Super Indy IX Results

Super Indy IX
May 8th, 2010
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Johnny Gargano def. Logan Shulo in a Super Indy IX quarterfinal match
  2. Colin Delaney def. Justin Idol and Eric Lee Schwab in a Super Indy IX quarterfinal match
  3. Shiima Xion def. Lince Dorado in a Super Indy IX quarterfinal match
  4. Frightmare def. Louis Lyndon in a Super Indy IX quarterfinal match
  5. Azrieal def. Super Hentai via count-out in a Super Indy IX quarterfinal match
  6. Prince Mustafa Ali def. Flip Kendrick in a Super Indy IX quarterfinal match
  7. Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Jason Gory & Michael Facade) def. IWC Tag Team Champions Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist) to win the titles
  8. Shiima Xion def. Frightmare in a Super Indy IX semi-final match
  9. Azrieal def. Colin Delaney in a Super Indy IX semi-final match
  10. Johnny Gargano def. Prince Mustafa Ali in a Super Indy IX semi-final match
  11. “Big League” John McChesney def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion “DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco via DQ
  12. Shiima Xion def. Johnny Gargano and Azrieal in a three-way elimination Super Indy IX final match to win the Super Indy Title


IWC’s Ninth annual Super Indy tournament featured a revised format, for the first time ever a set opening round field of 12, culminating in a three-way elimination rules final to crown the tournament champion.

In quarterfinal round action…

“The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano overcame “The Frontman” Logan Shulo and his ever-present mic stand, to avenge Shulo’s assault on him from one month ago and advance one step closer to the Super Indy Title he was never defeated for in-ring.

Colin Delaney’s match with Justin Idol was interrupted and hijacked by the former Eric Xtasy, Eric Lee Schwab, who not only introduced his newfound alleged benefactor and co-hort on his so-called moral and religious journey as the once-again alleged “Billion Dollar Man” Chest Flexor, but also presented IWC with the ultimate irony… a sexual harassment lawsuit! Schwab claimed IWC encouraged his years of outlandish and homoerotic behavior and should be held accountable, and the only way the suit would be dropped is if Schwab was added to this Idol/Delaney match, fulfilling a years-long dream of Schwab’s he was always laughed at for having. IWC owner Chuck Roberts was forced to give in, making this a three-way opening round match. Schwab’s true colors were shown however, as after attacking Idol, Schwab merely let Delaney pick up the scraps and pin Scwab’s former championship partner. Schwab’s true intentions were clear to screw Idol out of the Super Indy Title he came within an eyelash of winning a year ago, and to continue this moral cause of his, at the expense of everyone else in IWC.

It was international flavor as the “Filipino Flex Factory” Shiima Xion overcame “The Golden Lynx of Lucha Libre” Lince Dorado to advance to the semifinals. Shiima was in prime position to become IWC’s first ever triple crown winner, having captured all three recognized IWC championships throughout his career. Could he make history?

Frightmare, one of the youngest and most explosive talents to come out of the CHIKARA promotion made his IWC debut with a victory over the pride of the East Lansing Dojo and one-half of the Aeroform tag team, Louis Lyndon, finishing off his foe with a dazzling dose of “Kneecolepsy”.

“Da Good Guy” Azrieal made his IWC return for the first time in over two years with the toughest task of anyone in the quarterfinal round… facing the Super Indy Innovator and the embodiment of the championship, Super Hentai. Hentai was coming in riding a wave of momentum, having done what he could not do in his first title reign some eight years ago, that being go coast-to-coast, Super Indy-to-Super Indy as defending champion. But could he three-peat and extend his legacy even further? Thanks to an unknown man in a mask, it was not to be. This unknown assailant snuck to ringside, pushing Hentai from the top rope to the arena floor, resulting in a countout win for Azrieal. Azrieal hits an unplanned stroke of luck, as someone set out and succeeded, to take away the one thing Hentai valued most, and as IWC Director of Operations Bubba the Bulldog walked away from Hentai, Super Indy Title in hand, it was clear this mystery man had succeeded.

Two more IWC debuts saw Prince Mustafa Ali, a Middle East descendent who claims to be fighting the racial profiling and injustice that comes with wrestling fans who judge him for his ethnicity or religious views rather than in-ring ability, battle Flip Kendrick, an athlete who not only defies gravity, he outright disrespects it, and frequent tag partner of Louis Lyndon as Aeroform. Prince Ali advanced to the semifinals, and after the threats of raising our gas prices to $15 per gallon, Ali had the opportunity to take the Super Indy Title to the Middle East along with him.

In semifinal round action…

Shiima Xion made it 2-0 against the stars of CHIKARA, with a victory over young Frightmare; Azrieal overcame Colin Delaney in perhaps the most competitive match of the entire night; and Johnny Gargano survived Prince Mustafa Ali to officially set the stage for our first ever three-way Super Indy final.

Final round…

Super Indy has traditionally been about endurance, the heart and passion that only true champions possess, and pushing your body beyond its normal limits. Three men, Azrieal, Shiima Xion, and Johnny Gargano entered their final war of the evening with the same goal in mind, to be added to the elite list. Gargano was able to eliminate Azrieal early, though it was Shiima who slipped in and stole the cover to get three extra seconds of spotlight. Gargano and Shiima battled feverishly until Xion trapped Gargano in the crossface submission hold Shiima had been perfecting. After damage to Gargano’s entire body, including the arm and shoulder all night, Gargano passed out from the pain of the crossface, though did not give up. Regardless, Shiima Xion was crowned new Super Indy Champion, and the first man to ever hold all three IWC championships!

Shiima called long-time trainer and mentor Super Hentai to the ring, to enjoy this moment with him, and also for the traditional presentation of the title to the new champion. After an emotional moment between the two, the mood drastically changed as Shiima pulled out a mask… the same mask worn by the mysterious assailant whom had screwed Hentai out of victory in the opening round. Shiima began to demean Hentai and his accomplishments, and belittle all that Hentai had done in his storied career, figuratively, and even going as far as literally spitting on the Super Indy Championship, Shiima dismissed Hentai as past his prime, and dubbed himself as the Super Hentai of the NEW IWC, who will take the championship to new heights and levels never seen before. An irate Hentai lashed out at Shiima, justifiably so, before being held back by the locker room as he looked on at Shiima Xion celebrating with the most prized possession in Hentai’s career. Shiima has disrespected everything Hentai stands for, professionally and personally, but what will the repercussions be? We may get our answer this August when Shiima Xion and Super Hentai’s boiling anger turns to “Caged Fury” inside a 15-foot-high steel cage!

In non tournament action, Super Indy VI winner and two-time former Super Indy Champion “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney made his return to professional wrestling, not only lending his voice to color commentary for the official IWC Super Indy IX DVD release from Digital Horizons, but also addressing the live crowd. Sweeney was, however, cut short by the man now known as “Big League” John McChesney, who attempted to pick a fight with former rival Sweeney, despite Sweeney still recovering from various injuries & personal issues that have left him not yet 100% cleared to return to in-ring competition. This led to the emergence of the one man Sweeney credited for being a good friend when he needed it, IWC Champion “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco, who started his IWC Title defense against McChesney then and there, battling all over the building. The cryptic words of McChesney from a month ago, “Big League never travels alone” seemed to hold true when “Notorious” Shane Taylor came to ringside to distract DeMarco. This allowed McChesney to grab the brass knuckles he had knocked DeMarco out with a month ago, however, this time Pittsburgh’s Perpetual Pervert thwarted the attempt, and laid out “Big League” with C4. With Dean Radford neutralizing Shane Taylor, and DeMarco on the brink of victory, Jimmy picked up the knuckles and debated whether or not he should give “Big League” a dose of karma. The official saw an unconscious challenger, and DeMarco with the proverbial smoking gun in his hand, and made an illogical but erroneous conclusion, disqualifying the champion for a deed he did not commit. McChesney recovered and looked to continue the assault on the champion, but the emergence of Jon Bolen saved the day for DeMarco… albeit temporarily. Bolen betrayed DeMarco, laid him out with the “Meltdown” and was introduced by McChesney as his latest ally that accepted a big money offer. The two on one assault was then thwarted by Sweeney, returning the favor for DeMarco until Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog intercepted, separating everyone and signing a match for this August at IWC Caged Fury – McChesney & Bolen vs. DeMarco & a partner of his choosing who CAN NOT be on the active IWC roster – with the still not 100% Larry Sweeney acting as special guest enforcer for the match. DeMarco, upon thinking for a moment, chose as his partner… CHUCK ROBERTS?! Chuck refused to commit to anything as of yet, but promised to address the issue July 10th in Clearfield, but what is Jimmy DeMarco thinking picking a ring announcer and company owner to step into one of the most dangerous matches in wrestling with? Will Chuck actually accept this proposal?!

Also, NEW tag team champions were crowned. Jason Gory & Michael “The Bomber” Façade may like to dub themselves “Flippin Ain’t Easy” but you’d never be able to tell by watching their seamless in-ring motion. After a spectacular entrance from the balcony, Gory & Façade marched into battle and unseated Dave & Jake Crist, Irish Airborne, the longest reigning IWC Tag Team Champions in history. Later that night, it was Dave Crist who objected to Bubba, claiming it took both Façade & Gory to pin him, quite illegally. Despite the brash and abrasive nature of the Airborne, Bubba agreed and decided to sign a rematch, July 10th in Clearfield.