Combat in Clearfield 2 Results

Combat in Clearfield 2 – November 5th, 2011
Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from Justin Plummer

  1. Kato def. Aiden Veil
  2. Tyler Stone & David R. DiMera def. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Sagaris)
  3. Marshall Gambino def. Super Hentai
  4. Michael Facade vs. Logan Shulo went to a Time Limit Draw
  5. Sassy Stephanie def. Sera Feeny
  6. Pepper Parks def. Jimmy Olsen
  7. Dalton Castle def. Sebastian
  8. Jimmy DeMarco def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney in a non-title Steel Cage Match

IWC returned to Clearfield Pennsylvania this past Saturday night for Combat in Clearfield 2! This sequel rocked the Clearfield County Fair Grounds and has been dubbed by fans to be the most entertaining professional wrestling event to ever be held in the town. The fall of the founding fathers continued while a few hometown favorites made an appearance. The night was highlighted with a 15-foot high, steel cage main event!

The night began with fan favorite, Kato, making his return to the IWC to battle newcomer Aiden Veil. While Kato is a well-known, in-ring veteran, his opponent was making his singles debut in the IWC. Despite several attempts by Veil to illegally utilize his drumsticks to gain the upper hand, Kato was able to rely upon his experience unorthodox style to score the victory and keep Vale searching for future opportunities to break out from behind the drum kit and become a star on his own!

David R. DiMera teamed with Tyler Stone to collide with Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (BCSH) in a match-up that exclusively featured Iron City Wrestling School Graduates. The big question coming into this match was who would have the upper-hand: DiMera and Stone with their advantage in overall in-ring experience, or BCSH with their experience training and teaming together? DiMera and Stone answered that question by picking up the victory in a highly contested match-up, but the action did not stop there. BCSH showed their true colors by jumping DiMera and Stone following the match until officials were able to separate the melee. This encounter set the stage for a rematch between the two teams at IWC’s Night of Superstars on November 19th!

Marshall Gambino was a key player for Team IWC over the past several months in the on-going struggle for power between Chuck Roberts and Bubba the Bulldog. Unfortunately, along with his partner Mickey Gambino, Marshall was eliminated from the equation prior to the climax of that battle at caged fury. At Combat in Clearfield 2, Marshall Gambino returned to in ring action and proclaimed that he would get revenge by taking out the remaining Founding Fathers one-by-one. He demanded to start with Super Hentai and the match was underway. Marshall made good on his promise by getting the victory in a highly contested battle, and with it, the first step towards revenge against the Founding Fathers.

In a match that stole the show, “Front Man” Logan Shulo battled Michael “The Bomber” Façade to a time limit draw. This match was a preview for the highly anticipated four-way ladder match for the Super Indy Title on December 10th. Fans looked to determine who had the leg up going into that battle based on the outcome of this preview, but the future Super Indy Champion is now more uncertain than ever. This match saw each man gain the upper hand in a back-and-forth all out war! As the final seconds ticked away, Shulo locked Façade in a modified Boston crab, but Façade was able to absorb the pain and resist the temptation to submit as time expired and the match ended in a draw. At this moment the fans erupted and gave both men a standing ovation, prompting IWC majority owner Chuck Roberts to book a rematch between the two men when IWC returns to Clearfield.

Sassy Stephie became the very first female commentator when she joined Justin Plummer at the beginning of the night at the announce table. However, at one point in the night, Stephie left her duties at the announce table to battle the first Lady of IWC, Sera Feeny. The disrespectful attitude that Stephie demonstrated throughout the night at the broadcast table translated over into her in-ring behavior. Although Feeny looked to be at the top of her game, Sassy Stephie was able to get the pin with an assist from the ring ropes in a disappointing finish to the match that had the fans of Clearfield up in arms.

Jimmy “Jam” Olsen went toe-to-toe with Pepper Parks in a battle of two of Upstate New York’s most successful superstars. These men are both new to the IWC, but have each had significant success throughout their wrestling careers. Although both of these men have crossed paths multiple times in the past, fans in Clearfield were treated to Olsen and Parks first ever one-on-one encounter. The match ended when Pepper Parks hit the devastating Pepper Shaker and score the pinfall over Jimmy Olsen!

Chest Flexor hit the ring for his first ever interview segment in which he introduced IWC’s Party Peacock, Dalton Castle. The Charismatic Milkshake was up to his typical shenanigans, including denying the end of his undefeated streak in the IWC. He then unleashed a verbal tirade directed at his opponent for the nights, Clearfield’s own Sebastian. To Castle’s surprise, Sebastian hit the ring and the match began on the spot. The fans were going wild at the sight of their hometown hero taking it to the arrogant and selfish Party Peacock. The fan excitement soon turned to anger as Chest Flexor intervened in the match and assisted Castle in a victory over Sebastian!

The time finally arrived for the main event, and the 15-foot high steel cage was erected for the first time in Clearfield, PA. This massive structure set the stage for the most highly-anticipated rematch in IWC Wrestling history between “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco and IWC World Heavyweight champion, “Big League” John McChesney. Earlier in the night, McChesney pointed out a clause in his contract which stated that he did not have to defend the world title in the night’s main event. However, Chuck Roberts didn’t let McChesney off the hook that easy. Chuck added a stipulation to the cage match that would insert DeMarco into the World Heavyweight Championship match at Winner takes all on December 10th! DeMarco refused to enter the steel cage through the door, rather opting to climb over the side of the cage for a grand entrance. Halfway up the outside of the cage, DeMarco asked several fans for their chairs and filled the ring with even more steel. Early on this looked to be a mistake, as McChesney got the most use out of the weapons, at one point even dropping DeMarco’s spine across the backs of two chairs. DeMarco was able to battle back, however, and both men beat each other to the point of complete exhaustion. The match culminated with a race between the battered superstars up and over opposite sides of the cage. DeMarco was able to reach deep into his soul to channel whatever strength he had left to beat McChesney to the floor and win the match! Doing so has now made the main event at winner takes all a 3-way dance for the IWC World Heavyweight Championship between Demarco, Shiima Xion, and McChesney. The victory wasn’t enough for Demarco. He quickly stole McChesney’s championship belt and took off out of the building

Check out later this week for an update on the status of the Championship belt and all of the other exciting events leading up to IWC’s Night of Superstars!