Winner Takes All 2011 Results

Winner Takes All 2011 – December 10th, 2011
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Rickey Shane Page def. Alex Colon
  2. Samuray Del Sol & Sairus def. Low Rider & Kaientai
  3. Joe Rosa def. Aiden Veil
  4. Matt Justice def. Jason Gory to become #1 contender to the Super Indy Title
  5. The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino) def. Aeroform (Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick), the Founding Fathers (Jimmy Vega$ & Super Hentai), and the Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) to win the vacant IWC Tag Team Titles
  6. Bronco McBride & “Tex” Flexor def. Tyler Stone & David R. DiMera
  7. Dalton Castle def. Sami Callihan
  8. Jimmy DeMarco def. Shiima Xion and IWC World Heavyweight Champion John McChesney to win the title
  9. Facade def. Hallowicked, “M-Dogg” Matt Cross, & Logan Shulo in a ladder match to win the vacant IWC Super Indy Title


For the first time in over half a year, all of IWC’s championships have rightful homes, without vacancy or dispute. However, the challenges for these new titleholders have just begun, as already several challenges, new and old, have made themselves known heading into the 2012 calendar year.

It was a raucous and near-riotous atmosphere, as it always is, as “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco celebrated his second IWC Title win amidst and ecstatic crowd and confetti spreading throughout the Court Time Sports Center. DeMarco’s three way battle with defending champion “Big League” John McChesney and “Filipino Flex Factory” Shiima Xion saw over two years of bad blood surrounding the IWC Title picture in one ring at one time. Jimmy DeMarco was finally able to fully avenge McChesney costing Jimmy his IWC Title & wrestling career one year ago by taking that which McChesney cherishes most from him, in turn, also taking the last source of power and control the Founding Fathers possesses. It took three C4 neckbreakers from DeMarco to finally pin Shiima, however chaos reigned following the decision.

Rickey Shane Page, formerly known in many circles as Christian Faith, re-debuted in IWC at the start of the night with an impressive victory over one of the East Coast’s toughest young athletes, Alex Colon. Following the match, Rickey chose to showcase his humble and sincere appreciation for being a part of the IWC roster with such great talents as the three competing for the IWC Title later that night. Or so we thought. After Shiima was pinned, Rickey Shane Page chose to run from the commentary area down to ringside and assault Shiima without provocation. What were Page’s motives and how will Shiima respond?

Meanwhile, McChesney’s complaints to IWC Owner Chuck Roberts over losing his title without being pinned led to a heated and emotional challenge by DeMarco to McChesney to settle things once and for all with one final battle between the two for the IWC Title… next month inside a Steel Cage. The challenge was accepted, illiciting yet another brawl, among the most physical we’ve seen in quite some time. Will a cage be enough to contain these two animalistic warriors? Will Jimmy DeMarco be able to keep the IWC Title from returning to McChesney & The Founding Fathers?

The night’s main event saw the “Neon Ninja” and “Aerosol Assassin” Michael Facade cement himself as a top singles player in IWC with a breathtaking victory in the 4-way Ladder Match for the vacant Super Indy Title. Overcoming “Frontman” Logan Shulo, Hallowicked, and “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, as well as a potentially broken tailbone and bruised ribs following amazing risks and brutal punishment at the hands of multiple steel ladders, several of which were left battered and broken, along with human bodies, at night’s end. While the road to get to the Super Indy Title was hell, the mission to now retain it could perhaps be even worse, as a personal betrayal is involved in the mix.

“One Man Militia” Matthew Justice was able to eek out a victory over Jason Gory earlier in the night to become #1 Contender to the Super Indy Title going into 2012. Gory brought his all, but whether it be skill, luck, or both, on this night, Justice was just a little bit better. Gory refused Matt’s handshake after the bout, storming away frustrated. We all thought Gory would calm down and see the err of his ways, but at the end of the night as Facade celebrated a career-defining achievement, Gory would ruin and tarnish that moment forever by assaulting his tag team partner and stating he would no longer be held to the background while others like Shiima and Facade gained all of the opportunities. How will Facade respond to Gory’s disheartening actions and how will he prepare for the challenge of ex-WWE developmental talent, now returning home to reclaim what was once his, Matthew Justice.

New IWC Tag Champions were crowned as “The One Nighters”, Nicki Valentino & Bobby Beverly snuck in the proverbial backdoor to emerge victorious by defeating Aeroform – Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick. Both of these teams benefited from the intense rivalry between the other two teams involved in this four-way bout – The Founding Fathers (Jimmy Vega$ & Super Hentai) and The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall). The Fathers, of course, were instrumental in keeping The Gambinos out of IWC for many, many months and now with their front-office authority null and void, the war between these dueling factions has likely just begun.

“Party Peacock” and “Charismatic Milkshake” Dalton Castle was able to surprise “Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan in countering Sami’s trademark Stretch Muffler submission hold. After a physical battle, Dalton is back on the winning track in IWC and Sami is no doubt hungry for future competition to get back into IWC title contention.

Chest Flexor, still somehow co-owner of IWC, opted to place himself into a tag team match, replacing the injured Matt Sagaris in Blue Collar Slaughterhouse to join Bronco McBride in their continuing war with Tyler Stone & David R. DiMera. And, yes, Chest Flexor, for one night only, changed his name to “Tex Flexor”, and for some reason felt a cow-colored hat would drive that point home. Flexor was driven head-first to the canvas courtesy of Tyler Stone’s Tiger Driver he has been perfecting, but with the co-owner out cold, Bronco took charge, scoring victory for his makeshift team. While “Tex” slept through the fall, it didn’t stop him from celebrating as if he won the World Title after he realized what had transpired.

Also in action, “VIP” Joe Rosa brought his ego-maniacal and superficial ways to IWC rings once again to pick up a victory over the exciting youngster Aiden Veil, and in IWC’s first ever lucha libre tag team match-up, Samuray Del Sol & Sairus defeated the duo of Low Rider & Kaientai.

With a chaotic and unpredictable 2011 in the books, what will be in store for IWC’s champions, challengers, and new young contenders as we enter 2012 in a big way with the return of the Steel Cage to Court Time Sports Center?