Boiling Point 3 Results

Boiling Point 3
September 13th, 2008
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Vendetta def. Eric Xtasy to qualify for the IWC Title Tournament
  2. Shiima Xion def. Marshall Gambino to qualify for the IWC Title Tournament
  3. Jimmy DeMarco def. Mickey Gambino to qualify for the IWC Title Tournament
  4. Justin Idol def. Jason Gory to qualify for the IWC Title Tournament
  5. Johnny Gargano def. IWC Super Indy Champion Jerry Lynn and Super Hentai to win the title
  6. Troy Lords def. Logan Shulo
  7. Raymond Rowe def. John McChesney and Ricky Reyes to become the #1 seed in the IWC Title Tournament
  8. Delirious & Daizee Haze def. Dennis Gregory & Sara Del Rey

On Saturday, September 13, IWC began step one of four in determining the crowning of a new IWC Heavyweight Champion over the next two months, with October 25 & 26 to be the official tournament culmination at IWC’s “Promotional Consideration Paid For By The Following” weekend. The IWC title has been contested in a tournament environment twice before, seeing Colt Cabana (now Scotty Goldman in WWE) and Ricky Reyes emerge victorious. Who will have the ability to withstand IWC’s largest tournament to date?

IWC’s foundation was rocked in another way as Bubba the Bulldog made his return to Elizabeth and addressed the IWC fans and locker room. Bubba spoke candidly regarding his career, his mistakes, and a life-changing throat surgery that gave him a newfound dedication and desire. Bubba announced he was currently on a mission to get into the best shape of his life and return to the ring, and in the meantime, he has joined IWC’s management team, assisting promoter Norm Connors with day-to-day and live event decisions while Connors is not around. As the original founder of IWC before Connors assumed control and built it to newer and greater heights, Bubba brings a rich experience and a no-nonsense attitude, already opting to fire CJ Sensation largely due to his unnerving and illegal claims of having Miley Cyrus as his girlfriend. Bubba’s impact would be felt again many times throughout the night.

Former IWC Champion, despite still carrying the actual title belt, Dennis Gregory, certainly had to be worried about his future. Despite claiming he will soon become a 6-time champion and receiving a bye as #1 seed, Gregory had unfinished business with Delirious & Daizee Haze. After months of chauvinistic and inappropriate comments toward Haze, she & Delirious gained a measure of revenge by defeating Gregory and his mixed tag team partner, the double-tough Sara Del Rey. With a win over the former champion, Delirious has to make himself an odds-on-favorite for inclusion in the 16 man Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Jerry Lynn was scheduled to defend the Super Indy Title against his protégé Johnny Gargano, however Bubba the Bulldog made his presence known and made a great match even better by adding the longest reigning and greatest Super Indy Champion of all time into the mix, Super Hentai, making it a three-way elimination match. The theme of the match was respect, two of the most respected veterans, and the young prospect Lynn had taught so much to and instilled so much respect in. Much to the shock of everyone involved, champion Lynn was the first to be eliminated, being pinned by Hentai, thus giving Hentai the 2-1 victory in his best of three series with Lynn. It came down to Hentai and Gargano, and respect took a backseat. When he saw his opening, Gargano delivered a low blow to Hentai with the referee diverted, en route to capturing his first Super Indy Title. Gargano celebrated as everyone locked on, amazed that a student of Jerry Lynn could behave in such a way. It seems that after a year and a half of slipping under the radar, IWC has finally been introduced to the real Johnny Gargano.

The most prestigious IWC Heavyweight Title Tournament Qualifying Match was to determine the #2 seed, pitting the three men who arguably have the biggest claim to the IWC Title against one another – former champion Ricky Reyes, “Baddest Man in IWC” Ray Rowe, and “Fabulous” John McChesney. The Havana Pitbull and former tournament winner was eliminated first via a double pin, leaving Rowe & McChesney to battle for the first time in IWC history. Rowe delivered his usual stone-faced lethal offense, yet McChesney, just as the John McChesney of old, took the fight to his rival and would not back down. However, Ray Rowe and his Knee of Woe persevered to earn the coveted #2 seed officially solidifying his place in the Heavyweight Title Tournament.

No less than five other athletes qualified to the elite field of sixteen.

Jimmy DeMarco had planned to take a dive, allowing cousin Mickey Gambino to easily coast into the tournament, however after a speech from Bubba the Bulldog about Bubba’s past opportunities to further his career that he missed out on, which included advice from men like Shane Douglas and Bret Hart, Bubba told DeMarco to not be like Bubba, to have “no regrets”. DeMarco took this to heart, and rather than lay down for Mickey, he chose to fight. With a torn Family at ringside, DeMarco hit his Candy Coated Cookie Cutter to advance to the tournament. Will the Family recover? And will Dr. DeeeLicious’ prescription lead to championship gold?

Shiima Xion advanced to the next round over the very man who attempted to end his career last year with an attack filled with broken champagne bottles and thumbtacks, near 300-pound Marshall “The Bull” Gambino. After playing a very controversial video of some of Marshall’s less-than-intimidating moments in IWC history, Xion was in the head of his larger adversary, and after withstanding the beating, came back to score the upset win.

One-half of the IWC Tag Champions Justin Idol qualified over frequent tag rival Jason Gory in their first ever singles meeting in IWC. After the most evenly matched contest of the evening, Idol advanced with a double-arm brain buster called the “Idolizer”.

Vendetta scored without question the biggest win of his career, overcoming current Tag Champion and former IWC Heavyweight Champion “The Bisexual Bulldozer” Eric Xtasy. With Vendetta making waves about deserving higher profile matches and title shots in recent months, will this finally be the time for “Bald Evil” to realize his potential?

“Balls Hot” Troy Lords avenged his loss to young Logan Shulo back in Newville to add his name to the IWC Title Tournament hat. Balls Hot has a long history of IWC Tag and Super Indy title reigns, but is he finally ready for the top prize in the organization? Who will be the man to rise up and seize the proverbial brass ring? Or will it be an athlete still yet to qualify? Only time will tell as we inch deeper into the most tumultuous time in IWC history.