Caged Fury 2010 Results

Caged Fury 2010 – August 21st, 2010
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Los Dagos (HoseA & HoseB) def. Gregory Iron & Nicki Valentino
  2. Sebastian def. Jimmy Vega$
  3. IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Jason Gory & Facade) def. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)
  4. Brandon Day def. Dean Radford via count-out
  5. Johnny Gargano def. Samuray Del Sol, Logan Shulo, and Colin Delaney to become #1 contender to the Super Indy Title
  6. IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion def. Super Hentai in a cage match
  7. Justin Idol def. Eric Lee Schwab in a cage match
  8. Dennis Gregory, Jimmy DeMarco, & Larry Sweeney def. John McChesney, Jon Bolen, & Bubba the Bulldog in a war games cage match

IWC Brings War… In The Form of A War Machine

IWC’s annual steel cage showcase of mayhem and gore, Caged Fury, made its return to the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA this past weekend, and with it came the return of among the most dangerous concepts ever devised – “War Games”. War Games brought us “Team Big League”, captained by John McChesney and featuring Jon Bolen and IWC Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog, stepping into battle against “Team IWC”, captained by IWC Champion “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco and featuring the return of “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney and in-ring debut of IWC Owner Chuck Roberts. Two men would start the battle for five minutes, then every two minutes a member of alternating teams would enter the cage until all six are in. Once all athletes are in, the match officially begins with an added twist – single elimination rules via pinfall, submission, or eliminating your opponent from the cage. The last team with members in the ring will be declared the winner.

The question of whom would have the opportunity to start the sequence of alternating entrants, and thus have an in-ring man advantage at various points, was decided in a battle earlier that night between recent Team Big League hired gun Brandon Day and longtime IWC loyalist and former IWC Champion Dean Radford. However, as Radford had Day prone on the canvas following the Radicator, rather than pin his opposition, Dean simply left, throwing away surefire victory for a count-out loss, effectively cheating “Team IWC” out of a major potential War Games advantage. Upon being prompted for explanation, Radford stated IWC had changed, it wasn’t the same company he helped build, and as a result is now going into business to help himself. We hope to get further insight into this change of heart from Dean Radford in the coming weeks.

With the stage set, it was time for war. DeMarco and McChesney began the battle, with Bubba the Bulldog entering at the 5-minute mark, quick to use his ample mouth to make things personal. Larry Sweeney’s return next helped sway the tide, but with the power and intensity of Jon Bolen entering the fray next, Sweeney & DeMarco bleeding heavily, and what seemed like only Chuck Roberts waiting in the wings, Team IWC seemed doomed. However, when it came time for Roberts to enter war, he chose to not out-fight Team Big League… but out-smart them! Roberts brought war… in the form of a “War Machine”, recently returning from fighting in the Middle East, the return of 5 time IWC Champion Dennis Gregory! The shock value of Gregory swayed the tide, and in the end it was Gregory eliminating McChesney, the final two participants in the match, to bring the victory to Team IWC! Dennis Gregory has returned and one must believe he has only begun fighting his wars here in IWC.

Two other Steel Cage matches were on tap that evening, including the Super Indy Title bout between the Super Indy Innovator and first-ever champion and two-time tournament winner, Super Hentai, against the man who claims he is better than Hentai ever was and is ready to overshadow his legacy, Shiima Xion. With Shiima questioning Hentai’s entire career and reputation, and Hentai in turn threatening Shiima in colorful fashion, it was a very personal war with their professional views in the middle of the conflict. Shiima retained the championship after dazing Hentai with the cage door, following a distraction from 375 lb “Notorious” Shane Taylor. The involvement of Johnny Gargano in an attempt to thwart Xion’s plot only saw “The Whole Shebang” victimized by an assault as well. As Xion & Taylor celebrated their accomplishments, Hentai received a burst of adrenaline and rage as he began scaling the cage, crashing down onto both men with a 15-foot-high crossbody. Shiima escaped with title in tact but did little to prove that he has surpassed Hentai’s accomplishments or abilities.

Eric Lee Schwab’s battle with former Sexual Harassment partner Justin Idol also reached shockingly personal levels, stemming from the attack Schwab perpetrated on what we now know to be Justin’s pregnant girlfriend a month ago in Clearfield. While Justin Idol was able to finally get Eric in a one-on-one environment, and even pin his former partner, it was of little consolation. Following the bout, with the aid of his lackey Chest Flexor, Schwab continued his sick and twisted alleged spiritual and religious crusade by handcuffing Idol’s hands to the cage and whipping him, torturing him to sub-human levels. Idol has once again been publicly humiliated and personally injured by his one-time best friend, all in the name of this new “enlightenment” Schwab feels he has. Will Justin Idol be able to beat some sense back into Eric?

Tag team action was on display as four of the most impressive aerialists in the game today met for the very first time. Flippin’ Ain’t Easy, IWC Tag Team Champions Michael “The Bomber” Facade & Jason Gory bested Aeroform, Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendick, in a stunning bout of athleticism and agility that simply defied gravity, and left the fans standing and wanting more. Aeroform have cemented themselves as favorites among the IWC fanbase, but Facade & Gory have cemented themselves as a long-term tag team that can fend off accomplished challengers. With these two once misunderstood athletes, their potential for success is immeasurable.

A #1 contender for the Super Indy Title was crowned when Johnny Gargano survived a 4-way battle featuring “The Frontman” Logan Shulo, Colin Delaney, and the debuting Samurai Del Sol. Gargano has the opportunity to recapture a title he was never officially pinned to lose during his previous reign, but after the assault laid upon him by champion Xion and Shane Taylor, and a still very angry Super Hentai pursuing Shiima as well, will “The Whole Shebang” be able to fight the odds?

“Los Dagos”, the team of “Jose” and “Jos-b”, were given tag competition against two young athletes looking to make their mark in IWC, “Late Night” Nicki Valentino and professional wrestling’s “Handicapped Hero”, cerebral palsy sufferer Gregory Iron. Bubba the Bulldog has been unable to officially prove the Dagos’ identity as the banned-from-IWC Gambino Brothers, however if he IS able to remove the masks and prove that theory true, Mickey & Marshall are faced with jail time. On this night, a tag team victory followed by a special visit to Bubba following his War Games elimination meant a successful night from these “Mexico City, New York” imports.

Sebastian had impressed in recent live events in his hometown of Clearfield, taking Super Hentai to his limit and beyond time after time, so much so that he was granted the opportunity to venture from home and enter IWC’s homebase of Elizabeth, Pa for the first time. Sebastian was faced with a daunting task, but was able to pass with flying colors, as he defeated former 2-time IWC Champion Jimmy Vega$, one of the most respected veterans in the region. Sebastian seemed to have met and conquered his “right of passage” so to speak into IWC’s elite, and seems destined for even bigger things in the months to come.