Clearfield Cataclysm 4 Results

Clearfield Cataclysm 4
September 18th, 2010
Clearfield Cataclysm 4 – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Michael Facade wins a 23 man battle royal to earn a shot at the IWC World Heavyweight Title
  2. Sara Brooks def. Sera Feeny
  3. Cingsley vs. Tyler Stone went to a no contest
  4. Kato def. J-Rocc
  5. Matt Justice def. Jason Gory, Bobby Beverly, & Jose to win a Super Indy Title shot
  6. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco def. Michael Facade
  7. Dennis Gregory def. Logan Shulo
  8. Justin Idol def. Eric Lee Schwab
  9. Justin Idol def. Chest Flexor
  10. Sebastian & Super Hentai def. Shane Taylor & IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion
  11. Necro Butcher def. John McChesney in a fans bring the weapons match


IWC’s final stop in Clearfield, PA in 2010 will be remembered for the night “Big League” John McChesney had to pay a very heavy penance for his decision to no-show the past Clearfield show on the basis the town was “beneath him”. McChesney was contractually obligated to face ROH star, Embassy member, and part of the global smash hit feature film “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke, Necro Butcher. McChesney’s date with fate could only be averted in one way, the singular loophole McChesney found, and that was by winning a 23-man over-the-top-rope Battle Royal where the winner would receive the right to forego their scheduled match that night and instead challenge “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco for the IWC Title. Taunting DeMarco the entire match, who was standing at commentary, McChesney would make it to the final three. However, Shane Taylor and McChesney’s attempts at eliminating IWC Tag Champion Michael “The Bomber” Façade backfired, and the Suburban Terrorist survived an entire locker room to receive a potentially career-defining opportunity at IWC’s top prize!

Façade and DeMarco requested the match be contested under “relaxed rules” to allow more freedom and a decisive winner, and with the aid of a steel chair it was all business in spite of the strong mutual respect the two had earned for one another over the course of the past couple of years. Façade became deeply lacerated after a shot with the aforementioned chair, but did not let it deter him on the path to glory. Façade gallantly fought on and, in a taste of something we’ve seen from Façade in the past, leapt high above the ring, hanging precariously from the ceiling in preparation of finishing the champion and realizing a life long dream. However, as Façade came crashing down, the resourceful champion was lying in wait, catching Façade in the C4 in mid-air to retain his title. After the bout, DeMarco endorsed Façade as a tough and worthy contender, showing that through Façade’s guts and determination, and DeMarco’s resourcefulness and professionalism, both men emerged from this night as very worthy champions.

Meanwhile, McChesney had to survive hell before his IWC Title opportunity in two months time, as Necro Butcher came looking for a fight. After several moments of running scared, Necro got his hands on McChesney, and the battle begun. “Big League” fought for his life, and between the two utilized such weapons as garbage cans, baseball bats, football helmets, and traffic cones. “Big League” had an ace up his sleeve so to speak, as he snuck under the ring to retrieve a frightening contraption – a pair of brass knuckles with knives attached to them! IWC Owner Chuck Roberts interjected, as the weapon violated IWC’s rules and regulations regarding weapon severity. IWC Champion DeMarco retrieved the object from McChesney, and the distraction allowed Necro Butcher to roll “Big League” up for the win.

McChesney and DeMarco are on a collision course for November 20 at “Winner Take All”, where one man will emerge as champion, and one man will say goodbye forever. Both men have been IWC staples for over six years. What would IWC be like with one man gone and who will leave IWC Champion?

Super Hentai and Sebastian earned the respect of one another after their amazing three-match series in Clearfield, and tonight they stood on the same side of the ring for the first time, edging a victory over IWC Super Indy Champion “Filipino Flex Factory” Shiima Xion and his newly-hired bodyguard he’s called his “Girthquake” the 350 pound-plus “Notorious” Shane Taylor. It took both Hentai and Sebastian to pin Taylor, but it will not be about pins in a week’s time at “IWC College Fightfest” when the 190 lb Hentai meets 350+ of Taylor in a Bodyslam Match. The only way to win is to bodyslam your opponent, and winning is the only way Hentai can gain another shot at the man that has literally and figuratively spit on Hentai’s entire legacy and career-long hard work, Shiima Xion. Hentai has the momentum from this tag match, but does he have the capability to lift Shane Taylor? Hentai fights for his very identity, with a Super Indy Title shot hanging in the balance, this weekend.

Justin Idol once again got his hands on Eric Lee Schwab, former best friend and tag partner, as Idol continues to fight for vengeance after Schwab had done the unforgivable – not just humiliating Idol by publicly whipping him with a leather belt a month ago, but DDTing Idol’s pregnant girlfriend two months ago in Clearfield. With Eric’s lackey Chest Flexor locked away in an animal cage, Idol was able to defeat Schwab one-on-one, earning him five minutes with the self-proclaimed “Billion Dollar Man”. Idol didn’t need all five minutes, putting Flexor away in just under two, but then using his remaining time to strap Flexor with Flexor’s own belt in retaliation for his involvement a month ago. Idol had Eric zip-tied at ringside, powerless to help, and vulnerable to a beating himself. However, Idol stopped before striking Schwab, as it was announced both men would meet at “Winner Take All” in a Strap Match! There will be no running or chicanery with both men tied together via a leather strap!

Dennis Gregory was able to emerge the victor in his first one-on-one match in well over a year, overcoming “The Frontman” Logan Shulo, who’s attempts at once again using his mic stand to defeat a former IWC Champion were thwarted. After aiding Team DeMarco a month ago, and now this match, IWC’s only 5-time former champion seems to be back and as good or better than ever.

“Big Daddy of Destruction” J-Rocc, now the self-proclaimed “King of Cleveland”, had not been seen in IWC since suffering a broken arm courtesy of Jimmy DeMarco this past spring, but returned with an opportunity to be re-instated on the IWC roster. However, another Clearfield favorite, Kato, was able to defeat J-Rocc with the Kato Krunch, foiling J-Rocc’s plans for a grand return of royal proportions. Immediately after the match, J-Rocc was ejected from the building, sending the royal pain packing from IWC once again.

Matthew Justice, an energetic newcomer to IWC, survived a four-way match featuring co-holder of the IWC Tag Team Titles Jason Gory, the eccentric and narcissistic Bobby Beverly, and the dubious and conspicuous “Jose” of “Los Dagos”, who clearly watched several Marshall Gambino videos to scout for this contest. With his win, Justice earns an opportunity at the IWC Super Indy Title at a future IWC live event in Clearfield!

Sara Brooks defeated Sera Feeney in Feeney’s IWC debut, leading to Brooks emerging victorious in two in a row in Clearfield. What’s next for the lovely women of IWC?

A match-up between two young prospects, Cingsley and Tyler Stone ended abruptly and unexpectedly when Dean Radford annihilated both men. Radford has not been the same since we saw him walk out of his match last month, effectively purposely putting Team DeMarco at a disadvantage in their WarGames bout. Radford is still all about himself, and this former IWC Champion has found his killer instinct.