Mountain State Madness Results

Mountain State Madness – July 14th, 2011
Wells School Building – Newell, WV
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Mike Sydal def. Logan Shulo
  2. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Segaris) def. The One Nighters (Nickie Valentino & Bobby Beverly)
  3. Dalton Castle def. Tyler Stone
  4. Necro Butcher, Marshall Gambino, & Justin Idol def. The Founding Fathers (Super Hentai, Dennis Gregory, & Jimmy Vega$)
  5. Veda Scott def. Sera Feeny
  6. Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Gory & Facade) def. JT LaMotta & Andy Dalton
  7. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney def. Val Venis via DQ
  8. Shiima Xion def. Rhett Titus


IWC’s first ever event outside of the state of Pennsylvania, at the Wells School Building in Newell, WV, saw hundreds flock to be part of history in what very well may be the newest regular stop on the IWC calendar.

The star attraction was no doubt Shiima Xion, known to TNA Impact Wrestling fans as Zema Ion, the former IWC Triple Crown champion competed in his home area for the first time in his career, with countless friends and family members looking on. Shiima was opposed by “Addicted To Love” Rhett Titus, a man who’s recently made huge career strides of his own in Ring of Honor. As the West Virginia fans were treated to a battle between two major future stars in the making, Super Hentai of the Founding Fathers made his way to ringside, perhaps to send a message to Shiima in preparation for their Steel Cage battle next month. With his hometown crowd behind him, the Filipino Flex Factory took the offensive to Hentai before Hentai had the opportunity to take it to him, before finishing Titus with the same maneuver that brought Shiima success on Spike TV – the 450 Splash.

IWC Champion “Big League” John McChesney seemed to have the deck stacked in his favor once Bubba the Bulldog decided to name his newest hired stooge Chest Flexor in charge of the evening. Flexor promptly fired Big Bully Busick as referee, replacing him with… himself. It seemed a no-win situation for challenger Val Venis and his four demandments. However, once Flexor’s buffoonery led to him being ejected from the building… for smoking no less… a regular referee was brought into play. Flexor snuck his way back into the building with brass knuckles for “Big League”. McChesney’s attempt to use them was countered by The Big Valbowski, sending the champion crashing with a suplex, before setting up for Val’s trademark “Money Shot”. As Val mounted the ropes, the referee discovered the abandoned knucks and, thinking they were Val’s, immediately signaled for the bell. McChesney escaped back to the Founding Fathers title in-tact, but their pawn Chest Flexor paid for it, as he ended up feeling The Money Shot.

The Founding Fathers were not so lucky earlier in the night in their scheduled handicap match pitting IWC Tag Champs Dennis Gregory & Jimmy Vega$ and former Super Indy Champ Super Hentai against two men who are arguably most victimized by the Founding Fathers’ strange-hold on the main event scene – Marshall “The Bull” Gambino, still battling a concussion at the hands of Bubba the Bulldog, and Justin Idol, who has seemingly been put on the IWC backburner thanks to the Fathers demanding full spotlight. Although Chuck Roberts had sold IWC to new owner Sterling James Keenan, Chuck’s name was still on the contract that brought IWC to Newell. He and local promoter Billy Johnson together overruled the Bubba/Flexor handicap plan, instead giving Marshall & Idol one of the most dangerous and wild partners one could find… a staple-gun wielding Necro Butcher! Though he was convinced to leave the ultra-violence at home, Necro still provided a much needed assist to give a major win to himself, Marshall and Idol. How will the Fathers respond when they enter WarGames with Ray Rowe and Flippin Ain’t Easy as the struggle in the balance of power continues?

Flippin Ain’t Easy emerged victorious in arguably the most competitive bout of the night, defeating imports all the way from Texas, JT Lamotta & “Dirty” Andy Dalton. The battle waged all over the building, including a point in time which saw Façade remove his gui and risk life and limb to moonsault off of a ten foot balcony down below. Façade & Jason Gory used the patented Buddy Moonsault to officially seal the fate of their opponents, but will the Buddy Moonsault be enough when the Neon Ninja and Heavy Metal Highflyer enter Caged Fury?

In additional action, “Rock & Roll” Mike Sydal made his IWC return to defeat “The Frontman” Logan Shulo, the alleged “Party Peacock” and “Charismatic Milkshake” known as Dalton Castle bested recent Super Indy competitor Tyler Stone, ROH and Daizee Haze protégé Veda Scott defeated IWC’s own Sera Feeney, and the debuting team of Matt Sagaris & Bronco McBride, Blue Collar Slaughter, scored a major win in their kind of town in front of their kind of people, defeating the athletes with alleged sex appeal, “The One Nighters”, Nicki Valentino & Bobby Beverly.

All roads now lead to Caged Fury 2011. What will the first Court Time Sports Center event under the rule of owner Sterling James Keenan be like?