The Road to Super Indy IX Results

The Road to Super Indy IX
April 17th, 2010
CCAC South Campus Gymnasium – West Mifflin, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Jason Gory & Michael Facade def. Logan Shulo & Johnny Gargano to earn a shot at the IWC Tag Team Titles
  2. Brandon Day def. Dustin Rayz in a Proving Ground Match
  3. Dean Radford def. Shane Taylor in a Lumberjack Match
  4. IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai def. “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross
  5. The Polynesian Power Trip (Ativalu & Kaimana) def. SABAKI & Kaniala in an AZW Showcase Match
  6. Shiima Xion def. Ricky Reyes to qualify for Super Indy IX
  7. Nevaeh def. Sassy Stephanie in a womens match
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco def. Ray Rowe


IWC revisited its old stomping grounds, CCAC South Campus in West Mifflin, PA, site of some of the most memorable and historic moments in company history, to set the stage for what may wind up being the most historic Super Indy tournament in IWC history.

Early in the night, hot news broke as “The Franchise” Shane Douglas quietly and unexpectedly resigned as IWC Director of Wrestling Operations, and we quickly learned why, as Bubba the Bulldog, still spouting off legal threats, informed us all that Shane had no choice, as Bubba, the founder of IWC, owned the rights to International Wrestling Cartel name. That fact was enough to back IWC owner Chuck Roberts into a corner, and force a hesitant Roberts to begrudgingly give Bubba an opportunity to become the new IWC Director of Wrestling Operations, but with one stipulation – as soon as Bubba puts himself before the IWC promotion, the deal is off, and Chuck would rather shut IWC down than watch it’s reputation be tarnished. Bubba asserted his newfound authority a number of times, all seemingly with selfless intentions. Will Bubba prove to be a good fit as the man running the locker room or will Bubba and Chuck butt heads?

In our main event, “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco survived the onslaught of Ray Rowe. Rowe attempted to intimidate DeMarco before the match, threatening his career and even his life. This only fueled DeMarco’s desire to fight further, leading to a dramatic war between the two. Jimmy, the only man to ever kick out of “Death Rowe”, became the only man to do it twice, and even turned the tables to hit Rowe with his own maneuver! Rowe countered by dropping DeMarco with Jimmy’s own C4, but Dr. DeeeLicious was able to weather the storm to retain the title. A humbled Rowe publicly endorsed DeMarco for his tenacity and ability, for thwarting Rowe’s plan to take the IWC Title with him as he leaves us to explore other endeavors in Texas. An angry Shane Taylor confronted, and was disposed by, Rowe, marking an official end to the Cleveland Mafia. But with ends come new beginnings, as John McChesney emerged from the crowd to deliver a knockout shot with brass knuckles, sending the champion into unconsciousness. McChesney re-stated what we had heard here on… “Fabulous” John McChesney is no more… however now with the added caveat that a new John McChesney – “Big League” John McChesney – had arrived… and apparently is not here alone.

Eric Xtasy’s long-awaited announcement of his future in wrestling, or lack thereof, saw a somber and serious Eric address his fans and thank them, along with tag partner Justin Idol, for years of support. As it seemed Eric was at his most emotional point, he quickly turned as heartless as one could be, as he began maliciously assaulting Justin Idol. Eric went on to blame IWC fans for cheering and endorsing his indecent behavior over the years, and for Idol and a number of others in the IWC locker room for not caring about him while he was injured. Eric announced the death of Eric Xtasy, and birth, or perhaps re-birth, of Eric Schwab, the man behind the “Eric Xtasy” persona. What is the future of Eric and his newfound alleged righteous attitude now that he has betrayed all those that supported him?

IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai defeated “Innovator of Aerial Insanity” M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross to accomplish a long standing goal – to go coast to coast, Super Indy to Super Indy, as defending champion. Hentai receives an automatic bid into Super Indy IX as defending champion, as he attempts to add even further to his legacy as Super Indy Innovator by three-peating. His victory was narrow and controversial, as both Hentai’s and Cross’ shoulders appeared to be down during the pinfall, but after a show-stealing classic, its Hentai that enters Super Indy, while M-Dogg, despite impressing, will have to begin the arduous wait for the next opportunity.

“Future of Fashion” Shiima Xion became the final man to qualify for Super Indy IX to make the field of 12 official as he defeated former IWC Champion “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes, albeit with the illegal assistance of his trusty can of hairspray. Shiima is now determined to become the only triple-crown champion in IWC history, a man to have held all three recognized championships in IWC. As a former Heavyweight and tag champion, Shiima is one night away from realizing this dream. Will Shiima Xion be Super Indy Champion May 8th?

Two men who would also like to be Super Indy champion are “Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano and “The Frontman” Logan Shulo. Despite polar opposite personalities, both were given an opportunity to team to earn a tag title shot against longest reigning tag champions in IWC history, Irish Airborne. Shulo and Gargano’s philosophical differences on who to win this match was apparent – Gargano had something to prove as a former Super Indy champion, Shulo wanted the cheap way out with the illegal use of his mic stand. As a result, their opposition, arguably the two quickest and most agile men in IWC today – Michael “The Bomber” Façade & Jason Gory capitalized and earned a tag title opportunity May 8th at Super Indy IX. Furthermore, after an angry Shulo blamed the loss on Gargano, repeatedly assaulting Johnny with the aforementioned mic stand, Bubba the Bulldog used his newfound power to officially sanction Shulo vs. Gargano in a Super Indy Opening Round match! Throw in ten other combustible elements and you have an unpredictable field, with the finals being a three-way elimination match for the first time ever! Who will emerge as Super Indy Champion?

Dean Radford was able to overcome “Notorious” Shane Taylor in a Lumberjack Match. Taylor, thrown off over not having Ray Rowe in his corner, was left to deal with nearly a dozen lumberjacks hand-selected by the master of Radication himself, leading us to finally seeing a decisive winner in this battle of immoveable objects.

Also in action, young veteran Brandon Day defeated Dustin Rayz in our latest “Proving Ground” match; Nevaeh made her IWC return with a victory over the appropriately-named Sassy Stephie; and the stars from AZW Wrestling in Hawaii, a promotion that has hosted great IWC stars like Super Hentai & M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross, and played host to a Super Indy Title Match late last year, were in full force in tag team action as The Polynesian Power Trip of Ativalu & Kaimana defeated reigning AZW Champion Sabaki & his partner Kaniala.

The stage is now set. The elements are in place. Who can go the distance? Who will join the list of Hentai, Cabana, Sabin, McChesney, Delirious, Sweeney, and Lynn and call themselves Super Indy Tournament winner and champion?