Kickoff 2010 Results

Kickoff 2010
January 30th, 2010
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Bill Collier def. Bubba the Bulldog
  2. Chris Madness def. Chest Flexor
  3. IWC Tag Team Champions Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) def. Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) in a best 2 out of 3 falls match
  4. Nickie Valentino def. Joseph Brooks
  5. Logan Shulo def. Jason Gory and Johnny Gargano in a Super Indy IX Qualifying Match
  6. The Cleveland Mafia (Ray Rowe & Shane Taylor) vs. Dean Radford & Facade went to a double count-out
  7. J-Rocc def. Jon Bolen via DQ in a #1 Contender’s Match
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion “DeeeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco def. Shiima Xion in an extreme rules match. Shane Douglas was the special guest referee.


IWC entered into a brand new decade, a brand new administration, and an exciting new direction with the official “Kickoff” on Saturday, January 30 at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa. The night started with a blockbuster announcement, as new IWC owner Chuck Roberts filled his proverbial cabinet, by hiring the legendary “Franchise” Shane Douglas as the new Director of Wrestling Operations. The always opinionated Franchise was in the middle of explaining his vision for IWC’s future, when old nemesis Bubba the Bulldog returned to IWC after an over year-long absence. Bubba correctly stated he was the original founder of IWC, but then went on to voice his displeasure over being left out of recent goings-on, and going as far as threatening legal action to regain control of IWC! Bubba’s obsession with power, control, and The Franchise led to Bubba losing focus and losing his return match against IWC newcomer “Big Time” Bill Collier, but the loss did anything but silence Bubba. Will Bubba be successful in overthrowing the Chuck Roberts/Shane Douglas regime or will the new bosses find a way to control the controversial founder?

The Franchise’s night was far from over however, as he was given the unenviable task of officiating our main event. Not only that, he had the honor of bestowing a stipulation on the title match, which he announced as Extreme Rules, as to eliminate any controversial ending like we saw back in December. No stranger to title controversies, Douglas was the perfect choice to oversee the rematch of the most emotional and memorable title match perhaps ever in IWC, as challenger Shiima Xion and champion “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco took one another to the limit and beyond one more time. This war of utmost personal and professional stakes saw the use of steel chairs, our steel entrance ramp, and even thousands of piercing metal thumbtacks. Both men tasted the pain of the thumbtacks, but ultimately it was Jimmy DeMarco using a C4 on Shiima, snapping the neck of the ex-champion off of an unfolded steel chair, to miraculously retain the championship, continuing one of the most well-earned and deserved title reigns in recent memory.

Our tag team title match had much less of a feel-good ending as Vicki Gambino, with her brothers forced out of IWC forever, proudly led in record-breaking longest reigning tag champs in IWC history, Dave & Jake Crist, Irish Airborne, for the match against the incomparable Sexual Harassment, Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol, under 2/3 Falls rules to prevent some of the lucky breaks and fluke pins that Airborne had benefited from countless times. Before the match, Eric shockingly announced his plans to qualify for the annual Super Indy Tournament this upcoming May, yet that mindset may have been a detriment on this night. Airborne scored Fall 1 with a second rope powerbomb to Xtasy, knocking him unconscious and rendering him unable to continue the bout. As the doctor tended to Eric, Idol was left 2-on-1 with the Crists, and despite Idol’s undaunted determination, no one man could overcome a team such as Irish Airborne, who defeated Idol to win the match in two straight falls. The Airborne divided and conquered the most decorated dynasty in IWC history in dominant fashion, cementing the fact that despite the shortcuts and lucky breaks, they are still one of the best tag team anywhere today.

Super Indy champion Super Hentai was unable to compete due to a recent surgery, but sat ringside to view the Super Indy Qualifying bout, a three-way match between former champions Johnny Gargano, Jason Gory, and the lone man without Super Indy experience Logan Shulo. Shulo, ever growing in confidence, and expanding both his musical repertoire and his mind, was able to pull off an opportunistic victory by pinning Gargano and officially earning his spot in Super Indy 9 this May. However, being how he has never competed in Super Indy before, Shulo will now have to field the question of “Are You Expirienced” enough to win the Super Indy Title? Meanwhile, Shiima Xion emerged to once again dress down former tag partner Gory for his loss. Hentai attempted to step in to defend Gory, and Shiima had some less than kind remarks for the Super Indy Innovator as well. What is going through the mind of Jason Gory and how will Gory or Hentai respond to Shiima Xion’s remarks?

“Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc found a way around the ultra-intense Jon Bolen to earn an opportunity at the IWC Title this March in Clearfield, but he did anything but earn it. As Bolen seemed to have the match won, J-Rocc’s Cleveland Mafia partner in crime Ray Rowe emerged from the crowd with a steel chair. As we all anticipated Rowe to clobber Bolen after their heated wars of late last year that are still far from resolved, Rowe swerved us all and struck J-Rocc in view of the official! After a moment of confusion it was clear what we had seen… Rowe had struck J-Rocc in order to get Bolen disqualified and J-Rocc deemed the winner. An angry Bolen still had a Meltdown in store for his foe, and who knows what wrath he had contained inside him for when Jon Bolen and Ray Rowe meet one-on-one.

The open challenge of The Cleveland Mafia, Ray Rowe & the 375 lb Shane Taylor, was answered by the unique combination of former IWC champion Dean Radford & former co-holder of the tag titles Michael “The Bomber” Facade. With all four out to prove a point and make a big time statement in the new era IWC, things deteriorated into mass chaos, with all four men brawling in the crowd. The official had no choice but to throw the match out and declare it a no-contest. Will there be another meeting between these four men down the line?

IWC’s very first proving ground match saw two men new to the IWC battle it out to earn a potential place on IWC’s roster. This outing saw a young gutsy man by the name of Nickie Valentino emerge into the big ocean of IWC by defeating “The Riot, The Ruckus, and The Rock” Joseph Brooks. A win for Valentino here doesn’t guarantee him a loss, nor does a loss guarantee Brooks to be on the outs, that decision ultimately lies with management and most importantly the fans. However, an impressive outing by both and great way to kick off what should be a most unique and exciting concept.

Another debuting star in IWC was Chris Madness. This three hundred-plus pounder has an impressive high school & college athletic background, and has been utilizing his gifts very well over his past two year professional wrestling career. Madness made an immediate statement by polishing off cult sensation Chest Flexor in short order.