Mountain State Madness 2 Results

Mountain State Madness 2 – May 20th, 2012
Wells School Building – Newell, WV
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Matt Justice def. Super Hentai
  2. Aiden Veil def. John McChesney to earn McChesney’s spot in Super Indy XI
  3. Dalton Castle def. Rickey Shane Page
  4. IWC Tag Team Champions The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino) def. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Sagaris) via reverse decision DQ
  5. Will Calrissian def. Tyler Stone
  6. Marti Belle def. Sassy Steph
  7. Super Oprah def. Chest Flexor
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Logan Shulo & IWC Super Indy Champion Facade def. Jimmy DeMarco & Gory in a West Virginia Street Fight


IWC Wrestling’s long-awaited return to Newell, WV after nearly a year was this past Sunday for one of the wildest and most bizarre IWC presentations in recent memory, just weeks away from Super Indy XI on June 23rd.

The main event was an absolutely chaotic West Virgina Streetfight that saw IWC’s two singles champions – IWC Champion “Heavy Metal Jesus” Logan Shulo & Super Indy Champion “Neon Ninja” Michael Facade (managed by Norm Connors) – defeat their respective top challengers “DeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco & the demonic Gory (with Chest Flexor & DeMarco’s cousin Marshall “The Bull” Gambino) in a war that literally went all over the entire Newell building. Matters were made worse for DeMarco when he was told by IWC Owner Chuck Roberts that in order to qualify for an IWC Title shot, he would have to survive a FIVE-WAY match against four men who hate his guts at Super Indy XI. DeMarco & Flexor came to Newell hoping for another muscle sucking ceremony, instead their plans were ruined by Norm, Chuck, and of course Logan & Facade. DeMarco vented his frustrations at the end of the night, attacking IWC fan and local Newell area resident Billy Johnson, who had been assisting with this event. This is just a further representation of the despicable nature in which DeMarco treats the very same fans who were a major part in his rise to stardom in recent years. But will DeMarco get his comeuppance at Super Indy?

Chest Flexor may not have gotten the “muscle-sucking” he was hoping for either, but in many ways did he ever come close. Flexor, his valet “Ginger”, and his two-man Chinese Dragon mascot were not the most unusual and eye-catching entities there. Flexor was opposed by the dangerous and androgynous Super Oprah, who had her way with Flexor in many different forms before Flexor was able to sneak away with a victory.

New IWC Tag Champions were nearly crowned as, for a fleeting moment, it seemed Blue Collar Slaughterhouse had bested the One Nighters. The official had lost control and become distracted when Nicki Valentino of the One Nighters pulled the old-school Tennessee Chain from his boot, knocking his opponent loopy, but NOT unconscious as BCSH were able to stay alive. Moments later, Bronco McBride found the chain laying in the ring, giving Nicki a taste of his own medicine, and pinning Valentino for a three-count. Once the Nighters realized what had happened, they vehemently protested the decision, especially once the official had found the chain in possession of BCSH. As a result, the decision was reversed and the One Nighters luck their way into remaining the top team in IWC.

Super Indy momentum was a major talking point, as various athletes looking to capture the Super Indy Title at Super Indy XI looked to gain momentum heading into the big card. We already addressed Facade & Shulo’s huge win, leaving Gory as dark and brooding as ever, without a major win heading into a chance for the title he feels has been rightfully his for some time. Matthew Justice scored a huge win by overcoming the “Super Indy Innovator” Super Hentai (who was then forcibly ejected from the building to keep him from interrupting the streetfight main event and targeting DeMarco, who masterminded the infamous masked man distraction Hentai was one of several victims of, directly and indirectly), while the conflicted and unstable Rickey Shane Page, still borderline obsessed with Zema Ion for reasons that may never be totally clear, fell narrowly short to “The Party Peacock” Dalton Castle.

The major story in terms of Super Indy concerned Jimmy DeMarco’s running buddy and Super Indy 4 winner “Big League” John McChesney. Norm Connors first act of vengeance for the way John & DeMarco had defamed Norm’s good name came here. With permission from Chuck Roberts, Norm introduced what he called a “Young Talent Initiative” and added a special stipulation to McChesney’s battle with young Aiden Veil – McChesney’s Super Indy XI spot was at stake. McChesney’s ego and cocky demeanor took over as he accepted the offer, underestimating young Veil, punishing him in front of Norm who had stayed at ringside. McChesney became more concerned with said message than he was retaining his tournament spot, and as a result, Veil was able to surprise McChesney and defeat him! Just as Norm had done in the past for the McChesneys, Zemas, and Gorys, another young athlete, barely in his 20s, has the biggest opportunity of his career as Aiden Veil is now a part of Super Indy!

In other action, the lovely Marti Belle picked up a victory in her IWC debut over Sassy Steph, and the debuting “Cock of the Walk” Will Carlissian bested Tyler Stone with a maneuver he calls “The Jitterbug”.