No Excuses 5 Results

No Excuses 5
August 1st, 2009
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Gregory Iron def. J-Rocc in a pre-show match
  2. Louis Lyndon def. CJ Sensation in a pre-show match
  3. Sexual Harassment (Justin Idol & Eric Xtasy) def. Marion Fontaine & Kato
  4. IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai def. Johnny Gargano
  5. Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley) def. Delirious & Daizee Haze via DQ
  6. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Jon Bolen, Michael Facade, & Jimmy Vega$ def. Lord Zoltan, Shane Taylor, Logan Shulo, & James Avery
  7. Ray Rowe def. Jimmy DeMarco via doctor-stoppage
  8. Jason Gory def. Kushida Yujiro
  9. IWC Tag Team Champions Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) def. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino)
  10. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Shiima Xion def. John McChesney

IWC returned to action with “No Excuses 5? at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA on August 1st, 2009. The evening was highlighted by paying tribute to the Legends of Wrestling, as the fans were given the opportunity to meet and greet such Legends as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, and Dominic Denucci.

Before the main show began, we were treated to two bonus matches. In the first, the returning “Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc faced IWC newcomer “The Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron. J-Rocc entered the match with an elbow injury, and favored it the entire match, which allowed Iron to take advantage of a failed Death Valley Driver attempt, using a sunset flip for the victory. The other contest pitted another IWC newcomer in Louis Lyndon taking on “Snapshot” CJ Sensation. Following a fact paced match, Lyndon reversed CJ’s offense, and scored with a quick backslide to secure the win.

Before getting under way with the main card, IWC promoter N-Con came to the ring to make an announcement that has already shaken IWC to the core. As of the December 12th “A Call to Arms 2009? event, he will retire from promoting professional wrestling. That evening, he will hold nothing back in explaining how he has come to this decision, but in the mean time there were a few other topics to discuss. One is that due to the outpouring from the wrestling world who want to see N-Con off, the December event will now be held over two days to accommodate all of the talent whom would like to compete one more time under N-Con’s IWC banner. He also announced that IWC will continue on, and asked for the fans’ support in keeping IWC going strong. In regards to the night’s events, N-Con also announced that he has dropped his bounty on Jimmy Demarco. He explained that despite how he feels about people such as Demarco and Shiima Xion, the fans like and support them, and he refuses to put his personal feelings in the way any longer.

The official event began with tag team action, as Eric Xtasy and Justin Idol, Sexual Harassment faced the newly-formed team of “Megastar” Marion Fontaine and Kato. Both teams used their comedic tendencies in an attempt to gain the advantage over their opponents, and it eventually paid off for Harassment, as they used their patented Rose Creeper on Fontaine, followed by Extasy covering him for the win. The win surely puts Idol and Xtasy at the top of the list of teams in the hunt for the IWC tag team championships.

The Super Indy championship was on the line when champion Super Hentai faced his nemesis “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano. Gargano never actually lost the Super Indy title, but instead was stripped due to injury last year. After Hentai won Super Indy VIII in May to win the championship, he was cowardly attacked by Gargano following a grueling night of action. The hatred these two men have for each other was evident, as this resembled a street fight more than a wrestling match at times. However, it was Hentai’s in-ring experience that allowed him to prevail in the end, as when Gargano attempted to hit his “Uniquely You” for the win, Hentai rolled through with a victory roll variation to secure the win. As a stunned Gargano looked on, Hentai celebrated his first successful defense of his second Super Indy championship reign. had been provided in recent weeks with creepy videos of someone stalking Daizee Haze, the manager/translator/partner of former IWC Super Indy champion Delirious. It was eventually revealed that the mastermind was indeed “The New Horror” Sami Calihan. Daizee told Calihan to bring whomever he wanted for a mixed tag team match. Calihan mentioned that the locker room was was trying to guess who the partner would be, going as far as suggesting Bertha Faye, Awesome Kong, or Mischif. The partner, however, wasn’t even a woman at all, but instead 6’4?, 230 lb “Street Dog” Jon Moxley. Calihan and Moxley form the “Switchblade Conspiracy” elsewhere on the indy scene, and once Delirious saw the two together, he instructed Daizee to go to the locker room for her own safety. Calihan and Moxley proceded to beat on Delirious for the majority of the match, until the Haze made her way back to ringside. A groggy Delirious made the tag, and Daizee took over on Calihan in the ring with a Yakuza Kick, and a plancha onto Moxley on the floor. Eventually Delirious tagged back in, but was dispatched to the floor. Calihan grabbed Daizee while Moxley grabbed a chair, but before they could assault the Haze, Delirious wrestled the chair away, and used it on both opponents, causing a disqualification. Despite Calihan and Moxley earning a cheap victory, this war with Delirious and Daizee appears far from over.

A scheduled six-man tag turned into a chaotic eight-man tag as Pittsburgh Legend Lord Zoltan, “Notorious” Shane Taylor, Logan Shulo and IWC newcomer James Avery (with Mayor Mystery) faced Jimmy Vega$, Michael “the Bomber” Facade, the returning Jon Bolen, and wrestling Legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (with Dominic Denucci in the corner). Zoltan’s team played referee Steven Colter as a fool for a large portion of the match, distracting him and using nefarious means to keep the advantage. However, the tide eventually turned and after Vega$ and Bolen joined forces to suplex the monster Taylor, they tagged out to Snuka, who connected with his famous Superfly Splash on Taylor to earn his team the victory. Vega$, Bolen, and Facade raised the arms of Snuka and Denucci afterwards, showing the wrestling Legends the respect that they rightfully deserve.

The match that was signed due to the bounty that had since been dropped by N-Con was next, as “the Baddest Man in IWC” Ray Rowe took on “Deelicious” Jimmy Demarco. These two men beat each other all over Court Time Sports Center, including Demarco dropping Rowe on the steel ramp. However, Rowe moments later threw an overhead belly-to-belly on Demarco from ringside and over the guardrail, into the fans and chairs. Thanks to the fans’ help, Demarco was able to barely beat referee Bobby Williams’ ten-count. Unfortunately for Demarco, it only got worse for him from there, as Rowe used his size advantage to smother Jimmy D, and proceeded to throw an excessive amount of strikes, bloodying up Demarco. Dr. Nick was called to the ring, and put a stop to the match as Demraco was unconcious, bloody, and unable to defend himself. Despite N-Con’s bounty being called off, Rowe continued the assault until Demarco’s cousins, Mickey and Marshall Gambino chased him off.

Following a brief intermission, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff made his way into the IWC ring to greet his fans. He spoke for a few minutes, praising both the IWC locker room and its fans, and received a respectful, or should I say “Wonderful”, standing ovation.
Next up was the “International Challenge” as “the New Face” Jason Gory faced the debuting Kushida Yujiro. Both men gave their all in this back-and-forth contest, includiing both taking to the air numerous times. Gory eventually was able to pull out a huge victory when he hit his “Sleepwalker” on Yujiro for the pin. As the fans chanted “This is awesome” in appreciation for what they had just seen, Gory stuck his hand out in a show of respect. Yujiro went to shake the hand, but instead rolled out of the ring to a chorus of boos. Depsite the aftermath, nothing can take away from the fact that Gory scored one of the biggest wins of his career over a wrestler who has made a major name for himself on the Japanese wrestling scene.

The tag team championship match pitted champions the Irish Airborne, Jake and Dave Crist, against former champions the Gambino Brothers, Mickey and Marshall. Another match fueled by hatred saw all four men brawling, when Viki Gambino shockingly made her way to ringside. Viki hadn’t been seen since the Night of Legends event in March of this year, where she turned her back on her family. She made her way into the ring with her purse in-hand, but Marshall stopped her and threatened to strike her, causing her to drop the purse. Jake Crist took advantage of the distraction and nailed Marshall with the purse, which appeared to be loaded, as he was knocked cold, which led to the pinfall.

The main event for the evening saw the return from a tour with the AAA promotion in Mexico of IWC heavyweight champion Shiima Xion, as he defended against “Fabulous” John McChesney, who was receiveing his first ever IWC heavyweight title shot. Both men seemed to know what the other would do before they did, which led to an early show of respect. McChesney took control, and even nailed Xion with a flip dive from the ring, over the guardrail and into crowd. Fabulous eventually had Shiima in position for his electric chair driver, when Xion rolled through into a pinning combination, grabbing a handful of tights to secure the victory. As the crowd began accusing Shiima of cheating to win, McChesney confronted the champion, and was slapped in response. Before they could come to blows, Ray Rowe charged out from the locker room, and clotheslined McChesney. He and Shiima glared at each other, then shocked everyone by actually hugging over a beaten McChesney. As Rowe continued to attack Fabulous, Shiima explained that although N-Con removed his bounty from the head of Jimmy Demarco, he instead placed one instead. This made apparent why Rowe beat on Demraco to the extent that he did during their match earlier in the evening. Shiima proceeded to insult the fans, saying that he was an international wrestling superstar, a supermodel, and simply better than the IWC fans, and people like Demarco. The Irish Airborne, Logan Shulo, and Shane Taylor made their way to the ring, shortly followed by the majority of the locker room, in an effort to save McChesney and fend off his attackers. Finally, it was Jon Bolen who made his way into the ring and took down Rowe, leading to the two brawling. It was pure chaos with bodies everywhere fighting, but the lasting impression was McChesney crawling after a taunting Shiima Xion, in an ill-fated attempt to get his hands on the IWC champion.