Combat in Clearfield 3 Results

Combat in Clearfield 3 – March 3rd, 2012
Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Clearfield, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Kato def. John McChesney
  2. Rickey Shane Page def. Aiden Veil
  3. Gory def. Matt Justice
  4. Super Hentai def. Marshall Gambino
  5. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco & Chest Flexor def. Jon Bolen & Corey Futuristic
  6. Bronco McBride, David R. DiMera, & Capital Punishment (RL Coleman & Foxx Vinyer) def. Joe Rosa, Eric Ryan, & IWC Tag Team Champions The One Nighters (Bobby Bevery & NIcki Valentino)
  7. Sebastian def. Dalton Castle in a Lumberjack Match
  8. IWC Super Indy Champion Facade vs. Logan Shulo went to a no-contest


IWC’s return to Clearfield, PA on Saturday, March 3 led to arguably the most out of control night in IWC’s long history.

The tone was set knowing a segment of time had been purchased by Chest Flexor in order to stage he & IWC Champion Jimmy DeMarco’s “Muscle Worshiping Ceremony”, which was complete with guest cameos by a nun, a Chinese dragon, and outfits that look straight out of the Elton John collection. The ceremony was cut short by IWC Owner Chuck Roberts, who demanded Flexor & DeMarco meet their scheduled mystery opponents who had accepted Chuck’s open challenge. These two obviously accepted separately as they didn’t have much in common other than a common enemy…those two were the always intense Jon Bolen and his partner… Corey Futuristic?! The diminutive would-be time traveler may have been undersized but, as Flexor’s first abused lackey, he fought his heart out. Bolen’s rage and power made up where Corey left off, but when the two men who were dressed as the Chinese dragon created a distraction for Bolen, Jimmy & Flexor capitalized on Corey, pinning the weak link of the team and escaping victorious. But it wouldn’t be the last time we’d see them tonight.

Last time in Clearfield, Michael Facade & Logan Shulo took each other to the limit in a twenty minute time limit draw. This time, with a sixty minute time limit and Facade’s Super Indy Title at stake, both men had to push themselves even farther. Deep into a classic war full of heart and intestinal fortitude, both men were once again battling to nearly the 20-minute mark. However, it was not the time limit that prematurely ended this bout… it was the attacks of Jimmy DeMarco & Chest Flexor on Shulo, a week before Logan challenges DeMarco for the IWC Title, as well as Gory’s assault on Facade a week before the two former partners clash for the Super Indy crown. The ambush brought out Bolen to even the odds, and soon nearly the entire locker room was brawling throughout the building! It was an absolutely chaotic conclusion as Chuck Roberts attempted to restore order by announcing not only a huge Battle Royal for the next Clearfield event, but also a six man tag pitting DeMarco, Flexor & Gory against Facade, Shulo & Bolen!

In preparation for his Super Indy Title match next week, Gory went one-on-one with “One Man Militia” Matthew Justice in a rematch from just a couple of months ago, when Justice’s defeat of Gory helped drive Gory into the sick, animalistic monster he has become. Now fueled with a hatred, bitterness and rage not seen in IWC before, Gory’s soulless eyes were focused on one thing… sending a message at the expense of Matthew Justice. After a very competitive outing, Gory trapped Justice in his controversial Pestilence submission hold, choking Justice out cold. Could this be Michael Facade’s fate this Saturday night?

One man who prepares to compete in a qualifying match for Super Indy XI this weekend, “Big League” John McChesney, was none too pleased about being forced to have to “qualify” for a division he once “dominated for years”. While we aren’t sure what McChesney’s current stance is surround Jimmy DeMarco and Chuck Roberts’ new-found issues (other than John claiming he was right all along about DeMarco’s true colors), one thing for certain is the disdain McChesney possesses for “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle, his opponent in that Super Indy Qualifyer. Castle was sitting ringside providing guest commentary for McChesney’s match with Kato, a fact that continued to distract “Big League”, who constantly attempted to send a message Dalton’s way. Finally, Castle had enough and began loudly “caw-ing” into the microphone, ultimately distracting McChesney long enough for Kato to pick up a victory from a backslide. McChesney’s would-be Super Indy momentum is not to be.

Meanwhile, Dalton himself was opposed by hometown hero Sebastian in a Lumberjack Match as a result of a questionable conclusion between the two at our prior Clearfield event. As the Lumberjacks imploded on the outside into a wild fistfight, John McChesney snuck to ringside, returning the favor to Dalton from earlier tonight, costing Castle the match-up, and destroying HIS momentum. What will happen when two of the most confident and successful personalities meet this weekend with one Super Indy spot at stake?

Super Hentai was able to pick up a victory for the Founding Fathers faction with a win over Marshall “The Bull” Gambino. Hentai has proven he won’t go away and will continue to haunt the Gambino faction, believing they are behind the unknown masked man who injured Jimmy Vegas a month ago at Pure Talent. No further progress was made in unraveling that mystery tonight, however knowing Super Hentai, he will not stop until he gets the answers he demands.

The conflicted Rickey Shane Page picked up an impressive win over young Aiden Veil, but many seem concerned over Page’s behavior in-ring as of late. Some describe it almost as if Page is having as much of a battle with himself as he is with his opponent. Violent mood swings and highly physical strikes were the M.O. of Page here tonight, who still has Shiima Xion in his crosshairs, with a Dream Partner tag match-up just days away! Page has selected Josh Prohibition, not seen in IWC in years, but how will Shiima respond?

Eight-man tag chaos saw bodies sprawled all over the building as Bronco McBride, David DiMera and newcomers, Albany, NY natives RL Coleman & Foxx Vinyer, collectively known as Capital Punishment defeated IWC Tag Champions Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino, “VIP” Joe Rosa & Eric Ryan.