The Road to Super Indy XI Results

The Road to Super Indy XI – March 10th, 2012
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Segaris) def. Tyler Stone & Joe Rosa
  2. Matt Justice def. Chest Flexor in a Super Indy XI Qualifying Match
  3. Aiden Veil def. Eric Ryan
  4. IWC Tag Team Champions The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino) def. Marshall Gambino & Jimmy Vega$
  5. IWC Super Indy Champion Facade def. Gory via DQ
  6. John McChesney def. Dalton Castle in a Super Indy XI Qualifying Match
  7. Shiima Xion & M-Dogg20 Matt Cross def. Rickey Shane Page & Josh Prohibition in a dream partner tag team match
  8. Logan Shulo def. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco to win the title


Saturday, March 10 at Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA saw the return of former promoter Norm Connors after a 27-month absence from IWC and the world of professional wrestling to confront IWC Champion Jimmy DeMarco over Jimmy’s claims that Norm left because he was tired of dealing with the IWC fans. There was much speculation regarding what exactly Norm would do once he arrived, even speculation he was secretly aligned with DeMarco the whole time. Norm erased any doubt when he stated the hardest thing about leaving wrestling was leaving the fans, his second family, behind. Norm promised that for bringing him into things and making it personal, Norm would do anything in his power to ruin Jimmy DeMarco… and it would start later that night.

Jimmy’s title match with Logan Shulo, looking at his second singles title match in a week, was filled with chaos as any DeMarco match is prone to. DeMarco’s partner-in-crime Chest Flexor was barred from ringside before the match started. DeMarco’s NEW ally “Big League” John McChesney of all people, was chased from ringside by Dalton Castle. In the chaos, the referee was taken out as well, leaving no law. Norm made his way to ringside to confront DeMarco, and as Shulo capitalized on the distraction with a powerbomb, Norm revealed he was wearing a referee shirt and counted to three, naming Shulo new IWC Champion!

Chuck Roberts, who had been assaulted by DeMarco a couple months ago, and superkicked by McChesney moments before this match, staggered to ringside to sort out the pieces. After listening to Norm, and to the fans, Chuck allowed Norm’s decision to stand even though he is not a licensed referee or even an IWC employee. Chuck also proclaimed Shulo winner and apparent new IWC Champion in a decision that left DeMarco stunned and prompted the IWC fans to give a standing ovation to their new representative!

The Super Indy Title issue is far from over, as the personal animosity between Gory & Facade have possibly surpassed the levels of any past Super Indy Title rivalry in history. Facade was doing a pre-match interview when Gory seemingly repelled from the ceiling and immediately pounced on Facade, and the match began about an hour before its scheduled time. Both men brawled all over the building, with Gory possessing an animalistic and uncontrolled rage, while Facade had to will himself onward to take the fight to a man he once called a close friend and partner. As Facade attempted to finish Gory off with the Arashikage Driver twice, Gory perhaps sensing doom and perhaps just desiring to inflict pain, sprayed his unknown red mist into Facade’s eyes, blinding the champion. Facade retained his title via DQ, but it was clear absolutely nothing was settled between the two.

IWC Tag Champions Nicki Valentino & Bobby Beverly had an unusual circumstance in their title defense – Mickey Gambino was not in attendance, so Chuck made a judgment call and teamed Marshall Gambino with… Jimmy Vega$?? Chuck added the stipulation, that whomever scored the pin between the two challengers would win the titles for them & their REGULAR tag team partner, be it Mickey or Super Hentai. Marshall & Vega$ have been heated rivals for years, and while they overpowered the champions, when it came time to the pinfall attempts – predictably, Vega$ and Marshall both had their own motivations. The argument led to Vega$ walking out on the match entirely, and Beverly & Valentino slipping in the backdoor again to come out with another lucky and timely victory.

John McChesney became the 7th person officially announced for Super Indy XI (In addition to those that qualified, Sami Callihan was announced via invitation) by defeating “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle after the help of an unknown man in a mask, the same man who had laid out Vega$ & Hentai in prior weeks. We were all puzzled why the unknown assailant would aid a Founding Father after previously attacking both, until Chuck Roberts had figured out and confronted Jimmy DeMarco on the fact it was a plot by Jimmy & McChesney to frame The Gambinos and eliminate enemies. DeMarco confessed to the crime, but be that as it may, the damage was still done and McChesney still qualifies for the same tournament that launched his career to super-stardom initially.

Matthew Justice also qualified for Super Indy XI by defeating Chest Flexor, who was again accompanied by a loudly-dressed woman and a Chinese dragon. The tail end of the dragon, or at least the person portraying it, attempted to interfere at one point, but the anti-establishment Justice would not be stopped en route to qualifying to attempt to win the title he had so proudly worn a year ago. After much complaining over not getting any opportunities, Flexor has no room to kvetch anymore. Chuck Roberts gave him his shot, but Flexor fell to the “One Man Militia”.

Our dream partner tag team encounter saw the former Shiima Xion, Impact Wrestling star and #1 Contender to the TNA X Division Title Zema Ion team with M-Dogg Matt Cross in a victory over Rickey Shane Page & Josh Prohibition. Although Zema pinned Page, Rickey’s reaction fit right in with his unbalanced, almost schizophrenic like behavior in recent weeks. Page seemed to be laughing and applauding toward Zema, only further enraging Ion. Page is definitely not all there, and it seems Zema is very much interested in beating some sense into RSP one-on-one.

Blue Collar Slaughterhouse in their official tag team return defeated Tyler Stone & “VIP” Joe Rosa to earn an IWC Tag Title shot this May at “IWC Mountain State Madness 2” in Newell, WV. BCSH pinned Rosa for the win, much to the delight of Tyler Stone’s ex-partner David DiMera who was in the Blue Collar corner, but much to the dismay of Stone himself who for the second time in a row found himself blaming his tag partner rather than himself for the loss. Stone has proven who the true problem in his teams have been, but its back to square one for Tyler.

Congratulations go out to young Aiden Veil, who picked up his first IWC singles victory over the very capable Eric Ryan, utilizing his new “No A-veil” finishing maneuver. Things continue looking up for the one-time drummer who’s finally on the right side of the win-loss column and the future is looking brighter than ever.