A Call to Arms 3 Results

DECEMBER 9th, 2006
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Bubba the Bulldog def. Michael “The Bomber” Facade
  2. Sterling James Keenan def. Vendetta on SJK’s Road to the Title
  3. “The Shooter” Brent Albright def. “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney
  4. CJ Sensation def. Dean Radford
  5. CJ Sensation def. Sebastian Dark
  6. BabyFace Fire def. IWC Tag Team Champions The Gambino Brothers, The Cleveland Mafia, and Sexual Harassment to win the titles
  7. “The Shooter” Brent Albright won A Call To Arms Battle Royal to receive a title shot in January 2007
  8. IWC Super Indy Champion “Fabulous” John McChesney vs. Low Ki went to a 3rd fall no decision in a 2 out of 3 falls match
  9. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Ricky Reyes def. Shirley Doe

The final event of the IWC calendar year emanated from the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa this past Saturday night, December 9. It was the night we thought we’d receive the answers to questions we’ve had for nearly two years: Who truly is the better man in the rivalry between “Fabulous” John McChesney and the lethal former TNA X-Division Champion Low-ki (a.k.a. Senshi)? To raise the stakes even further, both McChesney and Low-ki asked for, and were granted, a 2 out of 3 falls match in place of a standard one-fall bout. After a lengthy intense battle between both men certainly on par with or exceeding the brutality of their prior three meetings, their match closely resembled their rivalry as a whole, with both men having scored one pinfall leading into the third and deciding fall. As the stakes continued to raise and anticipation in the building continued to heighten, both men continued pushing each other to the limit and beyond to continue the fight. However, in a truly deplorable display, Unholy Alliance members Sebastian Dark & HENTAI blatantly interfered, attacking both men. The referee had no choice to throw the match out, and the Unholy Alliance had the satisfaction of disrupting yet another key moment for the company they detest so much.

The second step of the Alliance’s plan concerned the IWC Heavyweight Title and champion Ricky Reyes. Doe was indeed the #1 contender to the prize, and also has the distinction of being a two-time former champion, one of those reigns being by far the longest in company history. Doe also had on his side a questionable elbow pad, which has been the subject of much controversy over the past couple months, as to whether or not the elbow pad may in fact be loaded. Doe used the protected elbow as part of much of his offense, despite Reyes’ repeated attempts to counter and neutralize that same arm of Doe. However, as the tenacious Rottweiler continued to absorb the pain of the Alliance leader, the plans for the former champion seemed to fall apart. A foreign object, largely speculated to be a piece of metal concealed in tape, emerged in the hand of Doe, presumably either from Doe’s controversial elbow pad or perhaps wrist tape. Reyes was able to block the impending attack, allowing the official to remove the object from the ring. Unholy Alliance members Sebastian Dark & HENTAI again made their way to ringside, however were this time cut off at the pass by a very irate Machesney & Low-ki, whose mutually respect and common enemy brought them together to fend off the men who destroyed their hope of a final resolution to their war. As chaos erupted on the outside, Reyes locked in the lethal Dragon Sleeper, leaving Doe no choice but to surrender for the time being, making Reyes successful in retaining his championship.

The IWC Tag Team Titles were also defended as The Gambino Brothers were challenged by The Cleveland Mafia, Babyface Fire, and Sexual Harassment in a four-way battle full of fast-paced high-impact adrenaline-fueled competition that has been a staple of this resurgence of IWC Tag Team wrestling throughout 2006. The match was filled with several breathtaking incidents, including a near-suicidal aerial move from Jason Gory, diving off of the Court Time Sports Center’s 20-foot balcony. The Cleveland Mafia, J-Rocc and a bloody Ray Rowe, were the first to see elimination. Shortly thereafter, Chris Maverick, manager to Babyface Fire involved himself in the action in a very questionable way just as he had done in prior months. Maverick’s kick to Gory on the apron indirectly led to Justin Idol of Sexual Harassment being eliminated by Shiima Xion. However, unlike in the past, Maverick left no speculation about what his true intentions were. An irate Maverick joined Xtasy & Idol in assaulting Gory & Xion before storming out together. Maverick’s jealousy over the Xion/Gory partnership has finally escalated beyond control, however it seems Maverick may have shot himself in the proverbial foot. Thanks in part to being able to focus without Maverick ringside, and a miscommunication involving the Gambinos’ cousin Jimmy DeMarco’s trusty steel chair, Shiima Xion & Jason Gory were able to recover and capture their first championship gold in IWC.

“Snapshot” CJ Sensation was able to overcome the odds one more time. Taking advantage of Sebastian Dark’s ringside distractions, persuading Dean Radford to re-break the neck of CJ Sensation, Sensation recovered and was able to pin Radford, awarding him a match at long last one-on-one with the main antagonist of CJ for the past several months, Sebastian Dark, however it was not just any match, the special stipulation was to be named by promoter Norm Connors. Based on so many abuses of power by crooked referee Steven Colter, Connors’ choice of stipulation was Colter would be fired should Dark lose. Following an unbelievable top-rope Kidnapper from the Snapshot, CJ nailed a reluctant Colter, and struck the mat three times with Colter’s hand to signify the victory. Sensation had finally got one over on the Alliance, as Colter was promptly fired thereafter. However, Shirley Doe blindsided CJ on his way to the back, signifying the Alliance would not take losing their personal official lying down.

Sixteen worthy challengers were entered in a Rumble-style match, with the winner to receive a championship opportunity against IWC Champion Reyes next month. HENTAI, whose number was personally chosen by Norm Connors, entered #3 and proceeded to dominate the majority of the match. The Gambino Family entered en mass mid-way through, focused on making sure Vendetta ended the match victorious, and immediately formed an agreement with HENTAI. Ray Rowe’s entrance at #12, followed by Sterling James Keenan’s at 13, limited any and all advantage the already-fatigued Gambino Family hoped to achieve. The heavy hitters kept coming, as Larry Sweeney, Brent Albright, and Dean Radford rounded out the field. It was the former OVW Heavyweight Champion Albright who outlasted the remainder of the field, thus earning a championship match with Ricky Reyes on January 19.

While unsuccessful in the Rumble, Sterling James Keenan’s hopes for an IWC Title Match at Super Indy VI this April are still alive, yet barely. Sterling’s match with Vendetta saw Vendetta’s Gambino Family ally Jimmy DeMarco utilize his steel chair once again. After having the chair given to him, Vendetta, as usual, utilized a tactic he’s learned in his years of video tape study. Feigning an injury via chairshot a la Eddie Guerrero, the referee had no choice but to assume Sterling had used the weapon, and as a result, SJK was disqualified, thus ending his planned undefeated streak up to April. However, promoter Norm Connors saw the dirty deed and was quick to restart the match, which Sterling quickly finished via a pair of MK Ultras to both Vendetta as well as the fellow “Hollywood Bald” Jimmy DeMarco.

Bubba the Bulldog continued his crusade of calling out the man he helped train some 7 years ago, Olympic Gold Medallist, former 6 time World Champion, and current TNA star Kurt Angle. Bubba claimed Angle had found out about Bubba’s recent challenge to him, through the agent that represents both men. Bubba also continued to claim Angle was scared to face him, and the challenges would continue until Kurt Angle met Bubba in the middle of an IWC ring. To add further insult, Bubba defeated his opponent for the evening, Michael “The Bomber” Façade with the Olympic Slam/Angle Slam that Kurt has used since the outset of his career. Bubba will clearly not be satisfied until he stands face-to-face with Kurt Angle once again.

“The Shooter” Brent Albright not only won the IWC Rumble to gain a championship match next month, but also continued that momentum earlier in the night by defeating Sweet & Sour Larry Sweeney. Albright was able to finish his foe the same way he finished THE Austin Starr the month prior with his Fujiwara armbar he calls “The Crowbar”. It will be Crowbar vs. Dragon Sleeper next month as Albright challenges Reyes. But what is next for Sweeney? IWC officials claimed Sweeney was in desperate need of a victory at A Call To Arms 3. Since he came up short in his match, what will the multi-time ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Champion have up his sleeve next? We will find out at A New Beginning Too as he takes on the debuting “Showtime” Eric Young in a Super Indy VI qualifying match.