College Fightfest: Volume 1 Results

College Fight Fest: Volume 1
September 25th, 2010
California University of PA – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Matt Justice def. Logan Shulo
  2. Tyler Stone def. Marker Dillinger
  3. Super Hentai def. Shane Taylor in a body slam match
  4. IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy def. Los Dagos, Up In Smoke, and Nicki Valentino & Greg Iron
  5. Tito Santana def. Bubba the Bulldog
  6. Jamilia Craft & Mia Yim def. Lorelei Lee & Sara Brooks
  7. Dennis Gregory, Justin Idol, Dean Radford, & Jimmy Vega$ def. John McChesney, Eric Lee Schwab, Chest Flexor, & Brandon Day
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco def. Rhett Titus
  9. Jon Bolen def. Shiima Xion


IWC’s first ever installment of “College Fightfest”, emanating from California University on September 25, 2010, saw a wilder, raunchier, and more outlandish IWC than we’ve seen in quite some time if ever. IWC stars took full advantage of the college vibe and atmosphere to deliver something that would be talked about on campus for quite some time, but also competed for a great cause, raising funds and awareness for the Mario Lemieux foundation and the Cal U Vulcans hockey team.

Cal U alumnus Jon Bolen, weeks removed from unceremoniously ending his relationship with Team Big League, battled IWC Super Indy Champion Shiima Xion in a non-title affair in the main event. Xion first claimed he had dumped the adult film star originally scheduled to be by his side, and instead courted the lovely Mia Yim to accompany him to the ring. Shiima’s disparaging and inflammatory comments about Cal U earlier in the night, led to Bolen requesting and receiving a No DQ match. The two brawled throughout the building, and up into the bleachers, including an unforgettable visual of Bolen literally picking up Shiima and dunking him into a basketball hoop. Action spilled toward the ring as Mia Yim’s distractions allowed the “Filipino Flex Factory” to take over. However, willed by the Cal U faithful, Bolen dropped Shiima with the Meltdown and just like days of old, hit the three point stance and obliterated Shiima with a devastating spear for the victory. Post-match, Shiima’s advances toward Yim were met with rejection, and before things could get too ugly, Bolen rescued Yim from peril as well. Bolen comes home received as a hero and he gets the win, and gets the girl.

IWC Champion “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco, the “Prime Minister of Perversion” and “Pharoh of Fornication” battled a man who says “The Thrust is a Must” and claims to have “Thighs That Hypnotize”, one half of the breakout ROH tag team “The All Night Express“ along with Kenny King, “Addicted To Love” Rhett Titus. Rhett came out on a mission, singing his own entrance music a capella. But, it was DeMarco and his unorthodox natured and …. Well…. Crotch-based offense…. That kept Titus neutralized and allowed another victory for DeMarco, despite the best efforts of John McChesney to intervene. It’s DeMarco and McChesney November 20 – someone will leave IWC Champion, and someone will simply leave IWC forever.

Legendary WWF World Tag Team & Intercontinental Champion, as well as 2004 inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Tito Santana entered the arena to the familiar sounds of “Girls In Cars”, and came accompanied with some back-up as well. Bubba the Bulldog was upset about being forced into a Lumberjack Match with Tito, and as Director of IWC Wrestling Operations, just a step below IWC Owner Chuck Roberts on the power level, Bubba ordered several wrestlers at ringside to watch his back – namely Team Big League & Rhett Titus. Roberts proved he was once again a step ahead of Bubba, as he not only introduced the Cal U Vulcan hockey team as lumberjacks, but Dennis Gregory & Jimmy DeMarco as well. When it was all said and done, Bubba and friends were simply outnumbered, and Tito Santana scored the pinfall with his trademark “El Paseo Del Muerte” flying forearm.

Team War Machine of 5 time former IWC Champion Dennis Gregory, 2 time former IWC Champion Jimmy Vega$, Justin Idol, and Dean Radford overcame Team Big League consisting of John McChesney, Eric Lee Schwab, Chest Flexor, and Brandon Day. Radford made his intentions known early on, dominating the bout before abandoning his teammates, cementing his status as a man alone looking to go into business for himself. With Idol in hot pursuit of Schwab en route to their strap match November 20 at “Winner Take All”, Gregory & Vega$ exploited arguably the weaker link – Schwab’s advisor and lackey Chest Flexor – to win the war.

Super Hentai, perhaps driven by the will to fight for his very identity, legacy, and reputation in professional wrestling, accomplished what many considered impossible and unfathomable. The 190 lb powerhouse was able to defeat 380+ pound “Notorious” Shane Taylor, dubbed by Shiima Xion as the “Girthquake”, in a “Bodyslam Match”. Hentai was able to execute a full and complete bodyslam on a man over TWICE his size, and as a result earn one more shot at Shiima Xion and the Super Indy Title at “Winner Take All”. Can Hentai become a 3-time Super Indy Champion? Can he prove Shiima wrong and show the Hentai legacy is still several years away from being fully written, or is Shiima Xion right in his claims that Hentai’s best days have passed, and it is Shiima ready to take the Super Indy Title to even bigger and greater heights?

Flippin’ Ain’t Easy, Michael “The Bomber” Façade & Jason Gory helped usher perhaps the next era of an IWC staple, the high-flying, death-defying, high-octane, unpredictable four-way tag title wars that have become an enduring favorite over the years. Tonight, Façade & Gory retained over “Los Dagos”, who according to popular belief are indeed The Gambino Brothers, which would make them the most decorated tag team in IWC history, in addition to frequent ROH tag team competitors Cheech & Cloudy, collectively known as Up In Smoke, as well as the newfound tag team that may or may not have much in common of “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron and “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino.

Matthew Justice scored a major win over “The Fontman” Logan Shulo, solidifying an impressive wave of momentum Justice has been on, just one week removed from earning a Super Indy Title shot at a future IWC live event in Clearfield. Justice brings impressive aerial skills and an infectious energy with him, and with a victory over arguably IWC’s most promising youngster, Justice ensures that big things are on the horizon.

An IWC first took place in the form of women’s tag team action, as ROH prospects Jamilia Craft & Mia Yim bested the duo of IWC regular Sara Brooks & her partner Loreli Lee. IWC’s women’s action seems to be intensifying. What future will these four lovely and dangerous athletes have in IWC?

Also, two of IWC young prospects did battle as well, as Tyler Stone bested Marker “Connected” Dillinger.

All roads now lead to November 20. A defiant champion, a greedy challenger. Two former best friends in an ugly battle of personal animosity and philosophical differences. A young superstar ready to take his throne as Super Indy king. A war-tested veteran not yet ready to relinquish the dream. This November, it truly shall be “Winner Take All”.