Super Indy X Results

Super Indy X – June 18th, 2011
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Shiima Xion, Justin Idol, David R. DiMera, & Corey Futuristic def. Chest Flexor, Logan Shulo, & Low Rider in a pre-show match
  2. El Generico def. Samuray Del Sol in the opening round of the Super Indy X Tournament
  3. Adam Cole def. Jason Gory in the opening round of the Super Indy X Tournament
  4. Egotistico Fantastico def. Tyler Stone in the opening round of the Super Indy X Tournament
  5. Michael Facade def. Ricky Reyes in the opening round of the Super Indy X Tournament
  6. Chest Flexor def. Chuck Roberts with control of IWC on the line
  7. Super Hentai def. Colt Cabana in the semi-final round of the Super Indy X Tournament
  8. Egotistico Fantastico def. Michael Facade in the semi-final round of the Super Indy X Tournament
  9. El Generico def. Adam Cole in the semi-final round of the Super Indy X Tournament
  10. IWC Tag Team Champions The Founding Fathers (Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$) def. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)
  11. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney def. Ray Rowe via DQ
  12. Egotistico Fantastico def. EL Generico and Super Hentai in the Super Indy X finals to win the Super Indy Title


IWC Super Indy X will be remembered for several very crucial and important moments. It will be remembered as the tenth anniversary of the event that helped place the International Wrestling Cartel on the map. It will be remembered as the night we all paid tribute to the memory of the incomparable “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney. It will also be remembered as a night the balance of power in IWC shifted in perhaps the most unexpected of directions.

The Founding Fathers assumed they would end the night with 100% full control of all IWC power & championships, the centerpiece of the plan being Bubba the Bulldog wrestling IWC Owner Chuck Roberts, with all of Chuck‘s power at stake. A last-minute mind-game by Bubba saw The Fathers hire Chest Flexor of all people to take Bubba’s place in the match at the last minute. With Justin Idol ringside watching Chuck’s back, Roberts fought his heart out for the company he believes in so much, but the proverbial vultures in the Founding Fathers sealed Chuck’s fate, leading to his defeat. After the match, the Fathers attempted to gloat, making Chuck sign away his power publicly. However, Chuck revealed he couldn’t sign away his power… because he no longer had any. As a last-minute insurance policy, Chuck signed away control of IWC to its new owner… STERLING JAMES KEENAN??! Not seen in IWC in over three years, SJK may have been the last man expected to be running the company, but he quickly stated his intentions. Sterling did it not for Chuck or IWC, but himself, as he was given an offer he could not refuse. Sterling stated he was sick of The Founding Fathers crying about their accomplishments and what they deserve instead of simply getting things done. How will Bubba & company react to an owner who can physically back up what he says? Hell is empty…the devil is back.

“Big League” John McChesney hoped to keep the entire foundation of the Founding Fathers from crumbling when he battled the suplex machine and emotionless assassin Ray Rowe for the IWC Title. McChesney had previously beaten Rowe in a “Loser Leaves Town” match in Cleveland, and now looked to run Rowe out of IWC as well. Rowe showcased the same intensity and remorseless that led him to the top of IWC, sending McChesney on the run. When the referee had been inadvertently knocked down, The Founding Fathers pounced from all sides, however Rowe fought each off. Rowe was so determined, he even mistook the referee’s grabbing him from behind as a Founding Father member, accidentally knocking the official senseless. While Rowe sent “Big League” to Death Rowe, the referee had no choice but to disqualify Rowe for striking him, robbing Rowe of a deserved title win and much needed momentum taken away from the Fathers. McChesney snuck away still as champion, but it was far from the dominant victory he may have wanted.

The Founding Fathers one major accomplishment came at the hands of IWC Tag Team Champions Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$ and their battle with The Kings of Wrestling – Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli. Hero & Claudio reigned as ROH World Tag Team Champions for nearly a year, along the way defeating arguably the greatest tag teams of the past decade from both TNA (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) and WWE (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas), however inside the Founding Fathers’ house, Kings did not reign supreme this evening. Gregory & Vega$ with a huge victory, upsetting arguably the best tag team in the entire world today.

Also, in fast-paced eight-man tag team action, it was Impact Wrestling’s newest X-Division standout Shiima Xion scoring the winning pinfall for his team of himself, Justin Idol, Corey Futuristic and David R. Dimera as they defeated Chest Flexor, “Frontman” Logan Shulo, Cingsley and Low Rider.

The Super Indy Tournament…

In the rich history of prior winners Hentai, Cabana, Sabin, McChesney, Delirious, Sweeney, Lynn, and Xion comes the celebration of ten years of independent excellence.

In quarterfinal round action, ROH’s “Generic Luchador” El Generico defeated Samuray Del Sol in a battle of internationally-traveled lucha libre standouts. The 21-year-old cocky upstart many are calling the future of the industry Adam Cole defeated “Heavy Metal Highflyer” Jason Gory in Gory’s fourth tournament outing. In what many are calling one of the biggest upsets in Super Indy history, “The Neon Ninja” Michael “The Bomber” Façade out-leveraged former IWC Champion and mat marvel “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes in a fantastic back-and-forth contest. A more unorthodox type of luchador, Egotistico Fantastico, allegedly hailing from Mexico City, Illinois and weighing in at 3,333 pounds (Don’t ask), was able to best the rookie Tyler Stone, who was re-granted tournament entry as a substitution for the injured Pinkie Sanchez. Meanwhile, for being prior tournament winners, Super Hentai (SI 1 & 8) and Colt Cabana (SI 2) received byes to the semifinals.

The second round began with Hentai & Cabana, the two first ever tournament winners, with Cabana emerging victorious in the event that would go on to inspire Larry Sweeney to enter professional wrestling. Hentai, however, was filled with nothing but enraged determination, set on carrying the figurative banner of The Founding Fathers in this tournament. Hentai indeed was able to best Cabana, avenging a Super Indy Tournament loss to Cabana from eight years ago. Meanwhile, Egotistico Fantastico ended a huge night for Michael Façade with a narrow victory, however not lost in the action was the heart and perseverance shown by “The Bomber”, a true Super Indy-like performance. And it was El Generico proving to Adam Cole that Mr. Cole may not be quite as good as he thinks he is, knocking the 21-year-old out of the tournament. Cole did not respond to the news very well, attacking El Generico following the bout, assaulting him on the outside, leaving Generico injured and vulnerable leading to the three-way Super Indy finals.

The single-elimination final round saw three masked men with very different backgrounds and styles take to the ring. Two men looking to cement their reputations in a new area here in their respective IWC debuts, while one man synonymous with Super Indy looking to do the unthinkable and three-peat as champion. However, in what many may call the shocker of the night, Hentai was the man eliminated first in this battle, leading the two newcomers (to IWC at least) left to battle – one a ROH stand-out, the other a long-time fixture of several top east coast and Midwest organizations. After a grueling battle, Ego utilized perhaps his most dangerous weapons of the night. Uniquely named offense such as the “I Owe Marc Mero $5-Sault” (top rope moonsault) or the ever dangerous “Queso Killer” (vertebreaker variation) spelled the end to Generico, making Egotistico Fantastico the latest Super Indy tournament winner and champion!

Predictably, Hentai did not handle his loss well, as he disrespectfully threw the Super Indy Title at Ego during the traditional post-match presentation of the title. However, Generico showed the true class and integrity that Super Indy is all about, presenting Ego with the title and showing him proper respect. As Fantastico soaked in his moment, we were reminded one more time of the other man of honor of the evening – Sweet & Sour Larry Sweeney – who will forever live on through the legacy of Super Indy and as an eternal part of IWC.