The Road to Super Indy X Results

The Road To Super Indy X – May 27th, 2011
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nickie Valentino) def. The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater)
  2. David R. DiMera def. Cingsley
  3. Bubba the Bulldog def. Marshall Gambino via ref stoppage
  4. Adam Cole def. Justin Idol to qualify for Super Indy X
  5. The Founding Fathers (Jimmy Vega$ & Dennis Gregory) def. IWC Tag Team Champions Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Jason Gory & Michael Facade) to win the titles
  6. Tyler Stone def. Chest Flexor, Adam Flash, and Greg Iron in a four-way
  7. Ricky Reyes def. Logan Shulo to qualify for Super Indy X
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney def. Shiima Xion and Super Hentai


The balance of power between IWC Owner Chuck Roberts and Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog struck a frightening new turn this past Friday night at IWC’s “Road To Super Indy X”. Instead of celebrating the rich history and tradition of Super Indy, we were appalled as the man most synonymous with the division completely tarnished his legacy.

The IWC World Title battle between Champion “Big League” John McChesney and challengers Super Hentai and Shiima Xion in a three-way match was pivotal in the balance of power between Chuck & Bubba, as with the IWC Title comes much power and influence. When Hentai seemed to go down early with a leg injury, Shiima & McChesney were left to battle it out. Since Bubba had earlier decided that all Founding Fathers matches now had “relaxed rules”, the Fathers stormed the ring. Much to the shock of everyone, an injured Hentai limped to the ring, chair in hand, to help Shiima fend off the jackals. As it appeared Bubba was pleading with Shiima to reconsider and opt to join the Fathers, we were shocked to see that it was actually Hentai who sold out to Bubba’s agenda, blasted Shiima with the chair and stood tall with the rest of the group as McChesney pinned Shiima to make it official.

Earlier in the night, Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$ unseated Flippin Ain’t Easy, Jason Gory & Michael Facade as IWC Tag Team Champions. Facade & Gory put the Founding Fathers through more misery and torment in this contest than Bubba would ever publicly admit, but if there were any doubt about Gory & Facade being good enough to hang with anyone in IWC, top to bottom, past to present, this match erased those doubts. But it seems the power of the Founding Fathers may simply be unbeatable. Bubba now has each and every IWC championship in his stable, and with that, more power and influence than ever.

Following this shocking betrayal by Hentai, selling out his longstanding morals and beliefs to side with the Founding Fathers, Chuck & Bubba struck up a deal that will make IWC Super Indy X even more interesting than expected. More details on that, and some special guests that come with it, will be made available elsewhere here on

However, before we get there we must discuss the huge news concerning the Super Indy X field. Already qualified before tonight were Jason Gory, Michael Facade, Pinkie Sanchez, and of course Hentai. Four more names were entered during the course of the evening through invitation – Internationally renowned Samuray Del Sol, East Coast standout Egotistico Fantastico, ROH superstar El Generico and IWC favorite and former Super Indy Tournament winner and champion Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana. Others joined the field as well…

21-year-old sensation Adam Cole survived the test of the oft-underrated veteran Justin Idol to cement his Super Indy debut. Cole has been named Rookie of the Year 2010 by the Wrestling Observer newsletter, and already has experience competing in, and in some cases winning, some of the most prestigious tournaments elsewhere in wrestling. It’s only natural that Cole bring his amazing wave of momentum here to IWC, but can he outlast this amazingly competitive field?

Former IWC Champion “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes joined the field as well with a hard-fought victory over “The Frontman” Logan Shulo. Reyes told us all that he was dedicating his tournament performances to the late, great “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney, of whom the entire evening will be dedicated to on June 18. Reyes has put an amazing amount of pressure on himself competing in the tournament that both inspired Sweeney to become a wrestler, and defined Sweeney’s IWC career, all in dedication and memory of Sweeney himself. Could Reyes pull-out the most feel-good Super Indy Tournament win ever?

We had thought that young Tyler Stone had survived a four-way match over the bizarre Chest Flexor, inspirational Gregory Iron, and veteran Adam Flash to earn the final Super Indy seed, however at night’s end, Bubba opted to kick Stone out of the tournament… just to Hentai could receive a bye. More disrespect to the young lions courtesy of the veterans in the Founding Fathers.

Marshall “The Bull” Gambino looked to give Bubba a receipt Gambino-family style after over a year of games and politics, not to mention running brother Mickey Gambino and cousin Jimmy DeMarco forcefully from the promotion. Bubba had his own hired security ringside to watch his back, but it wasn’t enough to keep “Dr. DeeeLicious” from sneaking into the building. DeMarco resumed his IWC career just as he had left it in 2010, with a firm double handful of a very sensitive area of Bubba’s anatomy. Between Bubba’s and IWC security, it took four men to subdue DeMarco. Sadly, Jimmy had to be arrested, thanks to the court injunction Bubba had initiated that legally banned Jimmy from all future IWC events. Jimmy was carted away in handcuffs, as Dean Radford became involved in the continuing Bubba/Marshall match. As a result of Radford’s interference with the steel crutch he is still using while he rehabs his knee injury, Bubba was able to gain the upper hand and assault Marshall several times with a chair, concussing the Bull. While it was a close call for the Director of IWC Wrestling Operations, it seems like Bubba has completed the goal, running not just DeMarco, but both Gambinos as well out of town.

The Runaways made their IWC debuts. The team of “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater are perhaps best known infamously for being hypnotized in a wrestling video clip that went viral a number of months ago. Tonight, however, it was all serious business as they went toe-to-toe with Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino, collectively calling themselves “The One Nighters”. The Nighters made their first night as an official team a success, defeating one of the east coast’s most reputable tandems.

Also, David R. DiMera upended Cinglsey in singles competition, continued to battle back from months of abuse himself thanks to the Founding Fathers.

With Bubba in more control than ever, and Hentai representing the group in the Super Indy Tournament, how will this power struggle shape the historic tenth anniversary of the Super Indy tournament?