Accept No Limitations 5 Results

Accept No Limitations 5
March 7th, 2009
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Michael Facade def. Logan Shulo to qualify for the Super Indy Tournament
  2. Super Hentai def. Jason Gory to qualify for the Super Indy Tournament
  3. Larry Sweeney def. Shiima Xion
  4. Elijah Burke def. Delirious to qualify for the Super Indy Tournament
  5. John McChesney def. Chris Hero to qualify for the Super Indy Tournament
  6. IWC Tag Team Champions Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist) def. The Best Around (TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell)
  7. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Ray Rowe def. Chest Flexor
  8. Shiima Xion def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Ray Rowe to win the title

IWC’s fifth annual Accept No Limitations was meant to be the night Shiima Xion received a rightful rematch against “Baddest Man in IWC” Ray Rowe for the IWC Championship. However, thanks to the bias nature of our promoter, who feels that men like Shiima and Jimmy DeMarco don’t “deserve” to be among IWC’s featured attractions, Shiima was instead placed into action against the most charismatic showman in IWC history “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney. For extra incentive, Connors promised Sweeney a Super Indy 8 spot should he defeat the Future of Fashion. Sweeney did just that, qualifying for Super Indy 8 and seemingly squashing Shiima’s title aspirations on a night when Shiima went public with the shocking news that due to the recent conditions in IWC, Shiima was actively negotiating with other wrestling organizations.

Meanwhile, Shiima’s would-be opponent Ray Rowe, the emotionless assassin that once merely loved inflicting pain and being in the middle of intense combat, was willingly taking the easy way out. With 375+ pound Shane Taylor in his corner, Rowe “defended” his IWC championship against… Chest Flexor, despite Flexor having yet to have a match that lasted over two minutes, let alone win one. While Flexor deserves all the credit in the world for choosing to stay and fight and do whatever he could, Rowe simply was untested. Rowe cinched in a simple side headlock until Flexor’s head was squeezed so tightly he had no choice to pass out. But Rowe’s night was far from done.

Enter Jimmy DeMarco. The Perpetual Pervert of Pittsburgh had a bombshell. With our promoter not physically present in the building, the man in charge is… Jimmy DeMarco?! DeMarco used his dubious past of being named assistant to Dennis Gregory on the night Gregory attempted to take over IWC as just cause to take the reigns. Whether DeMarco’s power was legitimate or not, we found ourselves with an impromptu no-disqualification IWC Title Match – Ray Rowe vs. the man screwed over in the first place, Shiima Xion. After a chaotic battle that saw interference from a myriad of personalities, and a little help from fellow-persecuted talent DeMarco, Shiima Xion beat the unbeatable, pinning Ray Rowe to capture the IWC Championship for the second time. However, this time it would be Shiima that would be screwing over his now FORMER boss.

Shiima announced that, despite capturing the IWC Title, if fans wanted to see him defend his belt, they’d have to look elsewhere. Namely, Mexico. Shiima announced he had officially signed a contract with the AAA promotion in Mexico, and if our promoter wanted his belt back, he’d have to come to Mexico to take it.

Tag champions Dave & Jake Crist, two other athletes who find themselves as our promoter “chosen ones” defeated The Best Around, TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell, who have also found themselves doing deeds for our dubious promoter. After the match, two more shafted ex-champions Sexual Harassment ran down to seek revenge, but became a victim of the numbers game. Mickey & Marshall Gambino surfaced to make things what appeared to be 6 on 2. However, The Gambinos shocked everyone by coming to the aid of Sexual Harassment. Mickey & Marshall explained they respected Harassment for earning all they accomplished, and that the Gambinos, too, were not happy with the recent goings-on within IWC. The Gambinos never did care much for law and authority, and it seems our promoter may have found himself added to a certain hit list.

The real John McChesney seems to officially be back and better than ever. On the heels of Fab’s rival Dennis Gregory packing up shop and quitting, McChesney defeated Chris Hero to qualify for Super Indy 8. A respectful Hero post-match made it clear he believes McChesney can become the first ever 2-time tournament winner. And perhaps more importantly, it seems McChesney now believes as well. With Dennis Gregory out of IWC, can anything stop The Fabulous One of regaining his former glory and recapturing Super Indy gold?

“The Silver Tongued Pugilist” and amateur boxer extraordinaire Elijah Burke brought an “Elijah Experience” to IWC rings in his debut, defeating Super Indy champion Delirious in a non-title affair, qualifying Burke for the Super Indy 8 extravaganza. One must question the focus of Delirious in this match however, with the dastardly actions of Sami Callihan a month ago, dropping Daizee Haze on her head from behind, and one must wonder how far Delirious will go to seek retribution.

Super Hentai, no doubt looking for Super Indy 8 momentum in his own right, defeated Jason Gory in a Teacher vs. Student affair. Hentai looked to instill a lesson on Gory following an error by Gory in last month’s ten man tag match. After a spirited contest, it seemed both men exited the match better off from it.

Michael “The Bomber” Façade cemented his Super Indy 8 status defeating Logan Shulo in the third and final meeting of IWC’s young lions. Will Façade be able to springboard to the next level this spring against the toughest field of competition he’s ever encountered?