Accept No Limitations 4 Results

Accept No Limitations 4
February 16th, 2008
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) def. The Hollywood Balds (Vendetta & “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco)
  2. “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross def. Human Tornado in a Super Indy VII Qualifying Match
  3. “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes def. “Snapshot” CJ Sensation in a Super Indy VII Qualifying Match
  4. Jerry Lynn def. Johnny Gargano in a Super Indy VII Qualifying Match
  5. “The Baddest Man in IWC” Raymond Rowe def. “The Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc via DQ
  6. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. Super Hentai & Michael “The Bomber” Facade via ref-stoppage
  7. Shiima Xion vs. Jason Gory in a Super Indy VII Qualifying Match went to a time limit draw
  8. IWC Super Indy Champion “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney def. Delirious
  9. The Sandman & Raven def. Dennis Gregory & Daivari

The International Wrestling Cartel presented Accept No Limitations 4, emanating from the famed Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa, a night that saw an emotional roller coaster of tragedy and triumph.

IWC Champion The Sandman & partner Raven were able to put their treacherous hate-filled past behind one another long enough to co-exist as tag team partners and defeat former champion Dennis Gregory and his War Machine ally Daivari. However, after the match, Gregory & Daivari decimated the ECW Originals with both a steel chair and Sandman’s own Singapore cane. Gregory made the challenge to Sandman for next month, to go one-on-one in Gregory’s environment – a Boot Camp match – for the IWC Heavyweight Title.

Super Indy champion “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney’s first title defense of his second reign was successful against fellow former Super Indy tournament winner & champion Delirious, with personal interpreter Daizee Haze at ringside. Sweeney was able to reign supreme after his 12 Large Elbow, and can now set his sights to future Super Indy challengers.

Several potential challengers were determined in a series of Super Indy VII qualifying matches, to determine who will advance to the field of eight this April. Super Indy is traditionally the trademark event of the IWC calendar year, and the destiny of dreams, where they will either become a reality or shatter to dust. Four official qualifying matches were held, with three men confirmed to enter the prestigious field.

Former World champion Jerry Lynn added himself to the Super Indy tournament field already including Troy Lords, Super Hentai, and Davey Richards with a victory over the 20-year-old upstart Johnny Gargano, who chose to accept a bid in the Super Indy qualifying round despite his regular tag team partner Façade being outnumbered in his war with The Gambino Family. After a fiercely competitive match, Lynn moved on to Super Indy using the cradle piledriver.

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross the long-time “Innovator of Aerial Insanity” met a man who just may be as light on his feet as he is: the debuting cult sensation Human Tornado. M-Dogg firmly re-established himself in IWC singles competition, officially qualifying for his first ever Super Indy Tournament with the shooting star press.

“Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes made a big time statement in his qualifying match, with his sound defeat of CJ Sensation in under two minutes with his lethal dragon sleeper. Reyes still has his mind set on recapturing IWC gold after being screwed out of the IWC Title by the War Machine twice last year. Will the Super Indy Title be in Reyes’ future? Once again after the match, Sensation’s growing frustration showed as he attacked Coalition of Competition trainees who were at the event helping out. But after he slapped the same man he shoved last month, the trainee jumped in the ring, calling for CJ to take him on. CJ just left, but how long will he be able to abuse these men just trying to help before they finally fight back?

Two men who will not have the Super Indy title in their future would be the current tag team champions Jason Gory & Shiima Xion, collectively known as BabyFace Fire. The two, who were intense rivals in the early years of their careers, revisited history with an extremely competitive battle which, much like many of their battles in and out of the ring in the past, ended in a draw. Both men went to the 15 minute time limit, which unfortunately means neither will advance to the Super Indy field. However, promoter Norm Connors dropped a bombshell… Shiima Xion & Jason Gory will still see action at Super Indy VII, as they defend the IWC Tag Titles against Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin, The Motor City Machine Guns!

Two unfortunate injuries occurred at Accept No Limitations as well, the first occurring to a man previously thought impervious to pain, Ray Rowe. Rowe was well on his way to teaching a very physical lesson to his former partner turned bitter backstabbing ex-friend J-Rocc, when J-Rocc’s true plan emerged in the form of 6’8” 300+ pound Jason Bane, a fellow Cleveland native and apparent new protégé of J-Rocc. Bane annihilated Ray Rowe, leaving him motionless and unconscious, and requiring medical attention, something no man has ever done to Rowe before. How exactly did J-Rocc and Bane completely destroy a man once thought indestructible? What is J-Rocc not telling us? hopes to uncover more news on this matter in the near future.

Also, Michael “The Bomber” Façade suffered currently unspecified injuries in his match teaming with Super Hentai against Mickey & Marshall Gambino. As the match progressed it was clear The Family was more concerned with carrying out the “hit” on Façade they attempted to finish last month, as opposed to athletic competition. After a spike piledriver on a stack of chairs on the floor on Facade, and a brutal assault on both Façade and Hentai shortly afterward, The Family was using gang warfare to reign supreme. The legendary Shirley Doe made his re-emergence to aid his longtime friend Hentai and one-time student Façade, but he too became a victim of the numbers game. The Gambino Family is back in business and perhaps more dangerous than ever before.

We also saw a very serious edge on another tag team, that being Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy, Sexual Harassment. After one final plea from Justin Idol for Eric Xtasy to take matters more seriously as they continue to work their way closer to a tag title opportunity, Eric finally relented and regardless of the best attempts of Jimmy DeMarco, Harassment stayed focused on defeating The Hollywood Balds, which they did indeed do. After having pinned five of the past six IWC Tag Team Champions, and now showing a more serious-than-ever demeanor, is Sexual Harassment finally focused and cohesive enough to contend for the IWC Tag titles?