Combat in Clearfield Results

Combat in Clearfield – March 19th, 2011
Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from J Worthington Farnsworth

  1. Corey Futuristic def. Cingsley
  2. Nickie Valentino def. Will Esquire
  3. Michael Facade def. Shiima Xion to qualify for Super Indy X
  4. Shane Taylor def. Kato
  5. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. Chest Flexor & David R. DiMera and Logan Shulo & Tyler Stone in a three-way
  6. Sera Feeney def. Brittany Force
  7. Matt Justice def. IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai and Shiima Xion in a three-way to win the title
  8. The Founding Fathers (Dennis Gregory & Dean Radford) def. Jon Bolen and “Crimson” Tommy Mercer to become #1 Contenders to the IWC Tag Team Titles
  9. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney def. Jason Gory
  10. Calvin McGrath def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney via count-out


Traditionally, IWC starts all of its events with a countdown. The crowd rises to it’s feet and counts along with the ring announcer, building their energy until the first match is announced. For Combat in Clearfield however. Things began with a promise.

IWC owner Chuck Roberts opened the show by coming to the ring and thanking them for supporting IWC every time they made the trek out to Clearfield. That appreciation was cut short by Dean Radford and the IWC Champion, Big League John McChesney. Before McChesney could get into why he was out in front of the crowd in Clearfield, Roberts surprised McChesney with congratulations. McChesney, sensing trouble, refused to defend his title twice in one evening, stating that he knew what games Roberts liked to play. Roberts gave his word that Big League only had one title match this evening and congratulated him on his win in Elizabeth. Roberts considered this fair warning to McChesney, telling him his surprise was coming.

IWC’s opening Match saw two of IWC’s own homegrown talent battle each other. Corey Futuristic, despite giving up a sizable weight advantage to the man known as Cinsgley,, scored a pin fall win over his opponent. While Futuristic claimed his victory, you could see the frustration on Cinsgley’s face and you have to believe that these two will be meeting again soon.

Nickie Valentino returned to IWC for Combat in Clearfield. His opponent, Will Esquire, was debuting in IWC this evening. Esquire was not prepared for Valentino’s desire to climb the rankings in IWC, and Nickie’s flurry of high-speed offense was no match for Esquire, who got caught in a small package early in the match. While Valentino hopes to continue his winning ways in IWC, Esquire hopes to redeem himself in front of the IWC loyal.

The Future of Fashion, Shiima Xion, took on Michael Façade in a Super Indy X qualifier. While the battle raged as fast and as furious as one might expect between these two, it seemed that Shiima’s focus was off, in no small part due to the vengeful Founding Fathers who did not take kindly to Xion’s rebuff of their offer to join their rants. Shiima, a former tag team partner to Façade’s current co-Tag Title holder Jason Gory, went for “From Lust 2 Dust” too early in the match and Façade’s reversal into a bridging O’Connor roll got him entry into the upcoming Super Indy tournament over IWC’s only Triple Crown Champion.

Shane Taylor, pound for pound the most dangerous man in IWC, faced off against local favorite and longtime PA Indy wrestling mainstay Kato. Taylor, having a weight advantage over every other wrestler in the IWC locker room, exerted said advantage over Kato. Every time it seemed Kato was mounting an advantage, it seems Taylor used his size and power to cut Kato off. Finally, with Kato’s offense finding the mark and Taylor’s victory in Danger, “the notorious” pulled an object from his tights and leveled Kato with a loaded blow. While Taylor won the battle, the war is far from over, as Sebastian hit the ring and declared his protest against what just happened. Sebastian challenged Taylor to find the tag partner of his choosing and face him and Kato in IWC’s ring. While Taylor seemed fine with agreeing to that match, who he chooses as a brother in arms remains a mystery.

The Gambino Brothers, freshly reformed after Chuck Roberts reinstituting them here in IWC, competed in a three-way tag team match against two new pairings, the teams of “The Frontman” Logan Shulo and Tyler Stone, as well as Chest Flexor and “The Feature Presentation” David DiMera. The Gambinos, look to prove something after their title match loss to Flippin’ Ain’t Easy in Elizabeth this past January, controlled the chaos in the ring and, after seeing the opportunity with a clear ring, caught Shulo off the ropes into a well timed Curse of the Gambino for the win.

Brittany Force made her return to IWC to take on new talent Sara Feeney. Force was not prepared for the fire from this newcomer to the squared circle and was dominated almost entirely from the get go. After a spirited beating, Feeney brought Force down hard onto her face and scored a pin fall victory.

Freshly signed to the WWE, Matt Justice made another appearance here at IWC, prepared to take his IWC Super Indy title shot that he earned at his last appearance in Clearfield. Before he and his opponent, IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai, could lock horns, a disgruntled member of the locker room came out and interrupted the proceedings. Shiima, who lost the title to Super Hentai back in January after interference from the Founding Fathers, felt that before this match should happen, he deserved his rematch. Hentai, never one to back down from a challenge, let Shiima know that any time he wanted another beating, Hentai would be happy to provide it, but tonight was Matt Justice’s chance. Justice, perhaps feeling the need to show why the WWE signed him to a deal, offered to extend his title shot to Shiima and make it a three way dance, provided everyone was in agreement. With the action being as hot and heavy as you would expect from these three competitors, Dennis Gregory and John McChesney made their way to ringside. While Gregory distracted the ref, Big League sprayed Xion’s ever-present hairspray into Shiima’s face, allowing Matt Justice to not only pick up the win, but the IWC Super Indy Title. With the Founding Fathers increasing their aggression against Shiima, as well as incurring the ire of Super Hentai, who lost his title without ever being pinned, one has to wonder what is in store for the Super Indy participants, with the title currently headed for New York?

The Founding Fathers, this time in the form of Dennis Gregory and Dean Radford, made their way back out to ringside to challenge the team of Jon Bolen and “Crimson” Tommy Mercer. The Fathers, as they are becoming increasingly skilled at doing, made sure that they match stayed at all times in their favor. As Bolen and Mercer started to pry control from the Fathers, Radford snuck down from this corner and circled the ring. Waiting for the opportune moment, Radford tripped Bolen as he went for a slingshot belly to back suplex. Gregory shifted his weight and, with Bolen’s leg held outside of the ring, The Founding Fathers gained the #1 contenders position for the tag team titles.

Jason Gory, in a powerful display of ability, took on McChesney for his IWC Heavyweight title. Despite coming close a number of times, Gory’s speed wasn’t able to overcome McChesney’s in-ring experience, and a Rubik’s Cube driver ended Gory’s title shot. However, that wasn’t end the evening. Chuck Roberts came down to ringside and, after telling Gory that he was impressed with his effort that evening and promised him a future title shot, revealed his surprise that he lined up for McChesney. He didn’t have another title match… but he did have a non-title match against recent WWE acquisition, and hometown hero “The Future” Calvin McGrath. McChesney, clearly showing the signs of already having a strenuous match against Gory, was tossed around the ring for a few minutes by McGrath. Finally, McChesney bailed, grabbing his title belt and absconding off behind the curtain. While not the victory that he was looking for, McGrath celebrated in the ring with Kato and Sebastian after the match and he thanked the fans for all of their support as he embarks in this next phase of his career.