Caged Fury 2011 Results

Caged Fury 2011 – August 20th, 2011
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Logan Shulo def. Bobby Shields and Pepper Parks to qualify for the Super Indy Ladder Match at Winner Takes All
  2. Dalton Castle def. David R. DiMera
  3. Tyler Stone & Aiden Veil def. Blue Collar Slaughter (Bronco McBride & Matt Segaris)
  4. “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross def. Johnny Gargano and Justin Idol to qualify for the Super Indy Ladder Match at Winner Takes All
  5. Super Hentai def. Shiima Xion in a cage match
  6. Bubba the Bulldog def. Chest Flexor in a cage match to win man advantage in War Games
  7. Ray Rowe, Jimmy DeMarco, & Flippin’ Ain’t Easy (Facade & Jason Gory) def. The Founding Fathers (John McChesney, Dennis Gregory, Jimmy Vega$, &
  8. Bubba the Bulldog) in War Games to earn complete control of IWC for Chuck Roberts & Chest Flexor


The fate of IWC as an organization was determined this past Saturday night at “IWC Caged Fury 2011” as the battle for power between IWC Owner Chuck Roberts and IWC Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog came to a head under the most dangerous of circumstances – WarGames!

Momentum shifted to the corner of the Founding Fathers quickly when Bubba defeated Chest Flexor inside a cage in order to gain the man advantage in the WarGames order of entry. Flexor seemed to be on his way to victory, until his foolish plans of grandeur led to him attempting to climb the steel cage to escape to victory, rather than walk through the door, allowing Bubba to escape in much timelier fashion.

War began with IWC Champion “Big League” John McChesney representing the Founding Fathers and Michael “The Bomber” Facade representing Team IWC. Both men battled for five minutes until Founding Father and IWC Tag Champion Jimmy Vega$ entered next for the 2-on-1 advantage. Facade’s Flippin Ain’t Easy partner Jason Gory entered next and the cohesion of the former champions shifted the tides once more. Vega$’s partner Gregory entered next to resume Founding Father domination, until IWC’s “Emotionless Assassin” Ray Rowe entered to clean house! One last swerve and double cross from the Founding Fathers saw Bubba emerge and name HIMSELF as the surprise fourth entrant for the Fathers in the match. Upon seeing this act, Chuck Roberts raced into the cage, attempting to valiantly fight for his company, only to be quickly contained by the Fathers. As they assaulted Chuck, Bubba gloated over his soon-to-be victory, giving Chuck last words before his demise. Chuck’s words – “Suck My Muscles” and with that, Team IWC had a fourth man of his own – the first man the Founding Fathers eliminated to begin their cause – “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco!

With all EIGHT men entered, the war was on. One by one, the mighty began to fall under elimination rules. Ray Rowe, however, was goaded into eliminating himself thanks to McChesney, who was outside the cage threatening Ray’s wife Samantha who was at ringside. Ray was forced to leave the cage to save her, and the pursuit of McChesney was on. In the end, it was down to DeMarco and Dennis Gregory. Founding Fathers members attempted to interfere, but were run off by a weapons-wielding mob of IWC stars. With much blood already spilled and sacrifice made, these two men were left alone to settle the fate of IWC man-to-man. With a Super-C4 from the top rope, DeMarco was able to pin the man who betrayed him to cost him his career and the most experience WarGames athlete in the match to win for Team IWC and bring the balance of power to Chuck Roberts once and for all. It is a new dawn in IWC, one of clear focus and leadership, without agenda or political maneuverings. IWC marches into its ten-year anniversary celebration as strong as ever.

Another man who is perhaps stronger than ever is Shiima Xion. Also known as Zena Ion on Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, Shiima did not let his newfound success distract him from his long-time goal of definitively defeating his former mentor and trainer Super Hentai. Hentai feels Shiima’s success has gone to his head, while Shiima feels Hentai has become desperate to maintain his position in IWC in lieu of rising young competition. Much like their original cage match a year ago, questionable circumstances were involved. Hentai was the winner on record, but almost an accidental winner, flying through the cage door upon impact of a Shiima Xion attack. Shiima had had chances to win sooner, however instead chose to inflict more punishment. Thanks to a lot of luck, Dean Radford, and his trademark tenacity, Super Hentai won this round of the rivalry and remains a dominant force in IWC.

With IWC Super Indy Champ Egotistico Fantastico on the shelf for several months due to a quadriceps tear, IWC began the road to crowning a new titleholder to replace the stripped Ego. Four three-way bouts will occur, with each winner advancing to a four-way Ladder Match at the end of the year at Winner Take All to crown the new Super Indy Champion. On this night, the first two men advanced.

“The Frontman” Logan Shulo scored a breakout win he has been craving for many months now, defeating young veterans Bobby Shields and Pepper Parks. Can this be the springboard Shulo needs for his first IWC championsip? Plus it was “M-Dogg” Matt Cross defeating Johnny Gargano and Justin Idol to advance as well. This is Matt’s first IWC appearance since his time on the WWE Tough Enough reality series, and has been on a mission ever since that time to prove his trainers wrong when they dismissed him as not being good enough. What better way to do that in IWC than survive this series and emerge Super Indy Champion?

The alleged “Charismatic Milkshake” and “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle made his Court Time Sports Center debut in a victory over “Featured Presentation” David DiMera, but the real story of Mr. Castle’s night was his interrupting of a Justin Idol interview discussing the importance of that evening’s main event. Mr. Castle was no doubt too immersed in himself to see the stakes involved, and instead used that time to make a very physical statement at Justin’s expense. How will Idol respond to this overbearing newcomer?

Four rookies looked to impress as well as the ex-bare-knuckle fighter Tyler Stone joined forces with the young and energetic drummer Aiden Veil defeated the rough redneck bully tandem of Matt Sagaris & Bronco McBride, collectively known as Blue Collar Slaughter. Four young athletes with their entire future ahead of them. A future that will no doubt be ripe with opportunity now that the tyrannical and biased reign of Bubba the Bulldog has been silenced.