A New Beginning Too Results

A New Beginning Too
January 10th, 2007
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Dean Radford & HENTAI def. The Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
  2. Azrieal def. Nobutaka Moribe to qualify for the Super Indy VI Tournament
  3. Jay Lethal def. Jason Cage to qualify for the Super Indy VI Tournament
  4. Raymond Rowe def. Vendetta
  5. IWC Tag Team Champions BabyFace Fire (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory) def. Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol)
  6. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords def. IWC Super Indy Champion “Fabulous” John McChesney in a 5-minute overtime after a 20-minute draw to win the title
  7. Bubba the Bulldog def. Michael “The Bomber” Facade
  8. “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney def. “Showtime” Eric Young to qualify for the Super Indy VI Tournament
  9. Sterling James Keenan def. Delirious on SJK’s Road to the Title
  10. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Ricky Reyes def. “The Shooter” Brent Albright

International Wrestling Cartel started 2007 in grand fashion with “A New Beginning Too” on January 19, emanating from the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa.

In the main event, it was a battle of lethal submissions, as Brent Albright’s Fujiwara armbar, The Crowbar, was matched up against the Dragon Sleeper of IWC Heavyweight Champion Ricky Reyes. Both holds had never been broken before inside an IWC ring and every time they were used by these respective individuals the result was always the same…a very sudden and immediate tap out from their opponent. Both men came into the match with the specific focus of trapping the other in their hold of choice. Albright cinched in the Crowbar on more than one occasion, as Reyes struggled to break free any way he could. Reyes retaliated by attempting the Dragon Sleeper as it was Albright’s turn to attempt to escape. Finally, Reyes was able to lock in the body scissors to fully complete the hold and maximize its effectiveness, and Albright had nowhere to go, no leverage to counter with, and no choice but to tap out. Albright took his defeat gracefully, shaking the champion’s hand but IMMEDIATELY challenged the Havana Pitbull to a rematch, to take place at IWC’s next live event “Accept No Limitations 3” on February 17.

Super Indy champion John McChesney defended his title against “Balls Hot” Troy Lords in a rematch from last January’s “New Beginning” event. It was a time limit draw last year, and after twenty minutes of battle, it seemed like this year’s incarnation would end in a draw as well. However, promoter Norm Connors made a decision he never before had done…Norm overruled the strictly-adhered to 20-minute time limit always in place for Super Indy Title matches, and gave both men five more minutes. Although McChesney seemed hesitant to agree to a sudden-death overtime at first, Fabulous exploded with a fast array of strikes to begin the extra time, however much like he had in Super Indy V and Last Man Standing, Lords fought through the pain and punishment as best he could and on this night it paid off. Lords culminated a seven-year journey to finally do something that many had pegged him unable to accomplish…capture the Super Indy Title.

Tag Team Champions Babyface Fire, Shiima Xion & Jason Gory, made their first defense of the IWC Tag Team Title facing Sexual Harassment, Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol, accompanied by their new advisor “Prophet of Profit” Chris Maverick, former advisor to Babyface Fire. Maverick’s attempts at revenge toward the team he had abandoned in a jealous and frustrated rage were thwarted on this night. Jason Gory was able to use split-second timing to counter an attempt at, or something similar to, a Doomsday Device, to score a huge win over the most successful dynasty in IWC history.

Sterling James Keenan’s road to an IWC Title opportunity this April at Super Indy VI continued, as the bizarre Delirious became the next to attempt to stand in SJK’s path. Sterling took several minutes to figure out the former Super Indy Champion, but was able to trap him in the MK Ultra for another victory as SJK gets one step closer to getting his opportunity at the gold. However, the competition keeps getting stiffer, as Sterling’s opponent at IWC Accept No Limitations 3 on February 17 is the one and only…Low-ki!

Three Qualifying Matches took place to determine entrants into the most-watched live event of the IWC calendar year, the Super Indy Tournament to be held as part of Super Indy VI on April 14th. Prior to the event, one name, “The New F’n Show” Jerry Lynn, had been confirmed as the first entrant in the Tournament, with 7 more to be determined.

The second name officially entering the tournament was the stand-out of several New York/New Jersey independent promotions, Azrieal, who defeated the Japanese star from DDT Pro Nobutaka Moribe in a breathtaking match, following a vicious top-rope double stop to the back of Moribe’s head.

Next to qualify was the youngest member of the TNA roster, 21-year-old Jay Lethal. The X-Division stand-out scored a big win over “Hot Property” Jason Cage, in a match that cemented Cage as an athlete on the rise who can hang with the best competition worldwide. Both men survived a very physical match, featuring chops that left skin discolored and blood vessels broken, reminiscent of the numerous Low-ki/John McChesney battles of recent memory.

The third name to enter Super Indy VI on this night was “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney, complete with fictitious ICW/ICWA Texarkana Television Championship. Sweeney defeated the “Paranoid Pied-Piper” of TNA, “Showtime” Eric Young, who was clearly the fan favorite of the bout. Despite the fans’ adoption of the jittery Eric Young, Sweeney was able to get the better of him, thanks to Sweeney’s feet on the ropes for leverage. Eric was cheated out of the victory and the Super Indy seed, and based on the stakes involved, one has to think Eric won’t be satisfied in this situation just by keeping his job.

HENTAI and Dean Radford were able to bounce back from the major shake up in The Unholy Alliance, including the releases of Shirley Doe & Sebastian Dark from IWC, to score a win over former Tag Champions Mickey & Marshall Gambino. Despite the destruction of The Unholy Alliance, the mindset of the Alliance is still very much in place, as HENTAI used a handful of powder to blind his opponent and enable Radford to Radicate Mickey for the win. After the match, The Gambinos expressed disappointment in cousin Jimmy DeMarco and Vendetta for not preventing the loss, however the family would be far from done on this night.

Vendetta, accompanied by all 3 members of the family, went one-on-one with the suplex machine Ray Rowe, making his return to singles competition for one night only. Following new IWC Senior Referee’s ejection of The Gambinos & DeMarco, Rowe unleashed his barrage of suplexes, then trapped Vendetta in an amped-up version of an STF to garner a submission victory. However, the Gambino family would have the last laugh, as later in the night, all 4 family members cornered Ray Rowe and brutally assaulted him. The attack left Rowe down but not out, as the Cleveland Mafia member rose to his feet soon afterward and charged to the back to track down his attackers.

Bubba the Bulldog’s shocking challenge to the man he helped train for the ring back in 1999, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle continues. Bubba claimed that he has now made direct contact with Kurt Angle in regards to Bubba wanting to meet Angle one-on-one in the middle of an IWC ring. While no official response from Angle has been confirmed outside of Bubba’s claims, Bubba used his rematch with Michael “The Bomber” Façade to illustrate his point. Despite the resilience of the rookie Façade, Bubba’s veteran instincts persevered, but Bubba’s choice method of victory was the true story. Just one month after defeated Façade with the Angle Slam, this time Bubba utilized the Anklelock submission hold to make Façade tap out. Bubba continues to send strong messages to Kurt Angle, but is the 6-time World Champion actually listening?