Summer Sizzler 4: Checkmate Results

Summer SIzzler 4: Checkmate
July 7th, 2007
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Azrieal def. “Balls Hot” Troy Lords
  2. The Hollywood Balds (Vendetta & “DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco) def. Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) to earn a Tag Team Title shot on July 21st
  3. Jon Bolen def. Chris Hero
  4. BabyFace Fire (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory) def. “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne & Ernie Osiris
  5. “Fabulous” John McChesney def. IWC Super Indy Champion “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney to win the title
  6. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. IWC Tag Team Champions Johnny Gargano & Michael “The Bomber” Facade to win the titles
  7. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory def. Ricky Reyes
  8. “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe def. “The Baddest Man in IWC” Raymond Rowe

IWC’s Summer Sizzler culminated in what was one of the most anticipated one-on-one meetings in recent memory: The man who has rightfully been dubbed “The Baddest Man in IWC” Ray Rowe, with Cleveland Mafia partner J-Rocc in his corner, taking on the current TNA X Division Champion “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. Two men with an intensity and a style like no other. Both men refused to give an inch to the other in what quickly turned into a highly physical contest. After Rowe was dropped ribs-first into the steel turnbuckle bolt, it was feared the match may end prematurely. As Rowe’s corner man J-Rocc prepared to throw in the towel, Rowe physically stopped his partner, demanding the match continue. Rowe would recover in superhuman like fashion, kicking out of the muscle buster and escaping the Kokina Clutch. However, once Joe was able to lock in the Kokina Clutch for the second time, Rowe’s body finally gave out, and Samoa Joe was deemed the victor. However, it took everything Joe had within him and a broken rib to stop the suplex machine known as Ray Rowe.

IWC Champion Dennis Gregory’s true colors continued to shine through at Summer Sizzler. Just two months after using his longtime friendship with promoter Norm Connors to manipulate Norm into firing other heavyweight title contenders, and deeming Gregory the number one contender, only to see Gregory capitalize on these shortcuts to capture the IWC Title, Gregory sank even further. Apparently the firings of past champions weren’t the only strings he was able to pull, as from the front door of the building came Sebastian Dark and crooked referee Steven Colter, apparently re-instated into the company. When Norm Connors attempted to object, he was handed a mysterious envelope by Dark, the contents of which seemed to make the esteemed promoter quite upset. With HENTAI already in the ring as well, Gregory announced the reformation of the Unholy Alliance, and that the entire Alliance would be there in person on August 4 at No Excuses 3. While HENTAI’s body language seemed to indicate a few reservations of some of Gregory’s proclamations, its apparent the most lethal and dangerous faction in IWC history is now back and as strong as ever, thanks to the man who had fought harder than anyone to rid IWC of the Alliance last year, Dennis Gregory.

Gregory wasted no time organizing deals for himself, striking in the Super Indy Title defense of “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney against “Fabulous” John McChesney. McChesney had become consumed in recent months over his inability to recapture his fourth Super Indy title, and Gregory picked the opportune time to persuade the Fabulous One, interjecting in the match behind the official’s back, and bloodying Sweeney badly on the outside. Gregory and McChesney shook hands, cementing McChesney’s apparent arrival to the Unholy Alliance as well, as McChesney’s obsession over the Super Indy Title seemed to overrule his loyalty to the IWC brand and locker room. Sweeney fought through the pain, fought through the loss of blood, but as McChesney opened the wound further, the champion only grew weaker. After a McChesney frog splash, Sweeney had no more left in his system, and McChesney had captured his fourth Super Indy Title in very large part to Dennis Gregory. After the match, Chris Hero, a close friend of Sweeney’s who was actually brought back into IWC by Dennis Gregory, was noticeably very upset about Gregory’s actions toward Sweeney. The situation erupted into a violent brawl backstage later in the show that needed several members of the locker room to step in between.

Gregory’s Heavyweight Title defense later that night against previous champion Ricky Reyes was conveniently officiated by longtime Alliance sympathizer Steven Colter. But as Colter began to show signs of his old biased ways, promoter Norm Connors summoned referee CJ Sensation to oversee the action. However the numbers game became too much, and Sebastian Dark’s involvement, as well as John McChesney’s blatant interference led to Dennis Gregory retaining the championship. The entire newly-reformed Unholy Alliance, minus HENTAI who was sitting in on commentary for the DVD release, took liberties on Reyes, and also Bolen who had attempted to make the save but was also outnumbered. However, Sterling James Keenan made his long-anticipated IWC return, clearing the ring of Gregory and company, and the battle lines had officially been drawn again. SJK accepted Norm Connors’ personal apology, and also accepted a proposed shot at the IWC Heavyweight Title, but first SJK wanted the other individual directly responsible for SJK losing his title opportunity: Brent Albright.

IWC Tag Team Champions Michael “The Bomber” Façade and Johnny Gargano shocked the IWC world by surviving the Tag Team Title Gauntlet at Super Indy VI to become the new tag team champions. Façade & Gargano were out to prove it wasn’t just a fluke, but had their work cut out for them against former three-time champions Mickey & Marshall Gambino, along with Viki Gambino at ringside. The Gambinos were indeed able to end the Façade/Gargano feel-good story, despite J-Rocc at ringside personally endorsing and aiding the new champions. J-Rocc was able to temporarily counter-act the involvement of Viki Gambino until The Hollywood Balds made their presence known, allowing Viki to inflict more damage, spraying an unknown substance into Gargano’s eyes, leaving him temporarily blind. Mickey & Marshall took advantage of a 2-on-1 situation, and annihilated Façade with a super bomb en route to victory. After the match, the assault continued, with all five members of The Family standing tall.

However, The Hollywood Balds defeated Sexual Harassment in a #1 Tag Title Contender Match earlier in the night thanks to a miscommunication between Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol. Xtasy & Idol had already hit their signature move “The Rose Creeper” to cap off one of the most bizarre and unusual tag team encounters in IWC history. However, with Eric Xtasy on the ropes celebrating instead of attempting a cover, the Balds recovered and scored a shocking win. With The Hollywood Balds earning the right to the next tag team title shot in that match, will the glory of the gold re-create a rift in the Gambino Family?

Jon Bolen was victorious in his first official match back in IWC, defeating Chris Hero who was hired by Dennis Gregory to dispose of Bolen, who had ruined Gregory’s victory celebration and post-match attack on Ricky Reyes at Super Indy VI. Bolen scored the win with his patented Meltdown maneuver.

“Da Good Guy” Azrieal moved one step closer to Super Indy Title contention by defeating former champion “Balls Hot” Troy Lords. Azrieal shoved the referee into the ropes, dropping Lords. Whether it was intentional or not, Azrieal capitalized with his signature double stomp off the top to score the win. In spite of losing, Lords showed an increased aggressive streak and heightened determination to once again wear IWC singles gold.

After absolutely stellar nights in singles competition at Super Indy VI, Shiima Xion & Jason Gory reformed their Babyface Fire tag team to great success, defeating young ROH prospects Ernie Osiris & “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne. While the young Austin Aries students looked impressive in their IWC debut, the former IWC Tag Champs were able to dispose of them with From Lust To Dust from Shiima followed by a swanton from Jason Gory. After the match, Payne & Osiris ran down the IWC fans and the company itself, obviously frustrated after their losing effort. HENTAI hit the ring, disposing of them, and telling them that after what he went through last month, newcomers like them would not be tolerated.