Revengeance 5 Results

Revengeance 5!
October 11th, 2008
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Super Hentai def. Michael Facade
  2. Claudio Castagnoli def. Logan Shulo
  3. Denny Gregory def. Jimmy Vegas via count-out
  4. John McChesney def. Colin Delaney
  5. BabyFace Fire (Shiima Xion & Jason Gory) def. Cheech & Cloudy and The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
  6. Shane Taylor def. Jimmy DeMarco via DQ
  7. IWC Tag Team Champions Sexual Harassment (Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy) def. The Best Around (TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell)
  8. Stevie Richards def. Larry Sweeney

With the huge 2-day IWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament in Cheswick, PA at the Steel City Con only 2 weeks away, everybody in IWC was on a quest to prove that they are ready for the title this past Saturday night at Revengeance 5!

An old friend returned to Pittsburgh as Stevie Richards returned home. His opponent was none other than the incomparable “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney! After the match opening “feeling out process” seemed to go Stevie’s way, Sweeney went back to what he knows best: a strut off! Stevie seemed a bit unprepared for the antics of the “Sweet N Sour” one, as he opted instead to pull a female fan from the crowd and do a tango! Sweeney was able to control the majority of the match, and thought he had things in hand when he hit the 12 Large Elbow. But Sweeney, and even the IWC fans, were shocked when Richards kicked out! Sweeney broke into his old bag of tricks and hit Stevie with the ‘68 Comeback Specia;. But again, Stevie’s resilience pulled through, and he was able to kick out.

Then, out of nowhere, he nailed a Stevie Kick to Sweeney, only to see Sweeney kick out as well! It took two more Stevie Kicks for him to be able to keep the ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Champ down for the three count, and pick up the win! After the match, Stevie showed his respect for Sweeney and the IWC fans, and thanked them for such a warm welcome back.

The only gold being defended on Revengeance 5! were the IWC Tag Team Titles as Sexual Harassment defended against The Best Around! Bubba the Bulldog granted TBA the title match, giving new talent a chance to shine. They took their opportunity and brought the fight to the champs. An incredible string of double-team maneuvers ended with an assisted 450 by TJ Cannon. But Justin Idol moved out of the way and rolled up Bruce Maxwell to pick up the victory! On October 25th, Idol enters the IWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament with a first round match against BabyFace Fire’s Shiima Xion. With Harassment able to pick up two big wins over BFF this past summer, can Idol capitalize on that success with a first round victory?

What is being touted by some as the match of the night is Dennis Gregory battling Jimmy Vega$ for the number one seed in the IWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament. These two former champions are no strangers to each other, as both have been on opposite sides of the ring, as well as in each others’ corner. Gregory was quick to point this fact out before the match, attempting to make an alliance with Vega$. That alliance was short-lived as Gregory punched him, sending Vega$ to the mat. The two men battled as old rivals would, knowing each others next move and capitalizing on it. Gregory landed a breathtaking dive over the top rope to the floor. They took the fight out of the ring to the IWC entrance way. With the referee’s count drawing close, Gregory clawed his way back into the ring to beat the ten count. As a result, the former 5-time IWC Champion will enter the number one seed in the tournament, taking on number 16, Logan Shulo.

Revengeance 5! also saw new faces hit IWC as former ECW star Colin Delaney took on a rejuvinated “Fabulous” John McChesney. While Delaney is a fine competitor in his own right, McChesney had one thing on his mind: IWC gold. With the tournament right around the corner, McChesney picked up some much needed momentum as he was able to put away Delaney with an Electric Chair Driver for the win.

More new faces debuting for IWC came in the form of Cheech & Cloudy, collectively known as Up In Smoke. They took on two established teams in IWC, BabyFace Fire and the Gambino Brothers. BFF and the Gambinos picked up right where they left off. The Gambinos attempted to take out Shiima Xion with the help of their sister, Viki. But miscommunication between the team led to Marshall clotheslining Viki off the apron, and being rolled up by Shiima Xion to be eliminated first. With the match on the line and BFF having the momentum of the first fall, Up In Smoke turned it up a notch. Hitting their signature double-team maneuvers like Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Cheech and their double-team backfist/enziguri combo couldn’t keep the former 2-time Tag Team Champions down, though. Gory was able to come up with the QAS on Cheech out of nowhere, but Cheech rolled it over only to be met with the Bible Black double knees by Shiima! That allowed Gory to roll Cheech back over and pick up the win! Xion will enter the IWC Title Tournament against BFF rival Sexual Harassment’s Justin Idol.

Logan Shulo began his night by telling the IWC fans he felt like he did not seize his opportunity at Boiling Point 3 in his tournament qualifying match against Troy Lords. That’s why he had a big match on his hands with Claudio Castagnoli. Logan felt he had to prove himself against one of the best in the world to really earn the spot in the tournament Bubba and promoter Norm Connors have granted him. The more experienced Castagnoli planted Logan with the Ricola Bomb to get the win, but Logan may have proven to his detractors that he deserves his spot in the tournament. But he’ll have a mountain to climb as he must take on the former 5-time IWC champion Dennis Gregory!

J-Rocc’s newest Cleveland monster, the 375 lb. Shane Taylor debuted for IWC against “DeeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco, but J-Rocc didn’t get the result he had hoped for. J-Rocc & Taylor underestimated the heart and determination of Jimmy D, who had the support of the IWC crowd behind him after his performance against Mickey Gambino last month. As Jimmy hit the Candy Coated Cookie Cutter (or the “C4?), his Gambino cousins hit the ring to beat down Shane Taylor, giving him the DQ win. J-Rocc had to hold Taylor back on the outside of the ring, and took his monster back to the locker room as the Gambino family bickered in the ring. Jimmy exited as he spit a fan’s drink on his cousins.

Michael “The Bomber” Facade met with his mentor Super Hentai to determine the #1 contender to IWC Super Indy Champion Johnny Gargano. The student fought valiantly against his teacher. Facade brought everything he could at the first-ever Super Indy Champion Hentai, but Hentai’s experience seemed to win out, as he was able to capitalize on a mistake by Facade to hit the double knees off the top for the win. With both men entering the IWC World Heavyweight Title Tournament in 2 weeks as well, does this win give Hentai a little added momentum for his first round match against the debuting Sami Callihan?