Night of Legends 2010 Results

Night of Legends 2010
April 10th, 2010
Rocky Grove High School – Franklin, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Justin Idol def. Michael Facade in a pre-show Super Indy IX Qualifying Match
  2. Logan Shulo def. Jimmy Vega$ via DQ in a pre-show match
  3. Kato def. Chest Flexor in a pre-show match
  4. Koko B. Ware def. Lanny Poffo
  5. Shane Douglas def. Raven
  6. Jason Gory def. Shiima Xion
  7. The Million Dollar Muscle Machine (Jimmy DeMarco, Virgil, Lumberjack Leroux, & Doink the Clown) def. The Billion Dollar Bone Breakers (Shane Taylor, Lord Zoltan, Dave Crist, & Jake Crist)
  8. David Sammartino def. Larry Zbyszko
  9. IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai def. Ricky Reyes
  10. Brutus Beefcake def. The Honky Tonk Man


IWC made its annual stop in Franklin, Pa at Rocky Grove High School to celebrate past, present, and future with our sixth annual “Night of Legends” spectacular, featuring more timeless names from the past, and a more stacked card, than any year prior.

Perhaps the match with the most interest, and most unpredictability, was the battle worth $1.1 billion, as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and IWC Champion “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco led their “Million Dollar Muscle Machine” of Virgil, Lumberjack Leroux, and Doink the Clown into victory against the alleged “Billion Dollar Man” Chest Flexor and his team of longest reigning IWC Tag Champions in history Irish Airborne, “Notorious” Shane Taylor, and the timeless regional legend Lord Zoltan, along with Mayor Mystery, alleged mayor of Parts Unknown. Mr. Flexor did not take losing very well, and attempted to confront Ted DiBiase afterward, however it was Flexor who succumbed to the Million Dollar Dream, and received a crisp $100 bill stuffed into his gullet for his troubles.

In other legends action, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake made quick work of the self-proclaimed Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time, The Honky Tonk Man (w/Mayor Mystery), finally settling a score that was left without a decisive conclusion some twenty-two years earlier.

The enigmatic man from The Bowery, Raven, made his Franklin-area debut to do battle with long-time rival and current IWC Director of Wrestling Operations “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. The Franchise had two surprises in store for Franklin – not only the appearance of another timeless legend, and the man who trained The Franchise (as well as Mick Foley), the one and only Domenic Denucci, but also using his authority within IWC to make this match “Hardcore Rules”. As over one thousand fans belted out the all-too-familiar “E-C-W” initials, both athletes went back to their roots, but it was The Franchise coming out on top.

David Sammartino, still in phenomenal physical condition, scored a major moral victory for himself & his whole family by defeating “Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko, following in the footsteps of father Bruno from a few years ago. It was Zbyszko who attacked and betrayed former mentor Bruno, leading to a memorable cage match in Shea Stadium in 1980, but with bad blood still existing three decades later, it was Zbyszko who was sent to Larryland.

WWE Hall of Famer “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware was all about fun and excitement, not only teaching Chuck Roberts how to do “The Bird”, but in defeating the “Genius” Leaping Lanny Poffo. Poffo entertained the Franklin fans prior to the bout with a poem, and awed them as he attempted his signature moonsault, but in the end it was Koko who was flying high.

We also saw an appearance by “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, who expressed his gratitude and thanks to all of his fans who followed him throughout the years.

The IWC talent roster were intent on stealing the show and catching the eye of all the great fans & legends in attendance, and they certainly succeeded in making their presence a very impactful one. Perhaps most notable was IWC Super Indy Champion, “The Super Indy Innovator”, Super Hentai narrowly successfully defending his championship against “Cuban Crippler” and former IWC Champion Ricky Reyes. Hentai must be beginning to mentally prepare himself for Super Indy IX, coming May 8. Hentai was unable to go from Super Indy to Super Indy in his first title reign, and hold the title for a full year, can he eclipse his past accolades and enter Super Indy IX as champion? Following the bout, Shiima Xion couldn’t resist some extra face time, and came out to send a verbal message to Reyes regarding their bout THIS Saturday night in West Mifflin at CCAC South. However, IWC owner Chuck Roberts, after watching the performance of Reyes, had verbiage of his own – Chuck announced that Reyes vs. Shiima is now a Super Indy IX Qualifying Match!

Shiima Xion’s night was marred even further however by his loss to former tag partner Jason Gory. After months of abuse by Shiima, and being referred to as a failure, a choke artist, and someone not on the level of a Shiima Xion, Gory proved all critics and detractors wrong by pinning his former tag team championship partner and greatest rival. Can Jason Gory, in peak physical & mental shape, use this win to catapult him to even greater success?

Justin Idol became the latest to join the field for the Super Indy IX tournament May 8, with a victory over a very able Michael “The Bomber” Façade. Both these men are known for stepping it up once Super Indy time rolls around each year. A year ago, Idol accomplished what many thought he never could, advancing to the very final round of Super Indy VIII, and proving himself as one of the most underrated athletes in this part of the country. Idol was so close to Super Indy glory, yet so far away. Now he has one more chance to go all the way. Can Justin Idol realize a dream this May?

Logan Shulo went 2-1 in his series against former 2-time IWC Champion Jimmy Vega$, but under very dubious circumstances. Shulo introduced his personal mic stand into the match, but when Vega$ apprehended it and attempted to use it on Logan, the previously dazed official recovered enough to stop the proceedings. Can Logan Shulo be this lucky when HE enters Super Indy IX??

We also saw Kato defeat Chest Flexor in a match Flexor was forced into in exchange for permission to sell his… *ahem* Billion Dollar Man T-shirts. Kato with the win, but the fans in Franklin and Rocky Grove High School were the ultimate winners all night.