior 4 way this past September.

Another man with gold on the brain is SJK: Sterling James Keenan. In order to prove to management he is indeed worthy of an IWC title shot, SJK must be undefeated in an IWC ring from now until Super Indy VI this upcoming April, where his title shot is tentatively scheduled to take place. Sterling’s first hurdle: “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney, another man near the top of the IWC rankings. Much like Sweeney’s match with Doe in the month prior, it was a battle between two men who don’t like rules and are damn proud of it. Sweeney was however defeated by a taste of his own medicine, as after several attempts at pinning Sterling with illegal leverage via the ropes, only to be caught by the referee, SJK defeated Sweeney the exact same way…while Sterling had his feet on the ropes. Sterling passes phase 1 but SJK’s road to gold is still a long way away from the destination.

The Austin Aries that had challenged for the IWC Title this past January was not in attendance at “November Pain 2”. Instead we were treated to TV Land’s own THE Austin Starr. Complete with feather boas and earrings, the newfound protégé of Kevin Nash found himself on the opposing side of “The Shooter” Brent Albright, formerly Gunner Scott on WWE Smackdown, out to show his skills unrestricted and unrestrained. Albright showed the skill that garnered him a cult following in OVW, where he captured their heavyweight title twice. Albright weakened the left arm of the southpaw Starr leaving him vulnerable to “The Crowbar”, Albright’s variation of the Fujiwara armbar. Albright starts what is sure to be a prosperous IWC career with a very big win.

Vendetta would call it “The Vendetta Nation”, Jimmy DeMarco would call it “The Hollywood Balds”, but by any name Vendetta & DeMarco seemed to form a pact, and battled the team of Michael “The Bomber” Façade & “Hot Property” Jason Cage. Cage & Façade would score the victory via disqualification thanks to the involvement of DeMarco’s cousins Mickey & Marshall Gambino. The Gambinos were none too concerned with the decision, as they had some “family business” to take care of. Marshall extended an offer to Vendetta to join the family, and stressed it’d be in Vendetta’s best interests to do so. After a moment of thought, Vendetta agreed to join the family. Not only are The Gambinos back on the same page and tag champions, but they have a very intimidating force added to their unit in Vendetta. The Gambino family is without a doubt more powerful than ever before.

The incomparable veteran Bubba the Bulldog made a surprising return to the IWC after a nine month absence. Bubba made a big-time statement in his first match back, quickly disposing of 19 year old European stand-out Jay Phoenix. However, more shocking than Bubba’s physical message, was his verbal message. Bubba reminded us all the hand he played in training Kurt Angle before Angle’s WWE debut in 1999, and how Angle had allegedly promised Bubba he’d take him to Stamford with him. Bubba stated that now that Angle is now longer in the WWE, and thus free to work where he pleases, he was challenging the Olympic Gold Medalist to a one-on-one match. Bubba has spent years bragging about training Kurt Angle, and even unceremoniously ended the career of Kurt’s brother Eric Angle right here in IWC back in 2003. While it remains uncertain how serious this challenge will be taken, Bubba’s exploits will certainly be something to keep an eye on in the coming months.