Pure Talent Results

Pure Talent – January 27th, 2012
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Logan Shulo def. Bobby Shields to qualify for Super Indy XI
  2. Gory def. Aiden Veil to qualify for Super Indy XI
  3. IWC Tag Team Champions The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino) def. Tyler Stone & David R. DiMera
  4. Rickey Shane Page def. Aaron Draven to qualify for Super Indy XI
  5. IWC Super Indy Champion Facade def. Matt Justice
  6. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino) def. The Founding Fathers (Super Hentai & Jimmy Vega$)
  7. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco def. John McChesney in a steel cage match


IWC’s first event of the 2012 calendar year, January 27, at the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA was highlighted by the final meeting between former IWC Champion “Big League” John McChesney and the man who de-throned him a month ago, and the man whose career McChesney had ended over a year ago, “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco. With McChesney instructing the rest of the Founding Fathers to stay in the back as “Big League” felt he had something to prove. After a barbaric and evenly-matched war, it came down to a game of inches… with both athletes climbing over the top simultaneously after nearly twenty minutes of battle. DeMarco was literally seconds faster, beating “Big League” to the floor to retain his title and ultimately close the chapter on his rivalry with McChesney.

Following the bout, DeMarco, who had been reserved and kept to himself all day, actually gave McChesney credit for the battle, saying he respected him as a competitor. DeMarco offered a handshake, but John refused, skeptical of DeMarco and also stating he didn’t think the fans cared about the handshake. This single sentence set something off in DeMarco’s head, who erupted into an impromptu tirade against the IWC fans… blaming them for a myriad of issues and accusing them of not appreciating, supporting, or respecting the stars & staff of IWC. This brought IWC Owner Chuck Roberts into the ring, stating “These people are here for you!”. This did little to sway DeMarco who, along with Chest Flexor, proceeded to attack Chuck unprovoked, in an uncomfortable and unnecessary scene. The very fans who raucously supported DeMarco and created chaotic atmospheres everywhere he went were now vehemently and angrily booing their former hero. We will pursue this story further in the coming weeks to hopefully learn more about Jimmy DeMarco’s emphatic change of heart towards the IWC faithful and an update on the condition of Chuck Roberts.

IWC Super Indy Champion “Neon Ninja” Michael Facade had his first championship defense against a man he is very similar to and who has been on an absolute roll since returning from his WWE developmental contract “One Man Militia” Matthew Justice. Going in, we questioned exactly the frame of mind of Facade a month removed from his tag team partner Gory ruining Facade’s Super Indy victory celebration after the hellacious four way ladder match “The Bomber” had survived. This battle saw no room for errors as both men were evenly matched for well over ten minutes, before Facade ended the battle by submitting Justice in the Dread Lock.

IWC Tag Champions The One Nighters, Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino, made their first championship defense a successful one as well with a victory over the team of Tyler Stone & David R. DiMera, but the real story was the lack of focus and cohesion on the challenging side. After Stone took issue with a DeMera loss a month ago, both men on the team seemed more concerned with proving something to one another than in winning the tag titles. The One Nighters continued the same opportunistic ways that led them to the titles by pinning DiMera here, but after the match the action wasn’t finished. Stone, who had introduced a friend to stand ringside by the name of “VIP” Joe Rosa, a decision he made without consulting his partner, led an attack on DiMera, with Rosa hitting the “Last Call” and Stone nailing David with a Tiger Driver. The Stone/DiMera partnership has seemingly ended in messy fashion, but born from it is an alliance with Tyler Stone & Joe Rosa.

Three men advanced in qualifying matches for “Super Indy XI” to take place later this year…

“Frontman” and “Heavy Metal Jesus” Logan Shulo defeated the man who thought this event was named after him, and the only man cocky enough to need three nicknames “True Talent” “Beautiful” Bobby “The Body” Shields to advance onward. Logan was one of the participants in last month’s four-way Super Indy Title Match and has wasted no time propelling himself back into contention. Will this year be the year of Logan Shulo?

Gory, better known as Jason Gory, showed a darker, more sinister and animalistic side in his victory over young Aiden Veil. Gory was no doubt driven by hate and bitterness and the desire to take that title from the man he feels is unfairly getting the attention that should be given to him, speaking of current champion Michael Facade.

Rickey Shane Page was victorious in his second straight IWC outing against thrill-seeker “Omega” Aaron Draven. Following the bout, RSP apologized for the unprovoked attack he perpetrated a month ago on Shiima Xion, stating sometimes he makes poor and rash decisions. However, in the middle of his apology, he lunged toward Draven, attacking him again for no reason. It seems Page has some serious issues, be it with Shiima Xion or just in general, but will these “decisions” help or hinder him in his goal of Super Indy Title gold?

A tag team grudge match that went all over the building ended in mystery when Mickey & Marshall Gambino scored a measure of revenge over the faction who had kept them on the outside of the company looking in for over a year, The Founding Fathers, represented here by Jimmy Vega$ & Super Hentai. Shortly before The Curse of the Gambino spelled the end for the FFs, an unknown man in an unusual mask stormed the ring, attacking Vega$ from behind with what appeared to be a police baton. The man quickly fled the scene before being identified, leading many to wonder who it was. The attack seems like a page directly from the street-savvy Gambinos playbook, however with Jimmy DeMarco preparing for his Cage Match, and the Gambino Family NEVER being shy about taking credit for their attacks or hiding behind masks when doing their “family business”, one has to wonder if they were involved. Chuck Roberts attempted to get to the bottom of things afterward, but BOTH teams seemed in the dark about what had happened. Who is that masked man and what were his intentions??

Also, that night, we heard pre-taped comments from “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle. Castle engaged us in a long story about he and a monkey but after all the fallderall, his message eventually became clear.. when he wants something, he will take it. While he refused to state what he meant specifically, its clear the “Charismatic Milkshake” has his eyes locked on to a specific goal here in IWC. But what?