November Pain 5 Results

November Pain 5
November 14th, 2009
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Michael Facade def. Jason Gory
  2. Jon Bolen def. Kato
  3. John McChesney def. Shane Taylor
  4. Jimmy DeMarco def. Johnny Gargano
  5. Hernandez def. Ray Rowe
  6. Jimmy Vega$ def. Logan Shulo
  7. IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai def. Justin Idol
  8. “Erica” Xtasy & The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. Viki Gambino & Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist)
  9. Dennis Gregory def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Shiima Xion via DQ

With just four weeks before what will surely be a historic and emotional end to promoter Norm Connors’ 16-year professional wrestling career, and the official announcement of the new owner of IWC that will carry us all into 2010 and beyond, the International Wrestling Cartel returned to the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa as tensions hit a new peak at the fifth annual November Pain spectacular.

International superstar and IWC Champion Shiima Xion is on a collision course with former best friend and current bitter rival “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco, stemming from Shiima’s growing jealousy over DeMarco overtaking him as IWC’s most popular attraction. Shiima’s insecurities have led to the destruction of a friendship, the formation of a bounty, and a countdown to arguably the most anticipated title match in IWC history when Xion defends against DeMarco in Elizabeth on December 12. However, Shiima had one final test before Dr. DeeeLicious, that in the form of 5-time former champion Dennis Gregory, weeks away from a life-changing event of his own, as he returns to Iraq to serve our great country in battle. That didn’t stop Gregory from waging war with Shiima, in an effort to bring the title with him overseas, much as Shiima had done in the past under very different circumstances. The champion dug deep into his bag of tricks to protect the title, blinding Gregory with hairspray to earn a cheap disqualification loss, and retaining his title. A post-match assault by Shiima and his “Chosen Ones” of Ray Rowe, Shane Taylor, and IWC Tag Champions Irish Airborne was thwarted by DeMarco and, of all people, “Fabulous” John McChesney. However, McChesney showed no respect or remorse for his former leader, slapping Gregory in the face. McChesney and Gregory finally settle their rivalry 18 months in the making on December 12 in one of the most dangerous matches in existence – a Texas Death Match!

As for DeMarco, he had one step before he reached December 12 as well, as “The Whole Shebang” tried to collect Shiima’s bounty by eliminating Pittsburgh’s Perpetual Pervert himself. Gargano shined on the mat, but DeMarco’s well-rounded and unorthodox nature was enough to survive the former Super Indy champion, knocking Gargano loopy with a mid-air C4 to gain the victory and momentum leading into “A Call to Arms” weekend. DeMarco immediately made motion to his waist to signify he wants to IWC Title, and based on his actions on this night, DeMarco showed how seriously he is taking this battle, and the personal and professional ramifications surrounding it. DeMarco & Shiima both started in IWC, have called IWC their home for their entire careers, and are best friends turned hated enemies. Never has an IWC title match taken place on such a huge stage featuring two men who are bona fide IWC originals, and everything that IWC has come to stand for. Will Shiima Xion achieve personal peace of mind by eliminating the man who has never been kept down and proving that he truly is the best wrestler in IWC today? Or can Jimmy DeMarco finally stand up and get the respect and attention he deserves, and become perhaps IWC’s most unlikely champion ever? One of these men will be the face of a company leading into 2010, and the only way to find out who is to be there live on December 12.

Super Indy champion Super Hentai and recognized top contender, Justin Idol of Sexual Harassment, stole the show in the eyes of many in a classic and physical rematch of their Super Indy 8 final round encounter. With both men completely fresh and having weeks to prepare for one another, a stark contrast from their prior meeting, both pulled out all stops to emerge on top. It was Super Hentai who survived this war of attrition, and showed why exactly he is synonymous with that championship and the true Super Indy Innovator. It’s very fitting that the Norm Connors era of IWC has an opportunity to end with the Super Indy Championship being around the waist of the man who embodies that division more so than anyone. But it’s far from a sure thing…

Michael “The Bomber” Façade bested Jason Gory in a battle to determine the top Super Indy Title contender for “A Call to Arms” weekend. With Super Hentai watching on guest commentary, both of these two athletes whom Hentai had a major hand in the training and development of pulled out all stops to prove themselves worthy of championship opportunity. Façade came up big with the Arashikage Driver, earning him the chance to step into Super Indy immortality against the man that made it famous. Can The Bomber tag his first IWC singles title? As for Gory, he was met by former partner Shiima Xion who had some very harsh words for his former Babyface Fire tag partner. Shiima gave Jason Gory a lot to think about and contemplate. How will Jason Gory respond?

Tag team champions Dave & Jake Crist partnered with Family-turncoat Viki Gambino to oppose 5-time IWC Tag Champions Mickey & Marshall Gambino and their mystery partner for this inter-gender tag match, and everyone underestimated how apropos the word “inter-gender” would be in this situation. The brothers Gambino were joined by… “Erica Xtasy”, who coincidentally was the same height, weight, and as we eventually found out hairstyle, as her “brother” Eric. The psychological games led to “Erica” scoring the win for its team, but the celebration was only momentary. While The Gambinos and Sexual Harassment no doubt have mutual disdain for the way the Crists have acquired and retained their titles, when it comes to which team is more deserving of unseating Irish Airborne, all bets are off. However, it is Mickey & Marshall who have been given the opportunity, and the stakes will be raised December 12, as the losing team must leave IWC! Can The Gambino Family add to their storied tag team legacy and avenge the betrayal of their sister Viki? Or can Irish Airborne keep the luck of the Irish in tact?

The ever-intense and frighteningly powerful Jon Bolen scored a victory over the very game young veteran Kato but using the “Meltdown”, but following the bout was ambushed by Ray Rowe‘s hired gun “Notorious“ Shane Taylor. An enraged Bolen had to be forcibly restrained from charging after the 375 pounder, however, “Fabulous” John McChesney was more than happy to step up to the plate and do battle in Bolen’s place. McChesney defeated Taylor, gaining a measure of revenge for the actions of Shiima Xion and his chosen ones toward McChesney over the past several months. Meanwhile, Ray Rowe had his work cut out for him as well. With the impending threat of Jon Bolen no doubt on his mind, Rowe was defeated by former multiple time TNA World Tag Team Champion “Super Mex” Hernandez. It was a night of mixed emotions of both of IWC’s two most intimidating stars. Now, on November 12, IWC’s too baddest dudes mix it up as Jon Bolen goes one-on-one with the “Suplex Machine” Ray Rowe!

Jimmy Vega$ is IWC’s first ever two-time heavyweight champion and over the past few years has made a number of appearances in IWC, more so recognized as part of IWC’s past. However, based on recent events, it seems like this young veteran is hell-bent on a comeback and to be recognized just as much for being a part of IWC’s present and future as well. Vega$ made an emphatic return to IWC singles competition with a victory over the young and impressive Logan Shulo with the patented Cha-Ching Slam. Can Jimmy Vega$ re-emerge as an IWC championship player? And what will happen when Jimmy Vega$ and The Sandman meet for the first time in years next month at “A Call to Arms” weekend?

All this and so much more leads us into December 11 & 12, “A Call to Arms” weekend, inarguably one of the biggest extravaganzas of IWC history and with so many unanswered questions. What impact will TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles make? What havoc will the Blue World Order unleash onto the weekend? What will “The Franchise” Shane Douglas say? Who else from IWC’s past may be in attendance? What will Norm Connors say in his final ever appearance inside a wrestling ring, and who will he say it to? What will Shiima Xion and Jimmy DeMarco do to become the absolute best in this region? And most importantly… who in the world is the new owner of IWC? All of these questions will be answered December 11 & 12. It’s a can’t miss event, it’s a weekend-long celebration, it’s the end of an era, it’s A Call To Arms!