Newville Knockout 4 Results

Newville Knockout 4
August 16th, 2008
Big Spring Area Community Center – Newville, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Johnny Gargano def. Michael Facade
  2. Jimmy Demarco def. Ian Jordan
  3. Jake Roberts def. John McChesney
  4. IWC Tag Team Champions Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) def. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
  5. Logan Shulo def. Troy Lords
  6. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) def. BabyFace Fire (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory)
  7. Ricky Reyes def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Dennis Gregory via DQ

IWC’s annual voyage to Newville, PA to benefit to Children’s Miracle Network saw the most successful Newville IWC show to date. However, for IWC Champion Dennis Gregory, it may have been the beginning of his self-destruction. Following a tainted victory over the man many feel is the rightful IWC Champion, the man who’s been cheated from victory more times than anybody by Gregory, “Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes, Gregory’s moment of celebration was spoiled by, of all people, “Fabulous” John McChesney. The very many who once aided Gregory in victory, had blown his cover, exposing the steel chain Gregory had used to obtain victory. As a result, Reyes was awarded the win via disqualification, and Gregory went on an absolute rampage, attacking referee Steven Colter, ring announcer Chuck Roberts, and even promoter Norm Connors himself. What repercussions will the IWC front office have for the champion Norm has publicly called a “disgrace”?

Speaking of John McChesney, he was once again bested by the legendary master of mat psychology Jake “The Snake” Roberts. McChesney’s best attempts to ban Roberts’ pet snake Jezebel from Newville, just as he did from the Court Time Sports Center, went unsuccessful, and Roberts used his mind games and intimidation to lead to the DDT. After the match however, Roberts admitted to the world, he enjoys wrestling, and even respects, John McChesney. Will this endorsement from a bona fide legend finally cement the return of the old John McChesney? Is the Fabulous One ready to rebel against the one-time War Machine dictator?

They are the most cohesive tag team in professional wrestling today, and that’s exactly what led Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, The Motor City Machine Guns, into victory against arguably IWC’s most cohesive and hottest young tag team Jason Gory & Shiima Xion, Babyface Fire, in what many are calling the match of the night. Are Shelley and Sabin finally ready to challenge for the IWC Tag Titles or can BFF bounce back and get back into the title picture?

Speaking of tag team action, Sexual Harassment successfully defended their titles against the dastardly Gambino Family in a very diverse and unique encounter. After involvement from Jimmy DeMarco, Ian Jordan and the local radio DJ team, Harassment managed to retain the titles with the Rose Creeper.

Former tag championship partners collided as Johnny Gargano bested former ally Michael “The Bomber” Façade to earn himself a shot at Super Indy Champion Jerry Lynn on September 13. Is the student finally ready to overcome his mentor? Or does the 20-year veteran Lynn still have a few extra tricks up his sleeve?

Rookie Logan Shulo scored his biggest win to date, defeating former IWC Tag & Super Indy champion “Balls Hot” Troy Lords in just Shulo’s fourth professional match. Shulo’s combination of deceptive agility and size and power have proven to be a difficult formula to counter. How far will Shulo’s star rise here in IWC?

“DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco and hometown hero renewed a year-old rivalry as the two met in a rematch from 12 months ago. With his diabolical cousin Mickey Gambino on the outside, and a chair-wielding Marshall sneaking in at the opportune time, DeMarco had the perfect plan to humiliate his opposition right in his own backyard. The Family executed their hit, but as we saw in the tag title encounter, Jordan would get the last word on the Family, leveling DeMarco with a chairshot of his own.