No Excuses: The IWC 10th Anniversary Results

No Excuses: The IWC 10th Anniversary – October 22nd, 2011
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Facade def. Icarus and Samuray Del Sol to qualify for the Super Indy Ladder Match at Winner Takes All
  2. Matt Justice def. Dalton Castle
  3. Jon Bolen def. Jimmy Vega$ via DQ
  4. Tyler Stone, Chest Flexor, & Troy Lords def. Logan Shulo, David R. DiMera, & CJ Sensation in a Past, Present, & Future Six-Man Tag
  5. Super Hentai def. Shirley Doe
  6. The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino) def. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Matt Sagaris & Bronco McBride)
  7. Hallowicked def. Eric Ryan and Jason Gory to qualify for the Super Indy Ladder Match at Winner Takes All
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion “Big League” John McChesney def. Ray Rowe in an I Quit Match via ref stoppage
  9. Shiima Xion & Jimmy DeMarco def. John McChesney & Dean Radford in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match with special guest referee Mickey Gambino. As a result, Shiima Xion earns a shot at McChesneys’s title at Winner Takes All.


IWC celebrated its rich ten year history from 2001-2011 this past Saturday night in Elizabeth, PA at the Court Time Sports Center. This event was another pivotal struggle in the war between Chuck Roberts and The Founding Fathers in the struggle for control. Although Chuck acquired full authority at Caged Fury, the Fathers showed they would not go peacefully and still possess a very important source of power.

In the main event, Special Guest Referee Mickey Gambino presided over IWC’s Rock Warriors of “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco & Shiima Xion, as they were set to extract revenge on the Founding Fathers, however not without a curve-ball. Rumors swirled all afternoon about the apparent plans of Bubba the Bulldog to no-show the event in protest of losing his job title of Director of Wrestling Operations. Chuck Roberts responded by emphatically firing Bubba as an active wrestler, thus eliminating him from the company altogether. With Dennis Gregory also not in attendance, the Fathers had no choice but to be represented by Dean Radford (the only FF member who had yet to compete that night) and IWC Champion John McChesney (competing for the second time straight!). The battle was wild with brooms, chairs, guitars, and even a mannequin torso involved in the mix. The added stipulation of whomever would score the winning pinfall between Shiima & DeMarco would receive an automatic IWC Title shot at Winner Take All, while if neither man scored a pinfall both would be banned from IWC Title matches for a year, only served to add more fuel to the fire. After a hellacious war, the lure of IWC gold prevailed and Shiima & DeMarco began fighting amongst themselves. It was Shiima fortunate enough to score a pinfall win over IWC Champion McChesney to earn the shot, although after the match DeMarco expressed his frustration with a C4 on Shiima! As IWC’s troops weakened, the Founding Fathers entered en masse to attack DeMarco, Shiima and Mickey before Mickey’s brother Marshall “The Bull” Gambino was able to run off the attackers.

As for “Big League” John McChesney’s “I Quit” battle with Rowe, no one could have foreseen the circumstances that would end this match deeply filled with personal animosity and emotional distress. After a physical, personal war, Ray Rowe had the momentary upper hand with a German suplex on McChesney, who had promised no Founding Father interference, when the lights suddenly blackened out. In pitch darkness, all we could see was a fireball ignite the ring, with a mysterious masked man standing over top of a badly burned Rowe. As staff, wrestlers, and medical people attended to Rowe, the masked man revealed himself as… J-Rocc?! A man whose allegiances with Rowe have gone back and forth numerous times, it seems something has motivated J-Rocc to attempt to take Ray Rowe out. J-Rocc presented McChesney with the IWC Title as the official had no choice but to stop the match due to Rowe’s injuries. While “Big League” may have been pinned by Shiima Xion before the night would end, the possession of the IWC Title is keeping the Founding Father camp in the fight and with power. That championship seems to be the one key to the Fathers’ continued health and success. Will Shiima Xion be able to take it from them December 10?

Two more athletes were added to the field for December 10’s Super Indy Title Ladder Match to crown a NEW Super Indy Champion. The “Aerosol Assassin” Michael Facade overcame promising international star Samuray Del Sol and the conniving and cocky debuting Icarus to advance forward. While many thought this would also be the night for Jason Gory to press onward and upward, tonight it was not to be. While Gory had his match won with Trepidation, Hallowicked dazed Gory with a boot to the skull (the final of several given to Gory throughout the match) before pinning a fallen Eric Ryan, still injured from Trepidation. Hallowicked made an instant splash in IWC, while a frustrated Gory would have to wait for another day. Now, Facade & Hallowicked join “The Frontman” Logan Shulo and “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross in a four way ladder match on December 10. Four men who have never held singles gold in IWC will battle for one of the most prestigious titles in independent wrestling today under one of the most dangerous circumstances.

One of the most violent rivalries in IWC history that was the talk of the area in 2002-2003 was re-ignited with Founding Father Super Hentai faced a member of IWC’s past… longest reigning IWC Champion in history Shirley Doe. This love/hate relationship picked back up from some of its most brutal prior points, as both men bludgeoned one another with stiff forearm strikes and hard headbutts. The one-time Unholy Alliance members held nothing back and reminded fans why they are two of the toughest and most physical athletes in company history. In the end, Hentai with the triple knees from the top cements another win for the Founding Fathers in their rebound from Caged Fury.

Founding Father Jimmy Vega$ didn’t have it any easier, as his mystery opponent from IWC’s past was the powder keg known as Jon Bolen. When we last saw Bolen, he was to say the least at odds with the Founding Fathers, and did not make that a secret as he and Vega$ collided. Vega$ had extra back-up in the absence of Bubba in the form of Vega$’ long-time former manager Damien Stockholm. Stockholm made his presence known numerous times, so egregiously that Vega$ was disqualified. Jimmy was happy to avoid the further onslaught of Bolen, who was more upset at his victory than anybody. Jimmy Vega$ dodged a bullet tonight but will he and Bolen cross paths again?

Hot news came from former owner Norm Connors via video wall, who asked current owner Chuck Roberts one favor… the ability to book one match for IWC’s Winner Takes All on December 10. Norm chose an IWC staple… the unpredictable high-octane four-way tag team scramble! Furthermore, this scramble would be for the VACANT IWC Tag Titles, meaning the Founding Fathers were stripped of the titles for not defending the gold within the allotted contracted time period. Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino, collectively calling themselves The One Nighters, defeated Matt Sagaris & Bronco McBride to avenge their Mountain State Madness loss, and with that Beverly & Valentino became the first of four teams who will qualify for the scramble. New Super Indy AND New Tag Champions coming on December 10!

Somber news from the event saw 13-year veteran Justin Idol announce an extended leave of absence from in-ring competition due to several severe back injuries. Our thoughts go out to Justin, however the thoughts of Justin’s scheduled opponent “The Party Peacock” Dalton Castle were clearly strictly on Dalton Castle. The self-described “Charismatic Milkshake” berated Idol, claiming Idol’s real reason for stepping down is fear of being beaten. Idol had the last word however, when he introduced Castle’s replacement opponent… the returning Matthew Justice! Matt is back after six months in the WWE system in Florida and wasted no time re-asserting himself. During the match, Justin Idol was seen wearing Dalton’s ridiculous peacock-themed jacket and mask, distracting the cocky Castle. This diversion led to Matt going “Air Justice” and not just coming back to IWC with a win but also ending the win streak of Dalton Castle! Revenge for Justin Idol and a big-time return for Matthew Justice!

Also, it was IWC’s past, present and future in one six man tag as “The Frontman” Logan Shulo, “Feature Presentation” David DiMera and blast from the past “Snapshot” CJ Sensation joined forces to battle former IWC Super Indy & Tag Champion “Balls Hot” Troy Lords, as well as rookie Tyler Stone and … the apparent still-co-owner of IWC, Chest Flexor… who came to the ring wearing pigtails and what seemed to resemble an overly flamboyant tutu. That aside, it came down to veteran influence as it was Troy Lords showing the resourcefulness to set up Tyler Stone to hit his sick trademark Tiger Driver onto the surgically repaired neck of Sensation to score an emphatic victory. In this match, and throughout the night showcased IWC has a rich and successful past, but there are several stars ready to shine even brighter in the very near future.