Caged Fury 2012 Results

Caged Fury 2012 – August 25th, 2012
Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
Complete results from Joe Dombrowski

  1. Mike Rayne def. Will Calrissian, Jordan Lennox, and Alex Reynolds in a Proving Ground Four-Way Scramble
  2. Pepper Parks def. Matt Cannon
  3. Dave DiMera & Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Bronco McBride & Matt Segaris) def. James Nutter, Aiden Veil, & Tony Johnson
  4. Dalton Castle def. Ray Rowe to earn a title shot at No Excuses
  5. The Founding Fathers (Super Hentai & Dennis Gregory) def. IWC Tag Team Champions The One Nighters (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino) to win the titles
  6. Zema Ion def. Tony Nese
  7. IWC Super Indy Champion Sami Callihan def. Rich Swann
  8. IWC World Heavyweight Champion Logan Shulo def. John McChesney in a steel cage match
  9. Gory def. Facade in a steel cage weapons match


IWC’s latest supercard, Caged Fury, on August 25th at the Court Time Sports Center featured to merciless and violent cage wars that will no doubt set the tone for the rest of the calendar year.

In the main event, Gory met former best friend and tag championship partner Facade in a Weapons-Filled Escape-Only war! The match saw the use of chairs, kendo sticks, and even a vile Freddy Krueger-esque glove complete with piercing sharp blades attached to it. Both men battled over 20 minutes amongst the weaponry, blood, red mist, and total carnage, bending chairs and mutilating bodies. After an extended time undergoing what more resembled a torture session inside Gory’s personal sick lair, Facade rebounded and gave Gory a taste of his own medicine, culminating with Facade walking the top of the cage to deliver a crossbody! As Facade seemed primed to escape, a dazed Gory dared Facade to finish him off once and for all. Facade, ever the daredevil, dove from the top of the cage, however there was no Gory upon impact. Gory has used the time dart toward the door and hit the floor just as Facade was hitting the canvas. While we thought Facade had the edge, Gory preyed upon that personal animosity to stay a step ahead and win a hellacious battle.

Any doubt over the true rightful IWC titleholder was erased as “Heavy Metal Jesus” Logan Shulo pinned “Big League” John McChesney in our IWC Title Cage Match. The cage served its purpose to neutralize Team Big League, as involvement from Marshall Gambino, Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb had minimal effect. Chest Flexor’s attempts at getting involved saw him crash ten feet through a ringside table. When it came down to one-on-one action, Logan proved he was the real deal, defeating among the most decorated champions in IWC history in what many are calling an upset.

With Logan retaining his title, he can look ahead to October 20 and what some are also calling an upset, as “Party Peacock” Dalton Castle upended Ray Rowe to earn an IWC Championship Match at “No Excuses” in just a couple of months. Dalton became one of very, very, very few in IWC history to go back and forth with the “Emotionless Assassin” shot for shot and became perhaps the first man anywhere to actually out-suplex Ray Rowe and beat him at his own game. This is a beyond HUGE win for Dalton, as a victory of this caliber truly cements him as one of IWC’s elite and a definite threat to IWC Champion Logan Shulo.

The Founding Fathers proved they are still threats to championship gold as well, as Dennis Gregory & Super Hentai defeated Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino to regain the IWC Tag Team Titles, though with heavy assistance from the third remaining Father, Jimmy Vega$. The group claims all is right with the world now, since they technically never lost the titles, a point that is heavily disputed to say the least. But how long will they hang onto them this time?

Super Indy Champion “Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan retained his championship over US & Japan stand-out Rich Swann. Swann dazzled with his aerial offense, but fell victim to the raw power of Sami and his Death Valley Driver.

Meanwhile, IWC Original & current TNA Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Zema Ion made his return to battle an old foe from his TNA tenure, Anthony Nese, out to prove he is more worthy of the opportunities that have been afforded to Ion in recent times. Nese proved himself to be an athlete in the best shape of his career, but Zema was a little better, avoiding Nese’s 450 Splash and locking on a Crossface submission.

Blue Collar Slaughterhouse (Matt Sagaris, Bronco McBride & Dave DiMera) beat James Nutter, his hand-selected partner “Iceman” Tony Johnson and Aiden Veil in an impromptu six-man tag. The bout was slated as a tag affair, with DiMera & Veil as cornermen, but Nutter, a former tag partner of Veil in other areas, pressured the 20-year-old to join him and make the match a 6-man in spite of Veil’s debilitating shoulder injury he has NOT been medically cleared to compete through yet. After repeated pressure, Veil agreed, but was subjected to various instructions, if not commands by Nutter through the match, including asking him to ascend to the top rope in spite of the shoulder injury. The hesitation and miscues allowed Blue Collar to recover, and Aiden Veil no choice but to submit after being tapped in a Fujiwara Armbar. After the match, Nutter had the gall to blame Veil for the loss, when it was all his own doing that led to the downfall of the team in the first place.

Also, Pepper Parks (w/Cherry Bomb) defeated Matt “HD” Cannon on behalf of Team Big League, as revenge for Cannon’s victory over John McChesney last month, and Mike Rayne survived a four-way proving ground match, overcoming Will Calrissian, Alex Reynolds, and Jordan Lennox.